(1863) Battle of Gettysburg
Larry Purtell
Little Meadows PA USA
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7/8/2022 6:12:29 PM
From the Weekly Raliegh Register. Raliegh North Carolina. July 8,1863.

From the Lancaster Examiner. Lancaster PA. July 8, 1863.

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Michigan Dave
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7/11/2022 9:40:14 AM
OK 40,000 Union Troops captured! Way to go Raleigh NC Register, very accurate reporting!?
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Phil Andrade
London  UK
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7/11/2022 11:38:05 AM
They couldn’t even get the days of the week right, could they ?

As for the 40,000 prisoners, I was wondering if it might have been a typo, a mistaken 4,000…..but when I saw the words “ Forty thousand” that excuse was removed.

What a contrast with the candour of the Pennsylvania article that Larry posted !

I wonder if this was an attempt to bolster morale after the news of Vicksburg, which entailed the surrender of about thirty thousand rebel soldiers. If we lost thirty thousand at Vicksburg, well dammit, let’s just claim that we took forty thousand of theirs at Gettysburg !

Did they really imagine that the citizens of Raleigh were that naive ?

OTOH, I did note that there was an admission that Our loss was very great .

Regards, Phil
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