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A Harvest of Death documentary
1/22/2023 10:17:24 PM
If anyone possesses an abundance of time, here's 3.5 hours on the Harvest of Death photographs. The photos are graphic and sometimes may require age verification on YouTube.

It was intended for a more general audience, who might not know much about the battle. Unfortunately I've found out that only serious buffs like more than a passing glance at these niche history subjects. None of my non-history friend test subjects made it through Part 1 that I know of, which is unfortunate because I was hoping to spark some interests. 

Also check out the footnote PDFs in the description that contain a lot of direct links to sources and photos available online. 

It's uploaded in HD but you may need to click on the gear below the window and change the quality if you have the bandwidth to eat.


Phil Andrade
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A Harvest of Death documentary
1/23/2023 2:50:13 AM
Thanks for pitching this.

A couple of years ago, I remember discussing this controversial series of photos, and I’m wondering whether this is the same provenance.

If memory serves me, there was a suggestion that these bodies were victims of the first day’s battle, as originally claimed in the first publication. They didn’t seem sufficiently far gone , although bloating was apparent. Close topographical analysis was deployed to argue the pros and cons of the claim.

Now, as memory kicks in, there was a discussion about a bayonet scabbard, which was issued to men of the Federal 1 Corps. Such was the depth of detail that the experts were delving into.

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