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(1939-1945) WWII Battles
Brian Grafton
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Another Missing Person
Posted on: 7/21/2019 9:34:58 PM

A friend, John, recently gave me Stuart Tootal’s The Manner of Men: 9 Para’s Heroic D-Day Mission. It’s a study of 9 Para’s experiences with the Merville Battery in the six days after D-Day. I have just begun to read it.

John bought the book because the Headmaster of his school (he was educated in Rhodesia), one T.F. Robinson, is mentioned three times in the narrative. Identified as a Captain, he is called “Robbie” Robinson by Tootal. I would expect that was how he was known; shortened or familiar versions of surnames seemed a pattern in the war (The five named crew members of my father-in-laws first Op were “Swanee” Swanson, “Brick” Brichta, “Bing” Crosby, “Wilky” Wilkinson and “Whitey” Whyte.

But John presented me with a puzzle along with the book. Despite the references to “Robbie” Robinson in Tootal’s book, and the fact that his war service was known in Rhodesia after the war (he evidently retired as a Colonel), John has not been able to find a single reference to either a “Robbie” or a T.F. Robinson on the official rolls of 9 Para. Nor have I been able to.

I admit that as I age my basic web search skills seem to be deteriorating, but John has always indicated that he has sound search skills.

Though it will sound like it. I’m not asking someone to feed me the information on a platter. But I would like help my friend find the information he is compelled to search out. My basic needs are two:
• a web address that provides records to wartime personnel in 9 Para battalion that is thought to be sound and accurate; and/or
• a web address that provides records to wartime personnel in the Parachute Regiment, since there is a chance he was transferred into 9 Para, or that he was in 8 Para, which fought alongside 9 Para in the Merville Battery battles.

I’ll keep trying combinations in case I missed something obvious, but anyone who knows the information and can send it to me would be welcomed.

Brian G
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Another Missing Person
Posted on: 7/22/2019 1:51:11 PM


I don know if this helps but Ive read somewhere that at Melville the Paras were accompanied by Royal Engineers as at Pegasus Bridge.

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