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Thank you for your service all
5/25/2020 1:13:54 PM
All readers greetings,
My sincere wish for peace and thank you to all our service members all branches and stations now and all former members. Also our two cousins, Dennis Cimental USMC of Bakersfield CA KIA Okinawa June 21 1945 age 19; Vester Wiles USA Danville VA, murdered at Malmedy Dec. 17 1944 age 21.
Brian Grafton
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Thank you for your service all
5/25/2020 10:00:50 PM
It's a US Memorial Day, but I echo your threefold desire for peace, your recognition of those lost to war (I would add "in any army") and – because it's important to read all the words – to those executed at Malmedy on Dec 17, 1944. This was not a military act, but an act of barbarism committed against US GIs. It happened repeatedly during most wars, and included many civilians and resistance fighters. IMHO those civilians who were executed found themselves, at that final moment, on the front line. They deserve to be honoured too.

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Thanks for the little beit of extra, Mikecmaps.

Cheers, and stay safe,
Brian G
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