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Brian Grafton
Victoria BC Canada
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Lanc life
5/30/2020 9:30:19 PM
I hope this is going to work. A rotting Lancaster shell on a pedestal might be reborn. This is given as new info today, but I'm not convinced. [Read More]

I have the greatest respect for the BC Aviation Museum. I was once a member. And I have seen some utterly wonderful work come from their rebuild area: they've rebuilt a Nordstrom Norseman to flight capability; they've restructured an Anson. But they''ve never taken on such a huge project before. They may need financial and moral support if hey undertake this restoration.

This is a small museum with a committed volunteer staff, largely over 50. All I can say is, if you'd like to help restore a Lancaster, it might be worth a few bucks' donation to help them start planning.

Cheers, and stay safe,
Brian G

I don't think I've ever made this kind of pitch before, and I feel kinda ugly about doing so.
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Lanc life
5/30/2020 10:19:38 PM
Brian, I remember that Lancaster. It sat on a pedestal on Toronto's waterfront and I would have been about 14 when they first put it on display, at the CNE. Over the years it did not weather well and it was defaced by graffiti. It sat in a public park right by the Ex with no security or protection.

Don't feel badly about soliciting support. Let me think about it. Do they have the engines for it?



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