(1861-1865) Civil War Battles (Eastern Theater)
Larry Purtell
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September 17, 1862
9/17/2021 6:22:21 AM

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Phil Andrade
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September 17, 1862
9/17/2021 7:17:23 AM

That's a truly shocking loss suffered by the 2nd Wisconsin, isn't it ?

As is my habit, I referred to Fox's volume on Regimental losses, and see that the total fatalities of the regiment from that murderous fight on the 28th August amounted to 86 killed or mortally wounded, implying that some of the missing were dead, in addition to the wounded who were to die. That means that one in five of all the men who went into the battle were fatally stricken, and that the total casualties were more than two thirds of the entire command .

I wonder how far the tender eulogy of his son's conduct mitigated the father's grief ; perhaps it might have been partially assuaged by the knowledge that this band of brothers had inflicted a loss that at least rivalled its own.

Editing : It might be worth mentioning that on this day 159 years ago, at Antietam - only twenty days later - the 2nd Wisconsin was to lose another 19 killed in action and 67 wounded : of those wounded, eleven were mortally hurt.

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