(1861-1865) Civil War Battles (Eastern Theater)
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Private Benjamin Flowers, Company D, 5th Florida Infantry
9/17/2021 8:19:48 AM
Private Benjamin Flowers of Company D, 5th Florida Infantry, a 26-year-old day laborer from Madison County, Florida, was mentioned by war correspondent “P.W.A.” in the Columbus (GA) Daily Sun of October 11, 1862 for his recent heroics at Sharpsburg, Maryland:

“I have just heard of an instance of gallantry in the late battle that deserves to be put on record. The Floridians always fight well, but the 5th Florida behaved with distinguished courage and intrepidity at Sharpsburg. The hero in this case was a private – Ben Flowers – of this regiment. He was wounded five different times and in as many different places; yet he continued to shoot away as fearlessly as ever until he had received his fifth wound, which disabled one of his hands, so that he could not load his peace. He is doing very well; as soon as he is well enough he says he will be after the Yankees again.”

Upon his recovery, Flowers continued to serve in the field of battle until he was paroled in May 1865. He would live to age 76.
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