(1861-1865) Civil War Battles (Eastern Theater)
Larry Purtell
Little Meadows PA USA
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July 27, 1861
7/27/2023 7:35:43 AM
From the Daily Delta. New Orleans LA. July 27, 1861

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Phil Andrade
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July 27, 1861
7/28/2023 5:56:53 AM

They’re scathing, these character assassinations, aren’t they ?

The early days of the war must have been so febrile, and the allusion to Baltimore in connection with Miles catches the eye : the most febrile of cities.

And then we have reference to the “ Dreadful “ struggle at Mannassas.

Compared with Shiloh or Antietam, the battle begins to look rather modest and amounts to a mere prelude to the horrors to come: but in the light of prevailing American experience it was definitely shocking, and the loss of life and blood was indeed heavy.

Regards, Phil
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Michigan Dave
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July 27, 1861
7/28/2023 1:55:53 PM

Also that news reporter for the Daily Delta was pretty good at sarcasm!!

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