(1861-1865) Civil War Battles (Eastern Theater)
Larry Purtell
Little Meadows PA USA
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Harpers ferry September 26, 1862.
9/26/2023 7:05:21 AM
From the Inquirer. Lancaster PA.

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Phil Andrade
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Harpers ferry September 26, 1862.
9/26/2023 3:11:18 PM
A sobering rendition, Larry. No prisoners taken in that assessment ! A very candid critique, with full countenance given to the terrible cost of Antietam, and the futility of a war being fought for the interests of a narrow caste of military plutocrats.

What a nightmare for any administration to cope with !

What must it have been like, trying to run a government, let alone a bloody war, in the face of such unflinching hostility from commentators ?

Regards, Phil
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Michigan Dave
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Harpers ferry September 26, 1862.
11/9/2023 10:18:18 AM
Harper's Ferry was one of those towns that exchanged hands so many times in the CW, we lost count? Why!?

& Any other such places??


BTW, thanks Larry, for posting such great first hand articles, feel free to continue posting, on & off, anytime!
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morris crumley
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Harpers ferry September 26, 1862.
11/9/2023 12:02:00 PM
It is a bit preposterous for the author of the article to basically say that Lee began a Maryland Campaign, an invasion of the North, without ordnance trains, without the guns and ammo to fight a general engagement....but for the captured arms and ordnance of Harper`s Ferry.

Longstreet, and others, did not agree with the need for the Harper`s Ferry expedition to begin with. If they were relying on captured munitions taken from that place to "fight a general engagement"......then why would anyone oppose the need for it.

While the arms and ordnance taken from Harper`s Ferry was of benefit, the fighting that took place at Sharpsburg was not dependent on it. Lee was more greater in need of the swift processing of Union captives so that Jackson and Hill could join the fight.

Respects, Morris
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