(1861-1865) Civil War Battles (Western Theater)
Larry Purtell
Little Meadows PA USA
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January 4, 1863
1/4/2022 9:46:27 AM
From the New York Times. NY NY January 4, 1863

From the Chattanooga Daily Rebel. January 4, 1863

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Phil Andrade
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January 4, 1863
1/4/2022 3:48:10 PM

This NYT report strikes me as being of a high standard. There is an implication that things had been very rough indeed for Rosecrans's army.

It has raged with unremitting fury two days, and at last report was not yet decided. It is one of the most furious battles of modern times, sustained by both sides with splendid determination.

Coming after an initial apology that first reports had been erroneous, the tone seems ominous, especially when allusion was made to some confederate advantages in deployment and terrain : Their position gave them the advantage of a cross fire.

I recall reading a letter from Joe Johnston to Senator Wigfall, in which the general countered fierce criticism of Bragg by reminding him that, at Murfreesboro, Bragg had meted out more destruction in proportion to the size of his force than any other commander in modern times.

Note that phrase " modern times", which was deployed by the NYT in its depiction of the fury of the fighting.

Regards, Phil
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