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10/20/2020 10:34:48 PM
Maybe I should have known this, but until today I didn’t.

When Queen Elizabeth II meets with her Privy Counsel, everyone remains standing throughout the meeting. Specifically, when the Privy Counsel meets, the monarch chooses not to sit. This means that – by ritual and protocol – no-one else may sit. IIUC, much of the traditional work of the Privy Counsel is now carried out by other political bodies, so this would not be onerous, and attendance as a Privy Counsellor is not always required. But at one time this must have been a goad to get the business at hand finished quickly.

Privy Counsel goes back over 300 years, to 1708 (mid-point in the reign of Queen Anne [1702-14)). I know little about Anne, except that she was the last of the Stuarts. She had many pregnancies (17-19) but no children who survived childhood, and note that such an experience would impact any woman. I note, without drawing any conclusions, that her husband (George of Denmark) died in 1708, the year the Privy Counsel was instituted.

Any folks out there with some knowledge of Anne and the Privy Counsel?

Cheers. And stay safe.
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