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Brian Grafton
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The 1921 Census
1/9/2022 7:20:15 PM
Found the following article on BBC Online. I found it rather intriguing, with much more sense of identification that one normally gets in studies of official documents. One hundred years ago, and they talk of (or demonstrate) issues that are all too familiar: equal rights; voting rights; haves and have-nots; discrimination; political lies.

But I note it too for some of the data the writer of the article supplies.

It’s not an article for everybody, but coming three years after the end of The Great War, I know it will talk to someMHO members.

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Cheers. And stay safe.
Brian G
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Phil Andrade
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The 1921 Census
1/10/2022 4:08:33 PM

That really reaches out and grabs me.

The allusion to Dorothy Sayers in June 1921 especially, because Dad was born in June 1921.

The nation was obviously profoundly traumatised .

As you say, there are those enduring issues.......but, what a catastrophic experience had been endured, and how trite some of our concerns seem now compared with the ordeal that decimated a generation .

Regards, Phil
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