(???? - 1799 AD) Pre-19th Century Battles
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Tollense Valley
3/15/2021 7:37:08 AM
I´ve been following this over the last couple of years.

Finally found something halfway reasonable in english.

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Phil Andrade
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Tollense Valley
3/15/2021 8:50:16 AM
Good Lord, Trevor, this is absolutely fabulous stuff !

What do we have here : prehistoric Prussians ?

Never mind Bismarck’s Blood and Iron : this is blood and bronze !

The first harrowing close up of a human skull, with an appalling penetration wound, suggests a female configuration, or even a child, rather than the robust male definition.

Whatever it is, the story is apocalyptic .

Thanks so much for this : and what a beautiful evocation of Baltic scenery.

I’d love to visit that region.

Regards, Phil
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Tollense Valley
5/12/2021 12:00:33 PM
Hi Phil and Trevor,

Around the same time as this butcher's bill was being rung up, the Egyptians and Hittites were slugging it out at Kadesh, with some of the first field battle tactics in history being recorded. I wonder how much these two battles differed? Did it come down to who swung the club/sword/spear/axe harder?


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