(???? - 1799 AD) Pre-19th Century Battles
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British victory at Charleston, S.C.
5/12/2023 10:01:56 AM
On May 12, 1780, a Continental Army led by General Lincoln surrendered to the British after a lengthy siege of Charleston, S.C. Over 5000 men were taken prisoner.

The British had bombed Charleston into submission to the point that citizens asked Gen. Lincoln to surrender on May 11. The British had been firing hot shot into homes which were burned to the ground. Charleston was severely damaged and the people had had enough. Did this action harden the rebels in the south against the British or was there a greater number of Loyalists in this part of the south?

Other rebel forces also surrendered leaving the south without an army to defend it. So what happened to derail the southern campaign of the British forces? Did Cornwallis misread the mood of the people that badly?



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British victory at Charleston, S.C.
5/12/2023 10:12:19 AM

I know that Francis Marion, AKA the Swamp.Fox.would conduct some very successful Guerilla Warfare on the Brits & their Loyalist Friends after Charleston!!.

What say you?

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