(1800-1915) Pre-WWI
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Custer odds and ends.....
5/25/2020 12:25:00 PM

I think the heading for this chapter should be "1800-1915, excluding the Civil War" as it seems to only direct 19th century before the Civil War.

At any rate, I discovered not that long ago, Adam Vinatieri , the great place kicker who helped start the New England Patriots on their two decades pathway of related to Felix Vinatieri, the Band-Master of Custer`s Seventh Cavalry. He did not share Custer`s fate on the Greasy Grass, having been left behind at Camp Supply along the bank of the Yellowstone. He and his musicians were as essential to Custer as cavalry swords( though both would be left behind) General Terry had nixed the idea of their need in the march to come. The band was relieved of their white horses ( Custer had colored coded companies, M being the only mixed color company in the regiment) and redistributed them as needed.

So, a prominent member of the Vinatieri family was present at the beginning of a legend......and at the end of another.

Respect, Morris
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