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Larry Purtell
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Kerch Strait bridge.
10/16/2022 7:01:11 PM
The attack on the Kerch strait bridge seems to have been a one day story.
I can only speak for the U.S. news outlets i have access to. I saw Russian claims it was the work of terrorists using a truck bomb. Then the story seems to have died.

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Kerch Strait bridge.
10/16/2022 7:18:02 PM
Hi Larry

I dont think the Russians want to talk to much about it as it it is a huge national embarrassment and I dont think the Ukrainians want to talk about it or rub the Russians nose in it because the attack speaks for itself. The Russians launched missile attacks on infrastructure like power plants and civilians to respond and there have been some suggestions that rival factions within Russia may have blown the bridge to embarrass Putin since the truck in question came from the Russian side and there were Russians arrested, not sure if true but either way I think both sides dont want to talk to much about it. It speaks for itself.

Brian Grafton
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Kerch Strait bridge.
10/16/2022 8:58:05 PM
Larry, I sense the same thing has happened in Canada. And I agree with VP that at least part of the reason is because – “officially”, at least – it is better seen as a bit of an enigma. At the same time, I think it difficult to place too much emphasis on language or ethnicity when deciding “who has done what and to whom”. According to what I can determine from the flurry of polls and censuses conducted after Ukrainian independence, While some 78% identified as being ethnically Ukrainian, with 17%+ claiming Russian ethnicity. On the other hand, according to other polls, Russian was used more (52%) in everyday life than Ukrainian at 41%, with 8% saying they used both. That makes sense, considering the relatively recent separation of Ukraine from Russian influence). Given the number of Russian-speaking Ukrainians who may have been “relocated” to Mother Russia, and the apparent inability of the Russians to regulate or control groups with any accuracy, and given the ease with which Russian-speaking Ukrainians might cross a border in the current circumstances, the arrest of Russian-speaking folks who may be tried for terrorism could be simple face-saving. Or simple error.

I’m not at all capable in discussing the chemical things that go bang in the night. But there is an industry devoted to doing just that. Surely by this point a chemical analysis of the residue of the explosions has been completed.

Not much more to offer, except my own personal belief that if this was a Ukranian strike, it may have been ill-thought-out. There are a number of other strikes – e.g., against the juncture of the road and rail bridges with the soil of Crimea. That is, despite Russian claims to the contrary, at least arguably Ukrainian territory. Take out the railyards and exit and entry ramps and you have temporarily closed the bridge without giving Russia as good an argument concerning terrorism.

Gotta go. But the topic is worth more time, IMHO.

Brian G
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