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Other Strategy Teaching Games, & Misc. Related
1/11/2021 7:54:16 PM
Viewing games and gaming as instructional devices, there are some which while not specifically "war game", or Conflict Simulation as SPI used to put, there are still some interesting games where competition and 'conflict' are part of the play and where thinking ahead, a few moves at least can be beneficial in many ways, along with exploring the alternative "what if"s offered by "war games".

Chess is one example that comes to mind. While a generic conflict related game system, it's seen as one of the classic training tools for developing strategic thinking skills ~ ability to look ahead several moves and consider the variables of different courses of action.

Many start out with the simpler in rules and strategy game of checkers, then move on to chess.

For the "Misc. Related" part here, a lead off with this interesting article;

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Other Strategy Teaching Games, & Misc. Related
2/18/2021 12:16:12 PM
G David,

Well, What about field games, football (FIFA), Polo etc.
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Thanks, Mike_C

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