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National Geographic Magazine civil war battle maps
4/7/2021 2:22:02 PM
Hi all group,

Sorry to any who find this too frivolous.
As I approach 70 yrs I have been a ACW buff/reader for 60 yrs.
I come by it honestly since the peak of the 1961-1965 CIVIL WAR CENTENIAL was 1962 when I was ten years old. As I get older I am more nostalgic. One reason for my chronic civil waritius was the National Geographic Magazine civil war battle maps in several of the issues at that time. From memory, I think there was one for Gettysburg and probably Antietam. They were pictorial style maps having soldier figures, horses, cannon and worm fences shown in reasonable perspective (as I recall). As a ten year old I was hugely impressed by the maps.
Question: Does any one remember seeing those maps, & I wonder if copies can be found today? Out of pure nostalgia I like to see them again today if I could.
Forty years later when I finally got to visit Gettysburg and Antietam, Wow Boy! There were the worm fences and cannon again just like the maps, I was enthralled again. Looks like my case is incurable.
Cheers all.
Mike Collie
Phil Andrade
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National Geographic Magazine civil war battle maps
4/7/2021 5:20:17 PM
Hello Mike,

Your evocation works for me , too !

From the wrong side of the pond, but much the same age ( vintage 1953 ), the centennial of the Civil War coincided with my childhood and early adolescence, which are very formative years when it comes to the impact of history on the imagination. I was captivated by those maps, and if I’m not mistaken they were replicated in a rather majestic American Heritage volume on the history of the war, which I saw in a major London bookshop but didn’t summon up the courage to buy, because it stretched the budget of a twelve year old. To this day, I regret not having bought it !

That centennial led into the fiftieth anniversary of the First World War, and I cut my historical teeth , so to speak, by reading about Shiloh, Antietam and Gettysburg, which afforded me a better appreciation of the Armageddon that was to smite the world half a century later.

Regards, Phil

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National Geographic Magazine civil war battle maps
4/7/2021 6:29:11 PM
Read the American Heritage volume back in the 80´s. Borrowed it from America House when it was West Berlin. America House had a library and a huge section on american history.

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