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What about
10/18/2021 9:23:01 PM
Does anyone have any information about the following?[Read More]

A buddy of mine asked me about it today. He has been trying to find a means of viewing it, so far without any luck.

It strikes me that it could be one hell of an interesting movie, for a host of reasons. It strikes me it may have difficulty in finding an outlet in the West (but in the US in particular). On at least one level, given the brevity of the link, it strikes me that this sounds like a Chinese version of an “oater”.

More ominously, perhaps, it strikes me that a Chinese movie dealing with war against the US using North Korea as a trigger suggests that NK is neither a rogue nor an isolated state in China’s eyes.

And that’s without wondering if this is propaganda, or simply a blockbuster in popular Chinese culture, or a tool of Chinese foreign policy.

Anybody got more information about this?

Cheers. And stay safe.
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