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The Fighting Lady 1944 film USN air ops Pacific.
12/25/2021 1:42:51 PM
Merry Christmas all

The Fighting Lady 1944 film USN air ops Pacific.

Many probably have already seen this documentary but posting here FYI
Wonderful documentary of USN air campaign from the deck of Attack Carrier.
In the film identified as the “Fighting Lady” but was actually the USS Yorktown CV 10, christened for the old Yorktown sunk at Midway 1942. About one hour.

Excellent filming with many shots appearing in many Hollywood war pics.

Narration (by Robert Taylor actor) may be some propaganda but was 1943 peak war time.

Also apologies for some epithets to the enemy but consider the context, not excuse but context.

In the last minute three of the Pilot officers lost are ID’
Ops include Kwajalein, Guam, Tinian, Marianna’s Turkey shoot, Philippine Sea.
Built at NEWPORT NEWS shipyard 1943 where my dad went to high school he lived very near the yard and worked there for several months before entering the Seabees & serving in the Philippines 1945.
His high school Class took the YORKTOWN for their class mascot.
Thanks Mike_C
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The Fighting Lady 1944 film USN air ops Pacific.
1/18/2022 1:06:37 PM
My dad served on CVA-10 Yorktown in the late 50's, eventually going onto CVA-63 Kitty Hawk and CVA-34 Oriskany but, Yorktown (CV-10/CVA-10) earned, "11 battle stars and the Presidential Unit Citation during World War II and five battle stars for Vietnam service.", carrying on distinguished service by ship and crew of the Yorktown legacy.

This image taken was from the Yorktown during the Kwajalein invasion and featured in Life magazine:

"American parachutists-devils in baggy pants..." German officer, Italy 1944. “If your experiment needs statistics, you ought to have done a better experiment.” Lord Ernest Rutherford
Brian Grafton
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The Fighting Lady 1944 film USN air ops Pacific.
1/18/2022 9:02:26 PM
Thanks to both of you.

Mike, nice framing for those of us not so intimately linked to USS Yorktown. And … yeah … those epithets have to be seen (and accepted) in context.

Dan, its always wonderful to get a glimpse of service behind a name. Please forgive my ignorance of US military customs: naval battle stars indicate not campaigns but actions, or am I confused, while a Presidential Unit Citation reflects acts of extraordinary valour during an action. So sailors serving on Yorktown would receive an ETO combat medal, but only sailors serving when the vessel received her PUC would receive a badge, stripe or other adornment to distinguish them from others who sailed in her during a long and active career. Am I right on that, or is the issue more complex?

Mike, it is perhaps unkind of me to repay you with a poem by e.e.cummings, a fine US poet who was also a – what did the US call them? – “CO”, “conshie”? He was not a coward; he chose to serve with a French ambulance corp in WW1, and was imprisoned while under suspicion of treason – an experience he captured in his prose work, The Enormous Room.

He offers the following about the war against Japan in one of his poems. Clearly, it is meant to mock the culture of many US servicemen who mock or disdain Japanese culture. So … not offered as an insult, but as a mockery of those who degrade what they don’t understand. Try reading it aloud!

ydoan o
yunnuhstand dem
yguduh ged
yunnuhstan dem doidee
yguduh ged riduh
ydoan o nudn
lidl yelluh bas
tuds weer goin

Cheers. And stay safe.
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