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A Walk In The Sun
3/7/2023 2:40:45 AM
Just finished watching 'A Walk In The Sun' on You Tube.

A very old gem of a WWII movie set in Italy and follows a US platoon on a mission to destroy a bridge and take a farmhouse.

Whilst slow and plodding along, its not too bad of a flick for its time.

Some will be critical of its slow pace and dialogue, its an accurate portrayal of what footsloggers think and talk about in those quiet periods before action intervenes.

Check it out.

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A Walk In The Sun
3/7/2023 11:44:07 AM


Wazza & Group,

Yes! you are correct good movie. today some may say dated but made soon after the war so gives very contemporary view of troops and their sacrifice.
I too recently found it on youtube.

Also 'the Story of GI Joe' some scenes some what similar in theme. scenes actually dont show much action but show the effects on the troops.
with Robert Mitchum and tells the story of Ernie Pyle - the soldiers writer.

Yes to modern sensibilities may feel dated but IMHO very worth it.

Yours Mike_C
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A Walk In The Sun
3/7/2023 2:12:09 PM
When I was stationed at Sigonella Sicily in the '70s that movie was part of the Special Services tour bus driver's "Oh, by the way" spiel.
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A Walk In The Sun
3/7/2023 4:52:47 PM
I agree a walk in the sun was great. I believe that it was John Ireland’s first movie. I think it was also the first movie that talked about battle fatigue. I also liked “ Air Force” and “They were expendable”.

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