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Imperial War Museum
2/22/2023 4:46:27 PM
On my last trip to the UK, I went to the Imperial War Museum and what a grand tour it was. When you approach the museum, the entrance is flanked by two 14” naval cannons. The exhibits are well laid out and featured great displays. They have tanks, aircraft, uniforms, and many temporary exhibits. It reminds me somewhat of the Smithsonian. I was told that the current exhibit even has to do with military video games, I think that they call it “War games: Real conflicts/ Virtual worlds”. When I was there, they had some Battle of Britain flyers talking about their experiences. One of the best things is that it’s free admission, or at least as I remember.
The IWM, is also associated with HMS Belfast ( a County class cruiser) that was involved with the sinking of KMS Scharnhorst. The Belfast is moored right near the Tower of London. Speaking of the Tower, if you go there you must go into the armory, they have many examples of edged weapons, muskets, and complete suits of armour.
The also have, right outside of London an aircraft museum. In London they also have Churchill’s underground war rooms that you can visit. There is also the National Army museum, also well worth a visit. Ok, so much for my travelogue.

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