(1914-1918) WWI
Phil Andrade
London  UK
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An astonishing thing.....
5/9/2022 9:07:26 AM
This weekend I attended a history conference.

While carousing with the friends there, I was asked :

“ What do the numbers 11111118 mean to you in regard to World War One ? “

It didn’t take long for me to answer :

“ The eleventh hour , of the eleventh day of the eleventh month of 1918 and the Armistice .”

The response took me back : it was the registration number on the plate on the car that was occupied by The Archduke Francis Ferdinand and his wife at Sarajevo on June 28 1914 !

Regards, Phil

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Brian Grafton
Victoria BC Canada
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An astonishing thing.....
5/9/2022 6:01:41 PM
Phil, that kind of thing is mind-boggling to me as well. Just as astonishing is the idea that you would know the registration number of the Archduke’s car!

In general, there will be a mathematician or statistician who will probably say the chances were 1 in 15 that the two numbers would be identical.

Brian G
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An astonishing thing.....
5/9/2022 10:58:49 PM
That's a little creepy in a fascinating historical way!
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An astonishing thing.....
5/9/2022 11:17:14 PM
Fascinating. Here is an article from four years ago on this.

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