Forum Help
Private Messaging - Everyone can talk to each directly without posting publicly to the forum.
Avatar Uploading - Users can now upload their own avatars.  Make sure it is saved to your hard drive so you can browse to it.
Polls - Any user can now create a poll in the forum as a post.
Printer-Friendly Threads - Now an entire thread can printed by hitting the 'Print' button.
Post Quoting - Instead of retyping a previous post, just click the 'Quote' button.
Easier Tags - Instead of remembering HTML, just use the tags below to create links, bold, italics, color, etc.
Ranks - Just for fun, users are ranked  as the top 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60 posters on the forum.
In-depth Profiles - Again, just for fun, more questions are asked and have a focus on military things.  Also, since countries are now in the database, we can do statistics on where people are from.  Once again, just for fun.

I've registered and it said it sent me an e-mail, but I've never received an e-mail.
Be sure to hit "Send/Receive" if you have Outlook.  Your e-mail should have been sent and received in about 30 seconds.  If you have Hotmail or another internet e-mail program, you have to look in your "Junk Mail" folder.  It should be sitting in there by the time you read this paragraph.  If you don't receive your password, e-mail me at

Signing In
I can't seem to log in
If you can't sign in, there can only be two reasons for this:
1)  Either you are not typing your Username and Password correctly.  Double check what you're typing in.
2)  Your machine is not accepting cookies.  MHO uses cookies and if your machine is blocking cookies, MHO cannot recognize who you are.  Check your Security settings to allow the accepting of cookies.  Cookies will not harm your machine.
3)  If all else fails, clear your cookies.  Go to "Tools", "Interent Options", and click the "Clear Cookies" button.

Forget your UserName or Password?
If you have forgotten your password, click on this link.  Or go to the Login page and click "Forget Your Password".

How do I add HTML tags?
In order to alter text, you must enclose the text in what are called "tags".  All this means is that you must tell the browser when to start the alteration and when to stop it.  This is done by typing in something like this: [b]bold[/b].  These tags will also allow you to post images and hyperlinks (url's) on the forum.

[b]  [/b]
[i]  [/i]
[u]  [/u]
[img]  [/img]
[url]  [/url] or
[link]  [/link]
[del]  [/del]
[pre]  [/pre]
[quote]  [/quote]
[red]  [/red]
[blue]  [/blue]
[green]  [/green]
for bold
for italics
for underline
for images (you must include the URL with the http:// address).
for hyperlink (you must include the http:// in the hyperlink).
for hyperlink (you must include the http:// in the hyperlink).
for strike-through (strike-though)
fixed-width font (courier)
for quoting passages
for the color red
for the color blue
for the color green
optional tag to turn off all color tags

How do I add images to my posts?
Step 1. You must upload your images to a photo sharing website such as or
Step 2. Once the images are uploaded to the web and you have the image in your browser, right-click the image and choose 'Properties'.
Step 3. Look for the "Address (URL)" property.  This will have the internet address (URL) of the image.
Step 4. Using your mouse, highlight the entire http:// address.  The address should look like:
Step 5. After highlighting the entire address, right-click the highlighted region and choose "Copy" or hit Ctrl-C (this the windows copy command) on your keyboard. This will copy the URL to your computers clipboard.
Step 6. Go back to the MHO forums and type in the image tag: [img]
Step 7. Hit Ctrl-V (windows paste command) and it will paste the URL that you copied above to the Post.  You can also choose "Edit", "Paste" from the Internet Explorer menu.
Step 8. Type in the image close tag: [/img]
Step 9. All done.  The final post should look something like this: 
When it is viewed on the MHO forum, the actual image should be viewable.
Tips: Keep two windows open: one with the browser open to the website with the photos and the one with MHO. With a little practice, you can post several images in just a couple of minutes. 
Also, remember to keep the http:// in the URL when you type in the address. Otherwise the image will not display properly.
Private Messaging
How do I know when I have a Private Message?
You'll receive a red message alert in the area where the "current time" is displayed.

How do I send someone a Private Message?
1) You can click on the "Pvt Msg" button after the post of a person.
2) Click on the "My Msgs" Icon at the top of the page and click on the first letter of the person you are looking for.  Find the person in the alphabetical listing and click on the "Send Private Message" button.


New User

Top 60
Private First Class

Top 50

Top 40

Top 30

Top 25
Staff Sergeant

Top 20
Sgt First Class

Top 15
Master Sergeant

Top 10
Sergeant Major

Top 5
Cmd Sgt Major

You can see the rank definitions by passing the mouse over the rank icon.  They signify the top posters on the forum.  Don't get intimidated by the ranks...they just show who is the most active on the forum.

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