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 Pvt William Drury Clanton  
13th North Carolina Infantry - Co. B   
William was born in Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co. NC 15 Mar 1832 He enlisted at age 27 on 20 May 1861 at Ranalesburg, by W.A. Pressly in Capt A.A. Ewin's Co 3rd Regiment NC Infantry Vols. This units was changed to Co B 13th Regiment NC Infantry on 14 Nov 1861. William was engaged in over 20 major battles until 28 Dec 1864 when he is retired and assigned by SO#24 to the Invalid Corps. His Regimental Roster gives the last battle on the Petersburg line was as Harmon Road where the union breached the line. It is suggested that he was wounded and assigned to the Invalid Corps. He is the father in law of stepdaughter of my 3rd cousin 4 x removed. He died 23 June 1911 and is buried in Raleigh, Wake Co. NC
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 2 Lt Hiram Harman Eudy  
5th North Carolina Infantry - Co. F   
Hiram was born in 1835 in Stanley Co NC and died 23 Feb 1909 in Locust Stanley Co NC. He was about 26 when he enlisted 8 Aug 1862. He was severely wounded in the shoulder 1 July 1863 at Gettysburg. Captured and confined at Fort Delaware. Then on 15 Oct 1863 sent to Point Lookout. He was exchanged at Camp Lee near Richmond 27 Feb 1865. He only has one CMR in his archival file but the above data comes from the official records of his unit in the North Carolina archives. He is buried at Meadow Creek Primitive Baptist Church in Locust, Stanley Co. NC. We connect thru a distant marriage.
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 2nd Sgt Eli Ransom Herrin  
28th North Carolina Infantry - Co. K   
Eli was born in Stanley County NC in 1838 and died in 1933. He enlisted at Ablemarle NC on 7 Sept 1861 as 3rd Sgt Co K 28th Regiment NC Infantry. He was in several major engagements and was shot in the left leg at Richmond. His leg was removed below the knee at Chimborazo Hospital #1 at Richmond. He was discharged as disabled on 1 Aug 1862. We are related by marriage to a distant cousin.
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 Pvt Benjamin Franklin Moore  
71st North Carolina Infantry - Co. F   
Benjamin was born 19 Aug 1847 in Union Co. NC. and died 11 June 1918 at New Salem, Union Co. NC. He was 12 years old in 1860 and living at Olive Branch, Union Co. NC. The 2nd Regiment was formed Dec 1864 by consolidating the just formed 2nd & 5th Junior Reserve Battalions. The men were aged 15 to 18 years old. Benjamin would have been about 16 years old. They were mainly used as support troops guarding bridges and as prison guards. When one turned 18 he was suppose to be transferred to a front line combat Regiment. It served in the Dept. of North Carolina and Southern Virginia & briefly was assigned to L. S. Bakers Regiment in the Army of Tennessee. They saw action in the New Bern area and Bentonville, NC. The Regiment was included in the surrender on 26 April 1865. This unit was also know as the 71st Regiment NC Infantry. The Company Rosters for a few Companies have survived but most did not. Benjamin is found in my Ancestry Tree and we connect thru a very distant marriage.
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 Capt Henry Gray Little  
Madison's Regiment Texas Cavalry (3 Regt Az Brigade) - Co. F   
Henry is being entered here because their is no unit for his Brigade: CO F Baird's Regiment Texas Cavalry [ 4th Arizona Brigade Showalters's Regiment. He enlisted when unit was formed Feb 1863 by Col Spruce McCoy Baird & composed of men from New Mexico, Arizona and California composed of 2 Battalions. His CMR show the following. 14 Jan 1864 appointed 2nd Lieut.16 Feb 1864 on detached recruiting service, 22 April 1864 appointed to rank of Captain. Apr 1864 Present: Commanding. June 1864 at Ring Barracks, Aug 1864 Richmond Station absent on Recruiting duty. Nov 1864 at Camp Hood. He was born in North Carolina & died 23 Jan 1874 in Richmond, Fort Bend County Texas. He was the Maternal Grand Father of wife on my 4th cousin 3 times removed.
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 Pvt Lucius Jeremiah Horacio Dailey  
36th Texas Cavalry - Co. A   
Lucius was born in Georgia. He was in San Marcos , Hays County Texas when the invasion began. He enlisted at Camp Salado in San Marcos on 7 Mar 1862 in Capt James G Story's Co. Texas Mounted Vols. [Wood's Regiment]. His horse is valued at $140 and his equipment $13. This Regiment is assigned to H. Bee's & Bagby's Brigade, Trans Mississippi Dept. and fought mainly in the Red River Campaign during Union Gen. Banks presence in the state. Lucius was engaged in over 30 skirmishes and actions during this time. Some were Mansura, Belle Prairie, Marksville, Yellow Bayou, Bayou De Glaize, & Norwood's Plantation. He enlisted at age 18 and served until the end of the invasion. He is the father in law of my 4th cousin 3 x removed.
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 Pvt Virginius Erskin Jones  
28th Mississippi Cavalry - Co. A   
Virginius was born 1 Mar 1835 in Dinwiddie Co. Virginia. and died 29 June 1908 in Leggett, Polk Co. Texas. Enlisted at Jackson Mississippi on 19 March 1862 at age 24 In Capt J. T. McBee's Co. In Feb 1863 he is found in Co A [McAfee's Hussars] He is discharged 26 June 1863 by substitution - He bought his way out by paying someone else to take his place. The average price was $300. He went home and became a noted physician. He is buried at Jones Prairie Cemetery at Leggett, Polk Co. Texas . We are related by a very distant marriage.
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 Pvt James Jackson Dillon  
26th Texas Cavalry - Co. I   
James was born in Pike Co. Mississippi 1846 and died 24 July 1935 in Soda, Polk Co. Texas. His data comes from his CSA pension which he applied for from the aforesaid place on 5 Aug 1909. He volunteered at age 18 joining at Alexander La. in Co I 26th Regiment Myer's [DeBray's] Regiment Cavalry. He was home on leave and on the way back to his command when word came that the war was over. He fought skirmish at Galveston, Tx, Red River Campaign in Louisiana with battles at Crump's Hill, Pleasant Hill, Sabine Cross Roads, Mansfield, Natchitoches, Mansura, Yellow Bayou and others. The command disbanded in May of 1865 and most stayed in unit to defend the towns against bands of deserters who were active in the area. They surrendered 2 June 1865 at Gavalston. James and his wife Mary A Williams are buried at Bluff Creek Cem. Livingston, Polk Co. Texas
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 1st Cpl John Washington Whitman  
16th Louisiana Infantry - Co. C   
John was born in Edgefield District, South Carolina 28 June 1836 and died 31 Dec 1924 in Brilliant, Marion Co. Alabama. He was 26 years old when he enlisted at Camp Moore, La. when the Regiment was formed 29 Sept 1861. Known as the {Caddo Fencibles] The Regiment was reorganized and consolidated several times due to heavy losses re: disease and combat. Fought at Shiloh, Corinth, Farmington, Kentucky Campaign, Perryville, Mobile and Spanish Fort. He was promoted to 1st Corporal 31 Oct 1863. 16 Dec 1864 it is reported that he is in the hands of the enemy at Nashville. He is sent to Louisville, Ky, Camp Chase, Ohio and then to Camp Douglas in Chicago, Ill. On 12 June 1865 he was forced to [Swallow the Yellow Dog] and was released... He has 24 cards in his archival file. We are related by a very distant marriage on my mothers side.
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 Pvt William Madison "Buck" Scott  
32nd Texas Cavalry - Co. A   
William was born 4 May 1845 and died 8 Mar 1936. Buried at Greenwood Cem.Marshall, Harrison Co. Texas. His record is taken from his wife's pension record. Enlisted at about age 17 in Co A McCray's Co. Cavalry where he served as a Dispatch Messenger. At some point he served under Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest as noted on the gravestone application. It is known that this Co was a part of the 32nd Regiment Texas Cavalry and according to that Regimental History McCray's Co was transferred around July 1862 to the command of Gen. Edmund Kirby Smith. Some data related to this units action is contained in that Regimental history. He was married x 2 1st to his first cousin Mollie Scott who died in 1872. He remarried a Miss Della Welsh 20 Nov 1878 in Cass Co Texas. She is buried beside him in the Greenwood Cemetery.. God Rest his soul
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 1 Lt John Richard Oates  
22nd Texas Infantry - Co. F   
John was 29 Years old when he joined 10 Mar 1862 at Camp Hubbard, at Livingston in Capt John Guynes' Co. Texas Infantry for 3 years by H Hutto. He is appointed 2nd Lieut. 17 June 1862. Served under Walker's Division primarily west of the Mississippi. Louisiana & Arkansas.
His records show he was promoted to 1st Lieut. date of promotion unknown. Fought in the Red River Campaign in Louisiana. Fought at Mansfield. Pleasant Hill, and in Ark. against the campaign of Union Gen. Steel's. at Marks Mills & Jenkins Ferry. The Regiment returned to Texas in early 1865 an disbanded. It officially surrendered 2 Jun 1865. My cousin was his third wife, she died the following year and he remarried for the 4th time.
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 1st Sgt John - Jean Baptiste Courville  
10th Louisiana Infantry - Co. K   
Jean spelled John on some of his archival records was from Saint Landry Parish, La. Opelousas Township. He enlisted when the Regiment was formed on 22 July 1861 at Camp Moore, La. in Capt W.H Spencer's Co [Confederate States Rangers] Perrodin's. He enlisted as a Pvt. His first battle was Dam #1 and his last fight was in the Wilderness where he was captured. A Regimental CMR dated 1 May - 31 Aug. 1864 states he is in the hands of the enemy since 12 May 1864. His rank on the aforementioned CMR is given as 1st Sgt. After capture he was sent to Point Lookout and transferred to Elmira, NY 25 July 1864. He was transferred for exchange 25 Feb 1865. The 10th Louisiana was known as {Lee's Foreign Legion] because of all of the foreign born in its ranks. He was also wounded earlier on 17 Dec 1862 at Sharpsburg. His Regiment surrendered at Citronelle, Ala. 19 May 1865. Related by a distant marriage
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 3rd Sgt James Sales Chesser  
44th Alabama Infantry - Co. B   
James Sales Chesser was born 21 Mar 1833 in Lowndes County, Alabama and enlisted with the Scottsville Guard on 15 Mar 1862 as a 2nd Corporal. He was promoted to 3rd Sergeant on 4 Jan 1864. He returned home to his farm near Scottsville and died 26 Mar 1876 and is buried at the Union Cumberland Presbyterian Church Cemetery in Vance, Alabama. He is my paternal grandmother's paternal grandfather.
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 Pvt Isaac Fronce  
194th New York Infantry - Co. K   
-- Age, 21 years. Enlisted at Newburgh, to serve three years, mustered out in as private, Co. K, April 4, 1861:
Re-enlisted as a veteran, April 4, 1864: mustered out with company October 17, 1865 at Charleston, S.C.:
also borne as Fronze.
  Ancestor added by Colleen Cassidy on 9/30/2019
 1st Cpl Henry David Fields  
26th Mississippi Infantry - Co. F   
Henry was born in 1838 and died 1913. He enlisted as a Pvt. 1 Sept 1861 at Luka, Mississippi. Co F [Anna Terry Guards] Capt Henry C Hyneman's Co 26th Regiment Mississippi Vols. Captured at Fort Donelson and sent to Camp Morton Indianapolis. Ind. Paroled at Vicksburg. Found on POW roll at that place dated 24 May 1862. Promoted 31 Oct 1863 to 2nd Corporal from the ranks by Col Reynolds. On a CMR dated June 1864 his rank is noted as 1st Corporal. He is slightly wounded at the Battle of the Wilderness. Sick in the hospital at Richmond 26 Aug 1864 - 29 Aug 1864. Some records state that the 26th was attached for a short time to the 32nd Miss after the battle of Shiloh because it was so depleted. Henry was Captured at Petersburg Va. after the defensive line broke. He was sent to Fort Delaware and Paroled 11 June 1865 after " Swallowing the Yellow Dog" He was the husband of my 3rd cousin 5 x removed.
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 3rd Sgt James Sales Chesser  
Home Guard, Alabama State Troops - Co. B   
James Sales Chesser was in the Scottsville Guard - 44th Alabama, Co. B. I couldn’t find a way to edit the unit details. He entered service as a 2nd Corporal, and by war’s end was promoted to 3rd Sergeant. He survived the war.
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 Pvt George Nathaniel Strickland  
32nd Mississippi Infantry - Co. B   
George was born in Coffee Co. Tenn in 1832 he died 26 Sept 1862 in the battle at Bardstown, Kentucky. Enlisted 6 Mar 1862 by Col. M P Lowery into Capt W R Nelson's Co Miss. Vols. at Lebanon. He was 30 years old. His Regiment was at Corinth & Shiloh. 30 June 1862 he is sick in camp at Tupelo, Miss. His Regiment moved to Chattanooga in July and to Glasgow, Ky Sept 13, 1862. Engaged 14 thru 17 Sept in Murfordsville, Ky. which was a Confederate Victory. The following week 26 Sept George died at Bardstown, Ky. His passing is noted in the Regiments after action report by Capt James L Kennedy/ commanding.. It is not noted if his death was from disease or military action. He is buried at Bardmore, Ky.. God rest his soul.
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 Pvt Samuel Franklin Bedgood  
17th Alabama Infantry - Co. K   
Samuel was born 15 Sept. 1831 in Riddleville, Washington Co. Georgia. He died it is believed in 1863 in his home in Pigeon Creek, Butler Co. Alabama. He enlisted 4 Feb 1863 at Greenville, Alabama in Co K 17th Ala. Infantry. He has two cards in his archival file. His Regiment prior to his enlistment had suffered heavy losses at the battles of Shiloh and Farmington, Miss. The survivors were in bad shape with much sickness in its ranks, so much so they were left at Mobile, Ala. to recover. The able bodied were assigned to the Heavy Artillery at that place. At this time no record other than a family history account of his dying at his home and buried in an unmarked grave in the Bedgood Family cemetery in his hometown.. It is believed he was sick in camp at Mobile and either died there or at his home on sick furlough. We are related by a distant marriage thru my 3rd cousin 5 x removed.
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 Pvt William Ransom Duke  
59th Alabama Infantry - Co. H   
William was born 8 May 1833 in Lowndes Co. Ala. and died 30 June 1912 in Petrey, Crenshaw Co. Ala. He was 29 years old when he enlisted at Greenville, Ala. in Aug. 1862 in Co D 4th Battalion Ala. Artillery, Love's Co. Hillard's Legion. He has seven cards in this unit. Upon reorganization at Knoxville this became Co H 59th Alabama Infantry. He was captured at Hatcher's Run near Petersburg, Va. on 25 Mar 1865 and sent to City Point, Va. arriving 27 March 1865. He was released after [ Swallowing the Yellow Dog] on 26 June 1865. His place of residence is PikeCo. Ala. He has grey eyes, grey hair, Dark Complexion and is 5 ft 8 inches in height. His Regiments Flag was captured at Hatcher's Run. He is buried at Petrey Cem. Petrey, Crenshaw Co. Alabama. He is the Father in Law of my 3rd cousin 5 x removed. Bloods very thin but still kin....Deo Vincice
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 2 Lt Berry E Webb  
4th Alabama Cavalry - Co. H   
Berry was born in lauderdale Co. Alabama and died 7 July 1863 in the battle of Corinth, Alcorn. Miss. He enlisted at age 26 on 14 Nov 1861 at Luka, as a Private in Capt Phillip D Roddy's Co. 4th Battalion Pope Walkers Cavalry. His horse was valued at $225 & equipment at $35. After the battle of Shiloh Apr 6-7 1862 the unit was reorganized as Co H 4th Regiment Mississippi Cavalry [Roddy's] and mustered into Confederate service 1 Nov 1862. Berry died in defense of his homeland at Corinth 7 July 1863. He is still there...God Rest His Soul. He was my 3rd cousin 5 x removed.
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 4th Cpl William Elijah Morgan  
19th Arkansas Infantry - Co. E   
William was born 14 Oct 1835 and died 13 Feb 1916 at Franklin, Roberetson Co. Texas. His home is in Scott Co. Ark. He was about 26 when he enlisted 30 Oct 1861 at Rocky Comfort, Sevior Co. Ark. for 12 months in Capt. Hamiter's Co. 19th Regiment Ark. Infantry Rendezvous is 20 miles away. Enlisted by Col C. L. Dawson. Captured at Fort Hindma, Arkansas Post 11 Jan 1863 and sent to Camp Douglas, Illinois, arriving 8 Feb 1863. Sent to City Point Va. 10 Apr 1863 & exchanged. Rejoined his unit and was captured again near Jonesboro, Georgia 1 Sept 1864. Exchanged at Rough & Ready Ga. 19 Sept 1864. He rejoined his unit and continued the fight. Franklin-Nashville campaign & into the Carolina's where he fought his last fight at Bentonville, NC 19 - 21 March 1865. The unit had been consolidated by then into the 1st Consolidated Ark. Inf. Regiment commanded by Capt William B Cone which surrendered 26 April 1865 at Greensboro, NC. This gallant soul rests in Smyrna Cem. Winnsboro, Wood County Texas. We are related by a distant marriage on my mothers line.

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 Pvt Francis Marion Golden  
29th Alabama Infantry - Co. K   
Francis was born 2 Nov 1834 in Limestone Co. Ala. He died after 1910 in Jackson, Little River Co. Arkansas. He has 7 cards in his archival file. He enlisted 5 May 1862 at Clayton, Alabama. Enlisted by Capt McNab. He is on sick furlough 24 July to 24 August 1862. Rejoined his company and his last card has him being paid on 30 June 1863. The Regiment was organized at Pensacola Fla. in Feb 1862. It remained at that location for over a year. It was ordered to Mobile, Ala. and remained there until April 1864. It then joined the Army of Tennessee at Resaca, Ga where it lost about 100 killed and wounded. Fought at New Hope, Peach Tree Creek, Atlanta Campaign. Moved with Gen Hood to Tenn. where they lost heavily at Franklin. The small number remaining went to the Carolina's where they fought at Kinston and their last fight at Bentonville. About 90 men surrendered at Greensboro. NC... We are related by a very distant marriage on my mothers side.
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 Pvt Nathan Bryant Hinson  
16th Battalion, Georgia Cavalry (State Guards) - Co. F   
Nathan was born in Coweta County Ga. 24 Sept. 1832. He has 13 cards in his archival file. he enlisted at Newman, Ga 14 May 1862 by J.D. Simms for 3 years in 16th Battalion Georgia Cavalry [Partisan Rangers] . He was paid $75 for his horse and allowed 40 cents per day for its upkeep. This unit became the core for Co F 13th Regiment Ga. Cavalry which was organized 2 May 1864. Nathan was captured 22 Sep. 1863 near Knoxville and sent to Louisville Military Prison and on to Camp Morton in Indianapolis, Indiana arriving 13 Oct 1863. He was transferred to Fort Delaware, Delaware 19 Mar 1864 and paroled from that place in Feb. 1865 along with 3499 other POW's including 43 Officers. Their is very little documentation on this Regiment.
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 2 Lt Thomas D Washburn  
59th Tennessee Infantry - Co. D   
Thomas was born 14 Dec 1818 in Lincoln Co. Tenn. He enlisted at age 44 as 2nd Corporal 10 Jan 1862 at Knoxville in 1st Eakin's Tenn. Battn: He was promoted to 3rd Lieut and to 2nd Lieut on 22 May 1862. This unit became co D 59th Regiment Mounted Infantry. He was captured at Vicksburg, paroled and rejoined his Regiment. He has 14 cards in his archival file. His cover file provided the correct data and states his data is filed under reference as Mashburn, Thomas. Family sources has his death 5 Oct 1864. I have been unable to confirm. His unit is in action at Burl's Gap and Abingdon, Washington Co. Va. in that time frame serving as dismounted Infantry in Morgan's Division. I suggest that is where he died and is in an unmarked grave at that location. He is the father in law of my 3rd cousin 3 times removed.
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 Cpl Archie Matthew Covington  
23rd Texas Cavalry - Co. A   
Archie was 38 years old when he joined other family members in this unit. He enlisted at Clarksville, when the unit was formed in the Spring of 1862. Co. A 23 Regiment Texas cavalry [Gould's]. He has two cards in his archival file. The cover CMR and a Regimental Return Card dated 5 March 1865 noting that he is returning from leave. His Regiment fought mainly in the Red River Campaign. Battles at Mansfield, Pleasant Hill & Blair's Landing. In Feb 1865 the regiment is dismounted and is attached to Robinson's Brigade, Maxey's Division- District of Texas, New Mexico & Arizona. Surrendered 26 May 1865. He is my 2nd cousin 4 x removed.
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