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23rd Alabama Infantry      
Company Unknown
Joseph Benajah Bibb - Colonel   
Died 1869
Contact Name:  Mark Anderson
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Date Added:  11/17/2007
Company Unknown
John Alden Lockley - Private   
Served as a Pvt. with 23rd. Alabama Inf. and was killed at Vicksburg in May,1863
Contact Name:  charles lockley
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Date Added:  10/9/2012
Company A
William Howell Hanks - 1st Sergeant   
Looking for any info. on William Hanks.
Contact Name:  steve williams
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Date Added:  11/15/2010
Company A
George Henry Moye - Captain   
My GrGrGr Grandfather, commissioned 14Dec1860-36th Regiment,1st Brigade,6th Division-Militia of State of Al.-AVC. When Ala, went Regular Army, he was re-commissioned Lt. and later promoted to Capt. Co-A. He recruited Co.A-23rd Infantry, and resigned commission on 30Nov1863, for Typhoid, Yellow Fever and Pneumonia. In early March,1864, he presented the 23rd's Battle Flag (made from the silk Ballgowns of the women of Camden, Al), which now rests in the Al.State Archives-Montgomery, Al. His eldest son,George William Moye, enlisted as a Pvt.-Co.A, parolled at Vicksburg, 4July1863,(signing parole as G W Moyer)captured in Winter64,sent to Camp Chase,Oh and released on 31July1865, after refusing to sign loyalty to USA. Note: I possess written original documentation, of all the above, including the silk purchase receipt, which his wife Anna M Moye contributed, with the other women of Camden,Al., for the material making the 23rd's Battle Flag, that was presented to the Regiment early March 1864.
Contact Name:  Robert Richey Golden
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Date Added:  9/28/2005
Company A
George William Moye - Private   
This private,age 17, joined 14Dec1860, in 36thReg, 1st Brigade, 6Div, of the Militia if the State of Alabama.
When Ala, went Regular Army, this Regiment was renumerated as the 23rd Regiment, CSA. He followed his father, Lt./Capt. G H Moye, in the formation of Co. A, probably being one of the first Privates recruited. He was with the 23rd, at Vicksburg and in front of Grant and Sherman, 18 hours after every other Regiment,except 20th Al and Texas Regiment, was called back into the protection of Vicksburg...causing much injury to the enemy and little casualties, in their regiment. On 4July1863, he was parolled, but either signed as GW Moyer, or was misunderstood by the deaf US SGT, who was attempting to understand perfect Wilcox County English. Either way, his Honor was preserved, when he was parolled for 30 days, the Regiment was exchanged 100yrs, to the day of my birthday-12 Sept1863, re-equipped and sent to Bragg, Nov1863. In the winter of 1864, GW moye was captured, sent to Camp Chase, Ohio, but was not released until 31 July 1865! 90 days AFTER the cessation of hostilities and began his walk back to Patsburg-Luverne, Al...carrying the sabre, which has been in my possession, for 40 yrs. Evidently, he refused to sign the oath of allegiance to the USA...rebellious to the end. Attached to this Regiment, he saw some major battles, prior to his capture...Thank you GrGrGr Uncle George William Moye! I will Honor your service and sacrifice, forever.
Contact Name:  Robert Richey Golden
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Date Added:  9/28/2005
Company B
Daniel Ross Witherington - Corporal   
My GG Grandfather, Corporal, 23rd 'Our Alabama', Army of Tenn. Brigade comprised of the Twentieth, Twenty-third, Thirtieth, and Thirty-first, later joined by the 46th Alabama. My GG Grandfathers cousin, James Witherington, was killed at the Battle of Champions Hill, Raymond MS. Danile Ross was later captured and paroled at Vicksburg, MS. He survived the war.
Contact Name:  Troy Daniel Witherington
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Date Added:  2/15/2008
Company C
Amos Fail - Private   
Enlisted in 1861 along with brother Morgan Fail and cousin Nathaniel Fail.

Nathaniel died as a POW in Delaware and is buried in the Finn National Cemetery. Morgan survived the war as a POW. I believe he was captured in 1864. He was wounded at the battle of Missionary Ridge.

Amos was wonded in the thigh on 24 June 1864 and had leg amputated. He died in 26 June. The Regimental Surgeon, Dr. J. M. Hunt noted it was at the battle of Marrieta.

Contact Name:  John Faile
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Date Added:  3/3/2019
Company E
James A Lampley - 2nd Lieutenant   
James was 35 years old. He has 24 cards in his archival file. He enlisted at Midway, Barbour County Alabama 15 May 1862. In Oct of 1863 he is a Sgt. on detached duty at Commissary Hq. He is promoted to 2nd Lieut. He and is unit are found with Hillard's Legion. Surrendered at Appomattox 9 April 1865. He is my 2nd cousin 4 x removed
Contact Name:  Phillip Thomas
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Date Added:  7/17/2016
Company E
Benjamin Harris Young - Private   
Born 6 Jun 1819 in Monroe County, Alabama. Enlisted November 1861, Montgomery County, Alabama. 23rd Alabama Infantry, Co. E as Private. Captured at Port Gibson and Grand Gulf, Mississippi in the engagement between the forces of Gen U.S. Grant and Gen. Bowen, 30 April – 1 May 1863. Confined at Alton, IL prison camp. Died 18 January 1897, Forest Home, Butler County, Alabama. Burial is at Forest Home Cemetery, Forest Home, Butler County, Alabama.
Contact Name:  Fred Pippin
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Date Added:  11/26/2009
Company F
HARVEY SILAS Day - Unknown   
my ggg uncle HARVEY SILAS DAY, b. 24 October 1837, Dallas County, Alabama; d. 20 May 1930, Dallas County, Alabama; m. SARAH ANN LEACH, 1 January 1857; b. 15 February 1838, Dallas County, Alabama; d. 30 September 1914, Dallas County, Alabama.
He was ain Companies F and D, 23rd Alabama Infantry, C.S.A.
Contact Name:  Dan McConnell
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Date Added:  8/23/2010
Company F
John S Hartin - Private   
John Sullivan/Sulden Hartin born 01 Jan 1844 Butler Co, AL or SC died 09 Jan 1904 Rome, Floyd Co, GA bur Myrtle Hill Cem, Rome, Floyd Co, GA. Son of Martha S. Pierce Hartin. First married Eliza Hayes (Abt. 1846, AL - Abt. 1874, Montgomery, AL) on 27 December 1865 at Hayes Residence, Butler Co, AL. Married 2nd Abt. 1879 to Marietta Elizabeth Lloyd (04 Nov 1838 GA - Abt. 25 Dec 1909).
J.S. Hartin, enlisted 1862/10/11 Montgomery AL 23rd Regt CoF Rank: Private. Discharge: Honorably Discharged 1865/04/26.
Pension Rec: Yes Authority: Pension application Jefferson Co, July 19, 1900. Remarks: Wounded at the Battle of Missionary Ridge, TN. Is now unable to make a living on account of old age, injuries and manual disabilities. Age 54 years, P.O. Morgans, AL.
Contact Name:  Lee Ferguson
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Date Added:  9/7/2015
Company F
Samuel D Hartin - Private   
Samuel D. Hartin born 01 January 1844 died 1863 Battle of Vicksburg, MS. Son of Martha S. Pierce Hartin. Thomas Hartin - Regimental Unit: 23 AL Inf Co F
Contact Name:  Lee Ferguson
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Date Added:  9/7/2015
Company F
Thomas Hartin - Private
Alabama Civil War Service Database: Thomas Hartin. Death: Mississippi, Vicksburg, Killed. Regimental Unit: 23rd Alabama Regiment. Company Unit: F. Authority: Compiled roll by George E. Reid. Enlistment Date: 1862/10/11. Remarks: Age 16. Rank: Private
Contact Name:  Lee Ferguson
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Date Added:  9/7/2015
Company F
Andrew T Helms - Private   
Born 1830 in Anson County, North Carolina. Enlisted in Montgomery on 11/17/1861, recruited by Captain Wagner. Captured at Champion Hill on 5/16/1863 and imprisoned at Fort Delaware. Exchanged 7/4/1863, only to be captured again Resaca on 5/14/1864. Transferred to Camp Morton, Indianapolis, IN, where he died 3/8/1865 after a three-day bout of pneumonia.
Contact Name:  D.C. Thomas
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Date Added:  8/19/2014
Company F
Francis Marion Wilson - Private   
1833-1865 Died in prison at Camp Douglas on 11 March 1865. Most likely from disease, but ill-treatment and starvation are also possible causes.
Contact Name:  George Hill
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Date Added:  4/14/2016
Company G
B. B. Strickland - Private   
B.B. were the initials for Barnabus Bedford. Enlisted as a Private at Talladega in September 1862. Discharged in 1864 at end of the war. Filed a pension request on 1907/07/02 in Etowah County, AL. Was 70 years old and lived in Alabama City, AL at the time of his request.
Contact Name:  Mitch Strickland
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Date Added:  9/5/2013
Company H
John S King - Private   
born in Alabama, died 2JUL1890 Marshall County, Alabama when struck by lightning, older brother of PVT James Wood King, CO D, 48th AL Infantry, CSA
Contact Name:  Hugh Pritchett
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Date Added:  10/6/2018
Company H
Joseph E Knighten - Sergeant   
Contact Name:  George Hill
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Date Added:  3/4/2013
Company I
joseph durant - Unknown   
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Company I
gerald byrne mcgill - 2nd Sergeant   
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Company K
Samuel Thompson - Private   
My great great Grandfather Samuel Thompson was captured at battle of Lookout Mountian in 1863.He was a POW at Rock Island, Illinois. He died there in 1864.
Contact Name:  Barbara Norkavage
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Date Added:  5/10/2008
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