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60th Alabama Infantry      
Company Unknown
Frances M King - Unknown   
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Company Unknown
Simon Gardner Wilson - Private   
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Company A
george short knowles - Unknown   
george s. is my gr-grandfather who enlisted in hilliard's legion 4/7/1862,along with his younger bro patrick h. ,and their father, green b. knowles.older bros had already enlisted.their first cousin was also in hilliard's co b.note that hilliard's co b was later designated 60th ala, co a. FYI there was a cousin in ga also named geo s.,son of joseph knowles,but the geo short knowles name has passed down in our family.can provide family and census records to confirm. thanks tom knowles
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Date Added:  11/25/2009
Company B
Henry T Atkinson - Private   
Henry was born in Oglethorpe, Georgia 6 June 1823. He was about 40 years old when he enlisted 10 Aug 1863 at Rockford, Wetumpka, Alabama. Enlisted in Capt. Thomas H. Smith's Vols. became Co B 60th Alabama Infantry, General Gracey's Brigade. He has 13 Cards in his archival file. He was captured 25 Mar 1865 at the battle of Hatchers Run and sent to Point Lookout and released 6 June 1865 after swallowing the yellow dog.
Battles: Siege of Knoxville, Bean's Station, Dandridge, Chester Station, Drewry's Bluff, Va. Siege of Petersburg, Battle of the Crater, and Hatchers Run where he was captured. He is buried at Hillsboro City Cem. Hillsboro, Hill Co. Texas. We are related by marrige.
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Company B
James Whitfield Lindsey - Private   
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Company B
william riley screws - Private   
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Company D
Reuben E Davis - Private   
From the Alabama Archives

R.E. Davis

Private Co I 60th Alabama Inf., Formerly Co D 1st Batt., Hillards Legion

Enlisted 9 July 1862 Montgomery Ala

Born in Ga; Nearest post office -Newnan, Ga age 44, married.

Wounded at Chickamauga, Present at Knoxville; wounded at Bean's Station;

Present at Drewry's Bluff; wounded at Petersburg.

He appeared on an undated list of Prisoners of War at Farmville, Va between April 11 and

April 21 1865 .

He was admitted to U.S. Hospital 2 May, 1865 at Fort Monroe VA with the diagnosis of a gun shot wound to his right leg and was discharged on taking the loyalty oath on 16 July 1865, at age 46. He made it home to Heard County and died there the next month on 19 Aug 1865.

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Company D
Elias J. Sexton - Private   
Enlisted in Hilliard's Legion, Alabama Volunteers. Was dissolved Nov 1863, when parts of the 1st and 3rd Battalions formed the 60th Alabama Regiment.
Contact Name:  Charles Hand
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Company D
William Edwin Shirley - Private   
Have his service history ...would like any other information about his unit..other''s oral history ,etc.....
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Date Added:  4/7/2004
Company E
George C. Arnold - Private   
b.1843 AL, died 5-9-1864. Killed in skirmish near Drewry's Bluff, VA. Age 21. Previously a farmer.
Anymore info? contact me please.
Contact Name:  Tony King
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Date Added:  1/27/2008
Company E
Green Brown - Private   
Re-enlisted February 4, 1864 following medical discharge August 18, 1862. Died May 24, 1864 from fever caused by wounds recieved at Drewry's Bluff.
Contact Name:  Charles Brown
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Date Added:  2/6/2006
Company E
Samuel Jasper Knowles - Unknown   
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Company E
D.R.M. Madden - 2nd Lieutenant   
Enlisted in Hilliard''s Legion March 10 1862. Wounded at Petersburg on 3/31/65. Captured in hospital on April 2. POW at Ft. McHenry until released June 1865. Have a copy of a requisition order written from Petersburg Sept. 30 1864.
Applied for and received a Confederate Veteran''s Pesion from the state of Florida in 1900 where he relocated in 1874.
Contact Name:  Harry Madden
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Date Added:  12/6/2004
Company E
George M.T. McMath - Private   
George was in the Sixth Alabama Infantry early in the was; but was discharged at Union Mills, VA in Nov 1861. He enlisted in Hilliards Legion/60th Alabama in Aug 1862 and served until he was captured April 3, 1865 in Fairground Hospital, Richmond. On August 26,1865, George died from a gangrenous leg and ws buried in the cemetery adjoining the hospital.
Contact Name:  George McMath
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Date Added:  10/18/2006
Company E
Amos J. Turner - Private   
AJ Turner was my great-great-grandfather. Through family research it was discovered that AJ Turner's regiment was in the line of battle side-by-side at Chickamauga with his future in-laws by marriage in the 5th Texas Infantry. I found the markers by chance on a road trip to Chickamauga and thought this was an uncanny fateful occurrence considering these future relatives had no knowledge of one another's existence and maybe never did.
Contact Name:  Greg Gilbert
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Date Added:  4/23/2007
Company G
John Milton McCreless - Captain   
Was named to the Roll of Honor for service at Chickamauga.
Contact Name:  Stacy Aannestad
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Date Added:  8/20/2009
Company H
Benjamin Ratliff Davidson - Private   
He's my 2nd Great Grandfather. He enlisted from Butler County Alabama. Got his knee cap shot off in the battle of Drewy's Bluff and was sent to the Chimborazo Hospital in Richmond Virgina on May the 16th 1864 where his leg was amputated and while recovering he got gangreen and died on May 31st 1864.
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Date Added:  9/19/2007
Company I
James Phillips. Pvt. Co.James Phillips - Private   
James Phillips. Pvt. Co. I 60th Ala. Inf. CSA.
Died July 25 1864. Confederate Hospital No. 11.
Charlotte NC. Buried in Elmwood Cemetery. Charlotte NC.
Contact Name:  Gil Phillips
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Date Added:  4/22/2010
Company K
Franklin Yarbrough - Lieutenant   
Enlisted in Hilliard's Legion at Montgomery, Ala. in June 1862. The Legion divided into the 59th & 60th Regiments & the 23rd Batt. Nov. 25, 1863 At Charleston, SC.
Franklin went into CO. K, 60th Ala. Reg.
Wounded at Battle of Chickamauga and was disabled.Promoted at Chickamauga.
Contact Name:  Mike Hanners
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Date Added:  8/11/2007
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