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25th Arkansas Infantry      
Company Unknown
Joseph Cox - Unknown   
Contact Name:  Clifton Boyd
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Date Added:  12/11/2008
Company A
Robert Dudley Heath - Private   
PVT. Robert Dudley Heath was born July 24, 1844 in Crittenden Co., KY. Died Feb 20, 1919 Dukedom, KY Burial in Rhodes Chapel Cemetery, Graves Co. KY

NOTES: Military Service with 25th ARK. Company A on East side of Mississippi River with CPT Eli Hufstedler, Colonel Turnbull’s Regiment from 1861-1863, Served with CPT Billy Black, A Co. 25th ARK on the West side of the Mississippi River, COL. Shaver’s Regiment. MAJ Henry Commander when discharged in late 1864 at Camden, ARK, due to illness.

Married: Obelia Sabethia Ann Kemper in Crittenden Co., KY Oct 3, 1869 She was born Sep 27 1847 in Lincoln Co, TN Died: Oct 12, 1921 in Graves Co, KY. Buried in Rhodes Cemetery, Graves Co. KY. She drew a KY Civil War Veteran's Pension # 4012 from late 1920 until her death in Oct 1921.
Contact Name:  Roger Heath
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Date Added:  2/11/2014
Company A
Robert Teel - Private   
I have several more I will be posting soon.
Robert Teel was my 3rd Grt Grand Father. He was killed at the battle of Richmond Ky.
Contact Name:  Patrick broadway
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Date Added:  11/10/2009
Company B
Andrew H. Thompson - Lieutenant   
Brother Benjamin served in company H, 1st Arkansas Cavalry.
Contact Name:  Jeff Thompson
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Date Added:  4/12/2013
Company C
Charles Ford - Unknown   
Charlie Ford was my Great Grandma's (Laura Ford Hayley) brother.
He was severely wounded at Murphreesboro (Battle of Stone River) and was
honorably discharged at Shelbyville near the end of Feb. 1863 when he was
well enough to travel home.
I would love to learn more about him; also Cornelius Newton Hayley of the
First Ark. Mounted Rifles (dismounted) of the same brigade.
Contact Name:  Richard Urbaniak
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Date Added:  11/20/2010
Company C
Francis McClellan Hayley - 3rd Lieutenant   
When Billy Byram went home (disabled) in early Sept. 1863 the thirteen privates and non commissioned officers of Company C elected F.M. Hayley 3rd Lt., to replace him. Two weeks later he led them at Chickamauga where he was wounded for the second of three times (Murphreeboro, Chickamauga and Bentonville {hospitalized each time}, also slight wound in Atlanta campaign).
25th (30th) Regiment was part of Churchill's, then McNair's, and finally D.H. Reynold's Brigade.
F.M. Hayley lived until 1881 and had eleven children with wife Laura Ford Hayley, my Grandpa John Franklin being the youngest.
F.M. is buried at Johnsons Chapel Cemetery. New CW soldier headstone is in wrong location. Actual location is same row but just S.E. of son James' headstone (under the cedar trees). I got this info from Ada Mae Hayley Morton.
2012: Also, I am making an educated guess at his middle name. His mother was Martha McClellan from Madison County, Tn. so I say McClellan is his middle name, but many of his generation were named after historical figures from the Revolutionary War. His name could be Francis Marion Hayley. I can always enjoy being corrected. I don't know it all.
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Date Added:  8/12/2007
Company C
J. T. Johnson - Private   
Enrolled on 13 March 1862 at Jacksonport AR. Buried in Lauderdale Springs Cemetery on 3 June 1862.
Contact Name:  Charles Taylor, Sr.
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Date Added:  1/12/2009
Company D
Robert Loyd - Corporal   
My great great grandfather

Two brothers went to war and only one came back.
Contact Name:  Linda Aquilla
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Date Added:  6/26/2008
Company D
Wiley loyd - Private   
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Contact Name:  Linda Aquilla
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Date Added:  10/8/2011
Company E
Moses Langley - Private   
Langley, Moses Co. E, 25 ARK Inf. 1862
Langley, Moses was Born: about 1812 in Hall County, Georgia.
Served as a Pvt; in Co. E, of the 25th AR Inf
He Served as a Teamster
Died in Service: 1862
at Lauderdale Springs Lauderdale
Confederate CSA Hospital
Buried in Lauderdale Springs Cemetery
located 1.5 mi SE of Lauderdale, MS

Originally serviced in Company A,Turnbull's Battalion, 25th Arkansas Infantry
Active at Jacksonport, Arkansas on the White River on 10 March 1862 with Major Phifer for a 12 month contract, But on 26 March 1862 he was moved over for extra service as a teamster. Teamsters were soldiers detailed from their regiments. They either drove the wagons attached to their own regiments and brigades, or were detached to drive the wagons belonging to the commissary, quartermaster, ordnance or medical departments.
He died prior to final muster on 1 May 1862.
Contact Name:  Joey Sehon
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Date Added:  6/8/2014
Company F
John Richard Edmonson - Corporal   
I will contact a close relative of Johns' and allow him the honor of posting here.. I have seen his research and am impressed.
Contact Name:  Phillip Thomas
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Date Added:  4/10/2019
Company G
Wallace M Dewitt - Private   
(3x-Great Uncle) Wallace M Dewitt enlisted at the rank of Private at Pocahontas, Arkansas on March 13, 1862, for a period of 12 months and at the end of that enlistment his period of service was extended for the duration of the war. He was assigned to Co. G, Turnbull’s Battalion, 25th Arkansas Infantry. On June 30th, the 25th was reorganized and became the 30th Arkansas Infantry, and Wallace was assigned to Co. D, under command of Captain Sloane, 30th Arkansas Infantry Regiment. In November/December 1862 and January/February 1863 he was absent at the company musters due to an unstated illness. Wallace returned to Company muster in March 1863 through August 1863. During this period his unit was at the Vicksburg Campaign, Battle of Jackson, Mississippi, May 14, 1863, and the Siege of Jackson, Mississippi, July 5–25, 1863. In September 1863 he was selected as a Regimental Blacksmith. On July 28, 1864, at the Battle of Ezra Church Wallace was seriously wounded, and he was released due to his wounds, and he returned home to Arkansas. Wallace died September 21, 1887, at Van Buren, Arkansas and is buried in Bee Branch Cemetery, Van Buren, Arkansas
Contact Name:  Stoney D
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Date Added:  12/24/2022
Company G
david g. ligon - 1st Lieutenant   
david ligon was from al. he died june 2nd 1862,in north
east mississippi.
Contact Name:  farrell dutton
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Date Added:  8/8/2008
Company G
Green P Oaks - 2nd Lieutenant   
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Contact Name:  Pam Croom
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Date Added:  10/24/2007
Company K
Charles Carter Gray - Private   
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Contact Name:  Wayne Gray
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Date Added:  1/5/2011
Company K
James Calvin Robins - Private   
This was my great grandfather. He enlisted on 22 FEB 1862 at
St.Charles,AR. Later on 18 NOV 1862 he was detached to the 1st
Arkansas Light Artillery Battery where he stayed until his
capture at Atlanta on 3 SEP 1864.
Contact Name:  Chester Robbins
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Date Added:  11/27/2010
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