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15th Arkansas Infantry (Northwest)      
Company Unknown
Hezekiah (Dutch) Brown - Other   
Hezekiah Brown would have been in his early 50's when the war began, so he served as a 'Wagoner' for the 15th NW Ark Inf. He was from Mason Valley, Benton County, which was SW of Bentonville.
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Date Added:  12/4/2010
Company A
Reuben Lawson - Private   
(Born - Abt. 1841 in Arkansas)
(Married - Sarah ? on 23 Oct 1863 in Newton Co., Arkansas)
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Date Added:  9/17/2006
Company A
Thomas C. Wilmoth - Private   
Thomas C. Wilmoth was born on October 15, 1835, to John Wilmoth and Louisa Fowler in Overton County, Tennessee. He immigrated to Arkansas with some of his relatives between 1850 and 1860. After the Civil War started, he enlisted as a private in McRae's Arkansas Battalion, which eventually became the 15th Northwest Arkansas Infantry Regiment. He fought in this regiment at the battles of Wilson's Creek (Oak Hills), Pea Ridge (Elk Horn Tavern), Iuka, Corinth, Hatchie's Bridge (Davis' Bridge), Grand Gulf, Port Gibson, Champion Hill (Bakers Creek), Big Black Water Bridge, Seige of Vicksburg, Poison Creek, and Jenkins Ferry. He was captured at Vicksburg and paroled four days later. After the war, he married Mary Almeda Cunningham on August 14, 1866, in Bentonville, Arkansas. They later moved to Indian Territory near present day Fairland, Oklahoma. He died on February 21, 1911, in Fairland, Oklahoma and is buried next to his wife in the Hickory Grove Cemetery, Grove, Oklahoma. In 1915, his widow applied for a Confederate Widow's Pension that was offered by the State of Oklahoma.
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Date Added:  10/16/2007
Company C
Clark B. CARTER - 3rd Lieutenant   
Only have minimal information, CARTER, CLARK B. 3Lt - Enl 1 Nov 1861 at Keetsville, MO.. Transferred from Churchills Brigade 6 Mar 1862.
Contact Name:  G. Griffin
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Date Added:  2/14/2007
Company C
Zecock Stutchman - Private   
Zedock is my gggrandfather.
Contact Name:  Helen Asher Williams
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Date Added:  6/21/2011
Company D
Spear Fort Kuykendall - Private   
My 2X Great Grandfather, Spear Fort Kuykendall, served in Company 'D', 15th Northwest Arkansas Infantry. He enlisted as a private on 15 Mar 1861. He fought at Wilson's Creek, MO, Pea Ridge, (Elkhorn Tavern), AR and in the Vicksburg Campaign at Port Gibson, Champion's Hill,(Baker's Creek), and Big Black River Bridge.

He had three brothers, an uncle, and six brothers-in-law in the service during the war. His older brother, John Gabriel, was in the 4th Arkansas Infantry, and his younger brothers, David Hamilton, was in the 24th Arkansas and then Hardy's Arkansas Infantry and Isaac was in the 4th Arkansas. His uncle, Allen Kuykendall, was in Co. 'D', 21st Texas Infantry.
Three of his brothers-in-law, (John R., Joseph, and Thomas Coin), were in Company 'F', 34th Georgia Infantry. A fourth, (their oldest brother), James Coin was with Co 'H', 1st Kentucky Cavalry Regiment and then Co 'D', 6th Kentucky Cavalry Regiment. And the fifth, also an older brother, was Samuel D Coin and he served in Co. 'D', 6th Alabama Infantry.
The sixth, Samuel Jasper Crossno, served with Rieff's Mounted Company and then with the 9th Missouri Infantry, Co. 'G'.

Spear Fort's daughter, Josephine, married William Nichols Leavens, son of William Nelson Leavens, (Co. 'G', 51st Massachusetts Infantry, USA)
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Company D
william j menasco - Private   
Captured at Vicksburg and paroled
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Date Added:  7/17/2012
Company E
Asa Pratt Lawson - Private   
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Contact Name:  Ed Lawson
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Date Added:  2/1/2009
Company E
Pascal Patton - Corporal   
Enlisted June 3, 1861 in the 15th (Josey's) Arkansas Infantry Regiment Company E. According to family files he was found by his son James Northan on a battlefield (don't know which one) and was carried home where he died on April 3, 1862 from measles. The family lived around Springdale/Fayetteville, Arkansas area. So I'm suspecting it was the Battle of Pea Ridge. He is buried at Friendship Cemetery, Springdale, Washington County, Arkansas next to his brother Isaac C. Patton. Pascal was my Great Great Grandfather.
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Date Added:  6/23/2011
Company E
Paschal Patton - Unknown   
Mortally wounded at Shilo Jume 6, 1862
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Company E
Lewis B Tackett - Private   
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Company F
Nathaniel Henry Medlock - 2nd Lieutenant   
Born 1839 in Laurens County, South Carolina. Enlisted 1 Oct 1861 in Bentonville, Arkansas. Promoted to 2nd Lt. 6 May 1862. Killed in action at the Battle of Hatchie Bridge, 5 Oct 1862.
Contact Name:  George Hill
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Date Added:  8/17/2010
Company G
Dudley Davis - Private   
Conflict concerning actual place where Dudley was wounded. He was at Elkhorn Tavern and wounded 8 March 62 but he is also listed at Corinth in Oct with his death in Hospital 2 Oct 62 a day before the Corinth Battle.
Contact Name:  Rex Davis
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Date Added:  10/29/2013
Company H
W.L. (William) Larkin Hanks - Private   
I am the Great, Great, Great Grandson of CSA Pvt. William Larkin Hanks who is buried as W.L. Hanks at Wintergreen Cemetery in Port Gibson, MS. as W.L. Hanks. Private Hanks was born in 1833 and served with H Co., 15th Arkansas Inf. Reg. (Northwest) from 2 Nov 1861 until he was Killed in Action at the Battle of Port Gibson in the Vicksburg Campaign on 1 May 1863. He was listed 'Present' 28 Feb 1863 according to Roll 10, Entry M376. He left behind a wife, Lucretia Hanks (maiden name: Black) and three children, Diadome Narcissus Hanks, Martha Josephine and my Great, Great Grandfather...John Calvin Hanks.
Contact Name:  Phoenix Hanks
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Date Added:  4/27/2012
Company H
William Henry Pyeatt - Private   
Company: H
Unit: 15 (Northwest) Arkansas Inf.
Rank - Induction: Private
Rank - Discharge: Private
Allegiance: Confederate
Notes: Pyeatte, Will H.
Contact Name:  Fred Rose
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Date Added:  1/18/2009
Company I
Alfred Mashburn - Private   
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