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19th Georgia Infantry      
Company Unknown
james asbury hall - Unknown   
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Company A
Francis Dekalb Hewell - Private   
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Company B
John McGee - 2nd Lieutenant   
John McGee
Born: 1834 Dundalk, County Louth Ireland
Died: March 1884 Atlanta,Georgia
Buried: Oakland Cemetery(Atlanta)

Enlisted with the 'Jackson Guards' volunteer military company at: Atlanta,Fulton County,Georgia ca. April 1861

2nd Regiment Infantry,4th Brigade of Georgia Volunteers
(Georgia State Troops)

'Camp Brown' {Smyrna,Georgia}
Apr.24th-May 9th 1861
'Jackson Guards' Company no. 4
Pay Voucher No.44[link to brigade paymaster account]

'Camp McDonald'{Big Shanty,Georgia}
June 11th-August 2nd,1861
'Jackson Guards' Company 'B'(Captain James H. Neal)
Enrolled:June 11th,1861
Rank:5th Sergeant
No.73[link to Muster & Payroll]

Color-Bearer for the Jackson Guards company (May 22nd,1861 Atlanta)
Flag of the 'Jackson Guards'(Atlanta,Fulton County)
The flag is described as being: 'a most beautiful one, tastefully gotten up and made of fine silk. On one side it has the Harp and Shamrock and on the other the inscription 'Our Cause Is Just.' Presented to Sergeant McGee
by Captain James H. Neal

Description of the original company uniform for the 'Jackson Guards':'beautifully uniformed in dark green with gold trimmings and large dark hats with drooping plumes and were a exceedingly fine-looking body of men'.

19th Georgia Infantry C.S.A.
5th Sergeant August 1861-June 26th,1862
Brevet 2nd Lieutenant June 26th,1862-January 16th,1863
2nd Lieutenant January 16th,1863-October 8th,1863
Wounded: August 29th,1862 Manassas,Va. (slight wound to right leg)
December 13th,1863 Fredericksburg,Va. (slight wound to breast)

Resigned: October 8th,1863;unfit for the duties of an officer in the field; due to varicose veins of the right leg
Returned to Atlanta,Georgia

Sherman's artillery fired a shell that entered his home in Atlanta,and exploded in a room near the kitchen; where Mrs. McGee was cutting meat. She was unharmed.

Compiled Military Service Record:
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Company C
Thomas Berry Watts Camp - Unknown   
Died 30 Aug 1862, Chancellorsville, VA
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Company C
Benjamin Franklin Eskew - Private   
19th Georgia Infantry Palmetto Guards Company C
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Company C
James Henry Neal - Colonel   
My 2 Great grandfather, served throughout the war joining as a Captain upon graduating from Ga. University. Killed at the Battle of Bentionville, NC Mar 1865. Buried on the field. In 18 months family later came from Georgia, disinterred remains and buried him in the Neal family cemetary, Atlanta, Ga. His daughter, Lousia Neal was 8 years old when Gen. Sherman came through her father's farm and set up camp in her mom's kitchen. Sherman had Mrs. Neal fix him hot biskets, Louisa, served Gen. Sherman the biskets. Grandma Louisa Neal Fricks, died in 1936.
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Company D
William Thomas Fason - Private   
buried in Conway Arkansas
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Company D
J M.L. Jones - Private   
Enlisted June 11, 1861. Transferred to Pioneer Corps, killed in North Carolina April 25, 1865
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Company E
Jackson Allen - 1st Sergeant   
Born: 1830. Died 1885.
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Company E
Francis Marion Richardson - Private   
Born MAY 1830 in Coweta, Georgia. He was known as Hardy. Enlisted on 24 Jul 1861. Was wounded in the leg and discharged from the army on 23 Jul 1862 from Richmond, VA. He farmed for the rest of his life and died 6 MAY 1907 in Randolph, Alabama
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Company E
John Bunyan Samples - Private   
John B. Samples was a member of company E, the Heard Grays or the heard Vols. in the 19th GA Infantry. The 19th was in most of the major battles fought by the Army of Northern Virginia except Gettysburg, Spotsylvania and the Wilderness. The regiment was in the Battle of Olustee west of Jacksonville, FL. He was wounded in the leg and it had to be amputated.
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Company F
Thomas Adams Jacks - Private   

Civil War Record from Alabama Archives

Alabama Civil War Service Database

Last Name: Jacks,Thomas Adams
Branch: Regimental Unit: 19th Georgia Regiment Volunteers
Company Unit: F
Co. Unit Name:
Pension Rec: yes
Au thority: Pension Application, Calhoun County, 1893/02/14.
First Name: Thomas MI: A
Remarks: Rank: Private. Shot in the right knee, shoulder, and head near Murphreesboro, Tennessee in 1862. Shot in the left hand and collar bone near Petersburg, Virginia in 1864.

Maimed Soldiers Record, State Auditor Book 1, Page 18
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Company F
Lewis Patterson Jones - Private   
Lewis Patterson Jones enlisted in Company F, 19th Georgia Infantry on July 11, 1861. In April of 1862 The 19th Infantry was sent to Virginia and placed in the Potomac District in the Army of Northern Virginia under the command of Generals Hampton, Archer and Colquitt. The 19th fought in battle from Seven Pines, Beaver Dam Creek, Gaines' Mill, Frayser's Farm, Cedar Mountain, Second Bull Runn, Harpers Ferry, Antietam, Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville. After Chancellorsville The 19th Infantry was ordered to Charleston, South Carolina, and later into Florida where it took part in the of Battle of Olustee. In April 1864 The 19th Infantry returned to Virginia and continued the fight at Drewry's Bluff, Proctor's Creek and Cold Harbor. During the Battle of Cold Harbor Lewis was wounded and he moved to The Jackson Hospital in Richmond, Virginia where he remained until the end of the war where he was captured and paroled on April 6, 1865.
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Company F
Elijah Houston McPherson - Private   
Elijah Houston McPherson enlisted in Co. F, 19th Georgia Infantry on June 11, 1861. He surrendered with his company in Greensboro, N. C. on April 26, 1865.

Elijah H. was born on September 7, 1841 to Elijah Daniel McPherson and Sarah Ann Small McPherson. His first wife was Frances Ann Burrow and they had seven children. Elijah died on April 1, 1921 and is buried in the Bethel Baptist Church Cemetery in Temple, Carroll Co., GA. Elijah H. was a brother to my great, great grandmother, Louiza McPherson Earnest.

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Company F
Henry M Williams - 1st Lieutenant   
HENRY M. WILLIAMS, physician and surgeon, Bowdon, Carroll Co., Ga.,
son of John B. and Mary (Strother) Williams, was born in Meriwether county, Ga., Aug. 5, 1834- His great-grandfather was a native of Ireland and came to America about the middle of the last century and settled in Virginia. His grandparents, Samuel and Susan Williams, were born in Virginia, migrated thence to South Carolina, and from there they removed, in 1805, to Georgia and settled in Jones county-moving, as was the fashion and the necessity in those days, in ox-carts. Dr. Williams' father was born in 1800 in Edgefield district, S. c., and came with the family to Georgia in 1805. When growing up he only received six months' schooling, but learned a great deal at home by
studying by the light of a pine-knot firelight at night. His lifetime pursuit was that of a farmer, and from choice and necessity he was his own blacksmith, wood-worker, and shoemaker. He removed to and settled in Meriwether county in 1825, where he made himself a good farm and a comfortable home. He was a Primitive Baptist in religion, and in forty years' preaching gained an enviable local reputation. It was his custom on preaching day to carry his shoes with him to the field, where he would work until the last minute, then take his shoes in his hand and go bare-footed until he crossed the last branch, when he would wash his feet, put on his shoes, and go to the church and preach. Returning, he would remove his shoes and walk home bare-footed. Dr. Williams maternal grandfather, John Strother (actually George Strother, John’s son), was a native Georgian. Dr. Williams was reared and attended school at Rocky Mount, in Meriwether county.
The school was of the 'regulation' order of architecture of the period-log house, dirt floor, split-log seats, stick and mud chimney, and square apertures cut through the sides for windows. In 1858 he began the study of medicine, Dr. M. H. Westbrook being his preceptor, and in 1859 he entered the medical college at Nashville, Tenn., attended one course, and commenced the practice. In 1861 he enlisted in Company F (Capt. L Curtis), Nineteenth Georgia regiment (Col. W. W. Boyd Colquitt's brigade. He was in many battles, notably Seven Pines and the seven days fight around Richmond. At the last-named fight he was wounded on the first day and was off duty for ninety days, but immediately on his recovery he returned to his command and participated in the battles of Bunker Hill and Chancellorsville and was afterward. with Gen. Colquitt in Florida in the battle of Olustee, where he was again wounded, this time in the left leg, and disabled for active service. He however, entered the state militia, with which he remained until the surrender. After that he went to Alabama, where he remained a year and then came to Bowdon and located and established himself in his profession – under license. In 1874 he was graduated from Atlanta Medical college. He has continued in the practice at Bowdon, where he has established a fine reputation and secured a large and remunerative practice. He is the leading physician and the highest medical authority in that locality. Dr. Williams was happily married in 1869 to Miss Cora Hight – born and reared in Carroll County- daughter of William Be and Mary (Tolbert) Hight. Mr. Hight was a pioneer, a farmer, and a leading merchant. This union has been blessed with eight children: Anna, Nora, Paul, Ernest, Ida, Jonnie, Willie and Manzie. Dr. Williams is a royal arch Mason, and himself and wife are members of the Baptist church. Anna, Nora and Ernest are members of the Baptist church.

Additional Comments:
From the book, 'Memoirs of Georgia'. Historical and Biographical Sketches,
published in 1896

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Company G
Henry S Alexander - Private   
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Company H
Richard Phillip Hadaway - Private   
Richard Phillip Hadaway mustered from Big Shanty (Kennesaw), GA in April 1862 at 22 years of age. His military record describes him as 5 feet 8 inches tall, of light complexion and with grey eyes and light colored hair. He was captured at Fredericksburg, VA on December 12, 1862 and exchanged for a Union soldier on December 13, 1862.
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Company H
Andrew Jackson Parks - Private   
Enlisted June 21, 1861-End of the war.
At the age of 16 Andrew Jackson Parks enlisted with his brother William P Parks and cousins William and James Haynes. James and William Haynes were both killed in action in 1862. William P Parks was killed on September 17, 1862 during the final assault at Burnside Bridge at Antietam creek late in the day. They had marched from Harpers Ferry, West Virginia earlier in the day. Andrew was listed as deserting on December 7, 1864 in Virginia. The story passed down by family members was that Andrew snapped and got into a fight with another Georgia soldier, bit the soldiers ear clean off and spit it back out at him before deserting.Andrew was captured later that day by the Union Army. He was sent to Bermuda Hundred where he took an oath of allegiance and was sent to Washington DC and then to Philadelphia, PA on the 10th of December 1864. Andrew never returned to Georgia. He made his home in Shamong Burlington county, NJ and went on to have 15 children who were equally as tough as him. His third born son wilbert stood 7ft 2 inches tall and some of his other sons were at least 6 ft 6 inches tall. Andrew passed away on November 25, 1913 at the age of 69 and was buried in Tabernacle Cemetery in Tabernacle Twp, NJ. RIP g-g-grandfather Andrew Jackson Parks. Your legacy will live on for future generations to come and thank you for the sacrifices you made that have made my families generation what we are today.
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Company I
David Nelson Brock - Private   
Pvt. - Swamp Rangers (Co. H, 18th Georgia Inf. and Co. I, 19th Georgia)

Enlisted – (July 19, 1862 till end of war)
Name appears on a copy of a report of Prisoners of War who were captured on a reconnaissance to Winchester, Virginia, which left on Dec. 2: and was paroled at Winchester, Virginia, Dec. 4, 1862 – Report dated Headquarters 2d Div., 12th A.C., Bolivar Heights, Virginia, Dec.7, 1862

Appears on Hospital Muster Roll of General Hospital at Staunton, Virginia, from Dec. 31, 1862 to Feb. 3, 1863 (fever)

Appears on a Register of payments on Descriptive Lists for service from Jan. I, 1863 to Feb. 28, 1863 – paid $22.00 on Mar. 4, 1862 by S.L. Lewis

Appears on a Receipt Roll for clothing on Oct. 24, 1863

Appears on a Register of Confederate States Hospital, Petersburg, Virginia – date of admission May 20, 1864 – duty on June 6, 1864

Appears on a list of rebel Prisoners of War who were in the hospital at Raleigh, NC, April 13, 1865 when the city was captured.
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Company I
Abraham Chambers - Private   
Enlisted as a Private on 22 June 1861.
Wounded in the left chest at Chancellorsville, VA on 3 May 1863.
Died from wounds on 5 May 1863.
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Company I
Benjamin D Chambers - Sergeant   
Enlisted as a 5th Sergeant on 22 June 1861 at the age of 18.
Died on 28 July 1862 at Richmond, VA 4th GA Hospital.
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Company I
Merrill Columbus Chambers - Private   
Enlisted as a Private on 22 June 1861 at the age of 16.
Died on 31 May 1862 at Camp Winder, Richmond, VA.
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Company I
William Posey Chambers - 2nd Lieutenant   
Enlisted as a Private on 22 June 1861 at the age of 23.
Promoted to 2nd Lieutenant on 23 February 1863.
Wounded in the left leg on 15 May 1864 at Drewry's Bluff, VA.
Surrendered on 26 April 1865 at Greensboro, NC.
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Company I
Louis Harvey Gray - Private   
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Company I
William Francis Hicks - Private   
Died in a POW camp in Chicago, Illinois.
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Company K
C. C. Dye - Private   
No known wounds. Captured at Fredicksburg and exchanged 3 days later. Migrated to north Alabama after the war. Buried near Boaz, Al.
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Company K
james h pitts - Private   
james pitts served with co. k till he was wounded in the leg by cannon fire as one family story is told
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