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53rd Georgia Infantry      
Company Unknown
BAILOR SAMPLES ELLIOTT - 2nd Lieutenant   
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Contact Name:  A. James Elliott
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Date Added:  8/6/2010
Company Unknown
Thomas Sloan - Lt. Colonel   
Commanding officer of the 53rd Georgia at Sharpsburg where, on September 17, 1862, he was mortally wounded in a charge through the cornfield. He died on September 23 and is buried at Hagerstown, MD.
Contact Name:  Stephen Sloan
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Date Added:  12/30/2009
Company A
John Butler Bostwick - Private   
1833-1900; son of Charles Heard Bostwick and Martha Butler, of Spalding Co. GA. Wife was Martha Crowell.
Contact Name:  GREGORY C. WHITE
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Date Added:  1/2/2011
Company A
William Riley Brooks - Private   
William Riley Brooks mustered in April 28, 1862, was captured near Farmville/Saylor's Creek April 7, 1865 and released in 1865 died in Coweta County, GA 1915 Brothers Jesse, Archibald and Francis Marion also served in this unit.
Contact Name:  KerryBrandoff
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Date Added:  1/14/2013
Company A
John N Dearing - Private   
Joined April 28, 1862. Wounded, left ankle disabled at Fredericksburg, Virginia, December 13, 1862. Captured at Cedar Creek, Virginia, October 19, 1864. Released at Point Lookout, Maryland, June 5, 1865. (Born in Georgia November 3, 1841.)
Contact Name:  Tony Daniel
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Date Added:  4/22/2011
Company A
William J Futral - Private   
Joined April 28, 1862. Captured near Knoxville, Tennessee, December 3, 1863. Transferred from Rock Island, Illinois for exchange March 2, 1865. (Born in Georgia, September 5, 1843.)
Contact Name:  Tony Daniel
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Date Added:  4/22/2011
Company B
Charles Gladney Chestnut - Captain   
Charles G. Chestnut, enlisted as a private in Co. A, 3rd Battn. Ga. State Troops Nov. 18, 1861. Roll dated Apr. 25, 1862, last on file, shows him present. Mustered out in 1862. Elected 1st Lieutenant of Co. B, 53d Regt. Ga. Inf. May 1, 1862; Captain Oct. 27, 1862. Participated in various conflicts from Seven Days' Battles to Cold Harbor, moved with Gen. Early to the Shenandoah Valley. Capt. Chestnut was killed in action at Cedar Creek, Va. on October 19th 1864.

Capt. Chestnut was the youngest of 13 children born to David Alexander Chestnut and the former Jane Gaston Gladley, in Fairfield County, S.C. in 1836. His family moved to the area around Rocky Plains, Newton County, GA.
Contact Name:  George Gaston
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Date Added:  11/16/2016
Company B
Ira Horton Craig - 4th Sergeant   
Enlisted at Snapping Shoals, Georgia May 1, 1864 as a 4th Sergeant. Served to surrender.
Contact Name:  Chuck McMenamy
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Date Added:  8/20/2012
Company B
Richard W Lard/Laird - Private   
Richard, along with 6 brothers, served in the Civil War from Newton County. Of Archibald E. Lard's 7 sons who entered service for the South, only Richard and his brothers, James M., and Winfield D., survived.
Contact Name:  M C Pincek
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Date Added:  7/19/2011
Company B
William D Lummus - 2nd Sergeant   
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Company B
Thomas Jefferson Reeves - Private   
01 May 1862

03 May 1863
Wounded in chest at Battle of Chancellorsville.

06 May 1864
Takes round to left side of jaw at Battle of the Wilderness.
Later loses left eye to infection.

09 April 1865
On wounded furlough at close of war.
Contact Name:  Mark Byers
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Date Added:  11/18/2023
Company B
Thomas Washington Sims - Major   
He was a physician from Newton County, Georgia area. I do not believe that he acted as a physician during the war. From personal histories, following the war, he treated Confedate widows and children for free. It is reported that he was very tall and in his later years, he weighed around 300 pounds. He was a member of the Baptist church. He joined in May 1, 1862 and mustered out 10/28/1863.
Contact Name:  Nancy Polk
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Date Added:  12/30/2011
Company B
David A. Thompson - Sergeant   
David A. Thompson, a son of William and Margaret [née Chesnut] Thompson, served in Co. B of the 53rd GA Regiment under his uncle, Capt. Charles G. Chesnut. He was captured at Sailor's Creek, Virginia on April 6th 1865 and carried to prison in Maryland. In his CSA pension application, completed 1919, he was 81 and living in Newton County, Georgia. He died on January 22nd 1920 and buried in Hopewell Presbyterian Cemetery. David was married to his cousin, the former Miss Susan Jane Thompson.
Contact Name:  George Gaston
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Date Added:  11/20/2016
Company C
James Blackmon - Private   
Wounded in the shoulder at Spottsylvania Courthouse.
Contact Name:  Karen Blackmon Ellsworth
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Date Added:  2/18/2008
Company C
James Absalom Chambers - Private   
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Contact Name:  Larry Q. Chambers
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Company C
John C. Davenport - Private   
Wounded at Chancellorsville, VA. Right leg amputated.
Contact Name:  David Davenport
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Date Added:  3/7/2010
Company C
William Thornton Glower - Captain   
Enlisted in May 1862 as a 2nd lieutenant of Company C 53rd Georgia Infantry. Promoted to Captain in March 1865, captured on April 6, 1865 at Saylors Creek, Virginia and sent to Johnson Island, Ohio, POW camp and released on June 25, 1865.
He was a Mason and member of Mount Keal Lodge #169.
Contact Name:  Mike Falkner
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Date Added:  3/21/2004
Company C
Alexander M.H. Haisten - Private   
Enlisted May 1, 1862. Wounded in the shoulder and disabled, and captured at Cedar Creek, Virginia, October 19, 1864. Sent to Camp Winder Hospital at Richmond, Virginia in 1864. Remained four months. Hemorrhaged from pneumonia, unfit for further duty.
Contact Name:  Mike Falkner
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Date Added:  7/22/2006
Company C
James William Haisten - Private   
Killed in Action, Chancellorsville, Virginia, May 3, 1863
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Date Added:  7/23/2006
Company C
William M Haisten - Private   
Enlisted May 1, 1862. Killed at Chancellorsville, Virginia, May 3, 1863.
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Date Added:  7/22/2006
Company C
Thomas Holt - Private   
Enlisted 1 May 1862, 53rd GA Inf Volunteers. Captured at Cold Harbor, VA on 1 June 1864. Sent to Point Lookout, MD, then transfered to Elmira Prison, Elmira, NY. Released 14 June 1865. Born in Fayette Co, GA 29 May 1841, died in Fayette Co, GA 17 June 1920. Buried Glass-Dixon Cemetery, Clayton Co, GA.
Contact Name:  Judy McCleskey Webb
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Date Added:  8/13/2009
Company C
Samuel W. Marshborne - Captain   
My gggrandfather, fought in several major battles, wounded at Battle of Cedar Creek on 10-19-64, died 11-15-64 in General Hospital in Harrisonburg,Va. Trying to locate his grave.
Contact Name:  Doug Lynch
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Date Added:  11/11/2011
Company C
Daniel Marshbourne - Captain   
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Contact Name:  John Hartley
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Company C
Owen Leroy McElwany - Sergeant   
Sgt. Owen Leroy McElwany
Co. C, 53rd GA
d. 12 Oct 1862
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Company C
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Company C
Thomas Jefferson Mitchell - Unknown   
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Company C
Thomas Tyra Parrott - Private   
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Company E
William M. Callahan - Private   
Would like to know anything about my Great Grandfather.
Contact Name:  James R. Smith
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Company E
james w cason - Corporal   
was captured knoxville tenn 11/29/1863
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Date Added:  12/28/2010
Company E
John Dawson Curtis - Private   
Lived in Mansfield Ga. in Newton County, survived the war, wounted twice during battle, Cedar Creek was one location. Died of old age and buried in Curtis Cemetery in Mansfield on Hwy 11.
Contact Name:  Chuck
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Date Added:  1/9/2012
Company E
George W. Helms - Private   
Enlisted 12 May, 1862.
Wounded at Sharpsburg, MD Sep 17, 1862.
Wounded through right breast, Jul 1863, Gettysburg, PA.
Captured, Gettysburg, 5 July, admitted to USA General Hospital, Chester, PA 9 July.
POW in General Hospital, Jul thru Aug 17, 1863.
Admitted Confederate States Hospital, Washington Street, Petersburg, VA Aug 20, 1863. Furlough Aug 28, 1863.
Returned to Griffin, GA 17 September, 1863, and was attended by Dr. J. P. Taylor, through 30 Sep, for 'gunshot through right lung'.
Died Sep 30 or Oct 1, 1863, Griffin, Spalding County, GA.
Contact Name:  James Hayes
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Date Added:  2/23/2010
Company E
Thomas A. Jones - Private   
A year younger than Welborn; enlisted at Covington, GA, 11 March 1863; wounded in leg at Cedar Creek October 1864.
Contact Name:  Donald Jones
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Date Added:  12/15/2008
Company E
Warrenton Jones - Private   
Enlisted as corporal at age 42, Covington, GA on 3 May '62, with his eldest son, Welborn; later reduced to private. Died in farm accident, January 1872.
Contact Name:  Donald Jones
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Date Added:  12/15/2008
Company E
Welborn Jones - Private   
Enlisted 3 May 1862, age 17 or 18, same day as his father, Warrenton; reported among soldiers of Lee's army surrendering at Appomatox.
Contact Name:  Donald Jones
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Date Added:  12/15/2008
Company E
Thomas Allen Malcolm - 1st Corporal   
Born November 11, 1844. Enlisted May 3, 1862 in 'Newton Anderson Guards' Company E (17 years old at time of enlistment). Wounded through right thigh, permanently disabled, at Wilderness May 6, 1864. Surrendered April 9, 1865 at Appomattox, Virginia per pension records. Married Elizabeth Octavia Hester and had twelve children. Died March 23, 1924 and buried at Union Chapel Methodist Church in Walton County, Georgia.
Contact Name:  David Higginbotham
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Date Added:  7/2/2005
Company F
James Dallas Alexander - Private   
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Company F
Willis M Alexander - 2nd Sergeant   
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Contact Name:  William Alexander
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Company F
Jonathan Jackson Brannan - Sergeant   
Jonathan Jackson Brannan was born in Henry County, Georgia on November 25, 1830. He married Barbara Crumbley on September 25, 1851. He enlisted in Company F of the 53rd Regiment of the Georgia Voluntary Infantry as 3rd Corporal on May 2, 1862. He was appointed 5th Sergeant of December 1863, but only after being captured at the Battle of Fort Sanders in Knoxville, Tennessee on November 29, 1863. Upon his capture, he was taken to the Rock Island Prison in the Mississippi River between Davenport, Iowa and Moline, Illinois. He died in Rock Island from smallpox on January 30, 1864, and was buried there.
Contact Name:  Wayne Padgett
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Date Added:  1/18/2023
Company F
Samuel James Crumbley - Private   
Samuel James Crumbley enlisted in Company F (Dixie Guard), Georgia 53rd Infantry Regiment on 12 May 1862. He enlisted as a private and was captured at Harper's Farm, Va. on Apr. 6, 1865 and release at Point Lookout, Md. June 24, 1865.

Samuel was born in Henry County, Georgia.

Samuel James Crumbley was my 1st cousin 4x removed
Contact Name:  David Rowl
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Date Added:  10/27/2018
Company F
John Augustus Elliott - Private   
Enlisted 1862/05/02 at McDonnel, Georgia. Honorably discharged 1865/05/15. He was wounded at Pertersburg, Va. in the left hand and stomach. Applied for a pension in DeKalb County Al. on 1900/07/16. On his application he stated he was unable to make a living by manual labor on account of wound, rupture, and heart trouble. Residence P.O. Henagar, Al.
Contact Name:  James Gunter
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Company F
Contact Name:  RON NICHOLS
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Company F
George D Lester - Private   
Enlisted at Griffin,Georgia in early 1862 when the regiment was formed..Fought at Malvern Hill,Sharpsburg,Fredericksburg,Chancellorsville,Culpepper,Gettysburg,Wilderness,Spotsylvania,Cold Harbor..Was wounded at Gettysburg and surrendered with the Army of Northern Virginia at Appomatox.
Contact Name:  David Lester
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Date Added:  11/28/2012
Company G
John Eldridge D. (JED) Pearce - Private   
(1832 - 1862) Native of Coweta County, Georgia. Mustered in on April 30, 1862. According to his service record, he died of measles in camp near Richmond, Virginia, July 28, 1862. The location of burial site is unknown.
Contact Name:  Lee Pierce
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Date Added:  7/25/2021
Company H
stephen m cox - Private   
Burried in Cumming, Georgia. Confederate marker installed.
Contact Name:  Floyd M. Cox
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Company H
dosterGeorge W Doster - Private   
died at Richmond due to disease
Contact Name:  Herman Doster
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Company I
John Mitchel Dooley Bond,Jr - Captain   
He died July 2nd at Gettysburg at George Rose Farm at age 25.
He was later buried in Savannah.

Contact Name:  SJ Reynolds
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Company I
William Zedrick Gardner - Private   
Enlisted on 5 Dec 1862 at Butts County.
Contact Name:  Bruce James
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Company I
Benjamin Josiah Harris - Private   
Born in Pike County Georgia on Nov. 20, 1839. Died in Camp near Fredericksburg Virginia on Nov. 27, 1862.
Contact Name:  Vance Harris
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Company I
Alexander Parker - Private   
From Butts Co Ga.
Killed Petersburg,VA 24June 1864.
Contact Name:  Walter P. Nichols
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Company K
James M Childs - Unknown   
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Company K
James Hiram Edwards - Private   
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Company K
Thomas Jefferson Fletcher - Lieutenant   
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Company K
Benjamin Butler McCowen - Lieutenant   
Killed in action, Gettysburg, July 2. 1863.
Contact Name:  Jere Baxter
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Company K
James Madison Simmons - 4th Corporal   
The following timeline is compiled using 'The Dorman-Marshbourne Letters' by John W. Lynch

May Camp of instruction, Camp Stevens, Griffin, Georgia. North of Griffin on Macon and Western Railroad at junction with McIntosh Road. Colonel Leonard T. Doyal, former pastor of McDonough Baptist Church elected 53rd's commander. Lt. Colonel Thomas Sloan from Henry County elected second in command.

June 20 Boarded train at Griffen bound for Richmond.

June 25 Arrived at Richmond at 12 noon. Organized under Magruder's Department, McLaw's Division, Semme's brigade. Semme's brigade includes 53rd Georgia, 5th and 10th Louisiana, 15th and 32nd Virginia and Captain Basil C. Manley's North Carolina battery. Encamped at old fairgrounds on northwest side of Richmond.

June 26-28 Issued equipment and marched eight miles to earthworks around Richmond. Camping 6 miles west of Chickahominy River and 6 miles east of Richmond. Position is center of division and only 3/4 of a mile from Yankee works.

June 29 Battle of Savage Station. Regiment lost 10 killed and 47 wounded.

July 2 Battle of Malvern Hill. Posted in reserve in a ravine 1200 yards from enemy batteries. Heavy shelling. 53rd stationed a 1/4 mile from enemy guns under a continual fire of canister and shells. Late afternoon advanced in support of General R.D. Jones division. 10th Georgia and part of 53rd charged enemy guns, 6 batteries of 6 Napoleons each and 4 batteries of 10 Parrott rifles each. Charged through woods, briars, bushes and a swamp knee deep in water and mud. Faltered under the fire, rallied and pushed the Yankees from the works in total rout. Large amounts of equipment captured. Attack went on for 3 hours untill night fell. Slept behind Yankee breastworks in pouring rain with no tents. Sights and moans of wounded horrible. Reserve units of 53rd and 10th had earlier exchanged fire with a group of Mississippians by accident. Only casualty was Colonel Cummings horse. One ball passed through Cummings coat front not hitting him.
Later Return to camp along old works around Richmond.
Sharpsburg Campaign
Late 1862 Restructuring Army of Northern Virginia. Semme's brigade now under McLaw's Division, Longstreet's Corp. 10th and 53rd Georgia, 15th and 32nd Virginia. 53rd commanded by Lt. Colonel Thomas Sloan and Captain Samuel W. Marshborne.

Sept. 6 Crossed Potomac after leaving Leesburg, Virginia. Halfmile wide river is waist deep.

Sept. 8 Arrived Frederick, Maryland.

Sept. 10 Marched via Martinsburg towards Harpers Ferry.

Sept. 11 Battle of Crampton's Gap. Protecting and holding roads leading east out of Harpers Ferry. Yankees push across the Gap and 53rd marches toward Sharpsburg via Shepherdstown.

Sept. 17 Battle of Sharpsburg. Arrived at Sharpsburg at sunrise. Continuous marching since 16th with no rest and little food. March slowed by flood of Yankee prisoners heading in opposite direction. Went right into the line in the West Woods. Facing Major General Willis A. Gorman's brigade, Major General John Sedgewick's 2nd Division, 2nd Army Corp. Moved forward across an open field under heavy enemy artillery and skirmish fire. Moved forward 200 yards before firing. Not really in range but more to encourage the men. Yankee's slowly pushed back from position to position past hay stacks, rock piles, a road, an apple orchard, a cornfield, several fences, and finally a rock wall where they turned to make a stand.
Here Colonel Sloan is hit in the left breast. Men call to him but he cannot stand and orders the men to move forward. Attendants are left with him and line advances with Marshborne in command. Angered men leaped the wall and pushed the Yankees back over a field for over a mile. Yanks eventually take cover in a farmhouse and barn near dense woods. Low on ammunition and exhausted, the brigade pulls back. 53rd has been cut to pieces, 12 killed, 63 wounded. Brigade losses are near 40 percent.

Sept. 18 Withdrawing toward Potomac. Sleeping in grove of large trees with no tents.

Sept 19 Cross Potomac back to Virginia.

Sept. 23 Colonel Sloan dies of wounds.

Oct. 6 Encamped in a skirt of woods 5 miles from Winchester, Virginia. No tents, few military supplies, and little food. Eating corn, using ground parched corn as coffee substitute.
Late Oct. Election of officers. Colonel James P. Simms of Covington, Georgia now in command of 53rd. He had been a major under Sloan.

Oct. 31 Marching toward Richmond. Over Shenandoah mountains from Winchester to Port Royal, reaching the Orange and Alexandria Railroad two miles north of Culpepper, Virginia. Hard marching but recieving more supplies.
Fredericksburg Campaign

Late 1862 Semme's brigade now consists of 10th, 50th, 51st, and 53rd Georgia Volunteer Regiments.

Dec. 3 Camped two miles from Fredericksburg. Plenty of wood and water near camps.

Dec. 6 Terrible snowstorm. Many men without blankets.

Dec. 11 Burnside launches attack.

Dec. 14 -15 Posted on road at base of Marye's Heights.
Late Dec. Winter camp near Fredericksburg. Plenty of food but no coffee. Received tents at last.

Dec. 25 Given Christmas day off from work and drill

Jan 5 Picket and provost in Fredericksburg.

Jan 7. Moved camp 7 miles southwest of Fred. for firewood. Now having to carry water a mile to camp.

Jan 15 Began erecting winter quarters at what will be known as 'Pine Grove Camp.'
Early Feb. Big snowball fight. Even officers and Longstreet joining in.

Feb. 23 Knee deep snow. Yankee's firing across river for Washington's birthday.

March 4 Semmes returns to brigade after 2 months away. Still in winter huts. Plenty of food.

March 8 Moved camp 1 1/2 miles for firewood.

March 18 Marched to U.S. Ford to guard against sporadic Yankee cavalry attacks.
Chancellorsville Campaign

May 1 Moving towards Chancellorsville. Took position on Old Turnpike Road to the right of General William Mahones brigade of Virginians. Facing General George Sykes U.S. Regulars in heavy force. Main assault fell on Semmes brigade. General Joe Kershaw's South Carolinians came up in support. Brigade performed evolutions as if on dress parade. Yankee's driven back a mile to another line of breastworks. They left behind all manner of equipment.

May 2 Keeping up pressure. Driving Yanks slowly toward U.S. Ford. 10th Georgia captures entire 27th Connecticut.

May 3 Moving to support troops falling back from Fredericksburg. Encounter Yankees at Salem Church, a two story red brick country chapel 3 miles west of Fredericksburg on the Plank Road. Went into position on left of General Wilcox under a storm of bullets. Battle lasts 2 hours with 53rd and 50th getting the brunt of the attack. 53rd captures colors of 2nd Rhode Island. 53rd lost 120 killed and wounded. Semmes had his hat shot through and two horses killed under him.
Later Back to camp near Fredericksburg after 9 days away. No rations had been issued the entire time. Been living off the Yankees. 53rd got 460 of the 'best rifles' and several 'little pitched tents.' Camp had been plundered by civilians and stragglers and old tents had been cut up under Semmes orders to prevent them falling to Yankees.

May 28 New camp within 1 mile of Fredericksburg. Also within sight of Yankee camps.
Gettysburg Campaign

June 3 Left camp at night and marched 7 miles. Camped within 1 mile of Chancellorsville

June 4 Marching past Chancellorsville battlefield. Many dead enemy and horses left unburied. Marched 15 miles and camped before sundown on Mountain Run Creek. Two miles from Rockwood Forest on the Rapidan River.

June 6 Rested on 5th and marched to within 1 mile of Culpepper Court House near the Winchester Turnpike.

June 15 Camped at base of Piney Mountain, 3 miles from Culpepper.

June 19 Moved to Ashby's Gap to block Yankee General Alfred Pleasonton's cavalry

June 20 Cannot cross rain swollen Shenandoah River so still in camp at Ashby's Gap.

June 21 Moved to north side of Shenandoah River. Yankee cavalry approached so recrossed to south side, then later back again to march toward Berryville.

June 23 Crossed Potomac. Rest of army well on way to north.

June 26 Passed through Hagerstown getting large quantities of supplies and food. Men in good spirits. Marched 14 miles and passed through Greencastle.

June 27 Reached Chambersburg.

June 28 Camped 2 miles from Chambersburg. Raiding nearby gardens for vegetables.

July 1 Reached Marsh Creek, 4 miles from Gettysburg.

July 2 Semmes brigade directly behind Kershaw's South Carolina brigade. Hood's division to the right. Started advance at 4 p.m. from behind stone wall at Flarety farm, west of Emmitsburg Road. Facing Major -General Dan Sickles 3rd Corp. Repeated charges and countercharges. Drove enemy from the Peach Orchard. Nearing Wheatfield Semme's brigade moves around in front of Kershaw. Semmes is hit in thigh as men move into position. Division drove enemy from Wheatfield and onto west slope of Little Round Top. Men are in Plum Run Creek and Devil's Den positions. Brigade losses are 55 killed, 284 wounded, and 91 missing. 10th and 53rd have most casualties. 53rd is now not much bigger than Company 'F' was at beginning of war. Brigade is down to 550-600 men.

July 3 Holding position west of Emmitsburg Road.

July 4 Marching toward Hagerstown in heavy rain.

July 6 Reach Hagerstown. Will stay here one week.

July 10 Semmes dies in Martinsburg, West Virginia. General Goode Bryan takes command.

July 12 Blocking advance of Yankees between Martinsburg and Winchester as Lee withdraws to Culpepper.

July 24 Army in Culpepper. Low rations.

Aug. 6 Brigade camps 20 miles above Fredericksburg.

Aug. 13 Camped near Rapidan River in Orange County. Rations are improving.

Sept. 2 Camped at Waller's Tavern in Spottsylvania County. Getting first vegetables in a long time.

Sept. 8 Camping at Hanover Junction. 20 miles above Richmond. Received word of Tennessee trip.
Tennessee Campaign

Sept. 11 Ordered to Richmond to board trains for Atlanta.

Sept. 18 Midnight arrived Atlanta via Augusta. Boarded train for Dalton with no halt for visiting.

Sept. 20 Arrived Chattanooga. Put to work building breastworks and pontoon bridges.

Oct. 12 Camped in Dry Valley, 3 miles from Chattanooga and 1 1/2 miles from Lookout Mountain. Camp well fortified and under ocassional shelling from nearby Yanks.

Nov. 5 Division leaves Chattanooga.

Nov. 7 Arrived Sweetwater Tennessee. Supplied with pork, beef, and vegetables.

Nov. 17 Brigade arrives in front of (south of) Fort Sanders at 10:00 p.m. Formed in line of battle and began building works.

Nov. 29 Attack on fort. 10th drove in pickets while rest of brigade assaulted. Heavy fire and entanglements of telegraph wires stretched between stumps. Moat 4-8 feet deep and 20 feet wide. Fired on, hand grenades, axes, etc. coming over wall. 220 Yankee defenders. Slopes slippery due to frozen rain and impossible to climb. 200 Conf. surrender. Few got into fort. No reinforcements. Brigade lost 212 men and Simms wounded.

Dec. 4 Very cold night. Marching toward Rogersville.

Dec. 12 In camp at Radansville, Tennessee on Tenn. and Virginia Railroad.

Dec. 20 Small skirmish at Bean's Station. Captured some supplies.

Dec. 23 Arrived Russelville to build winter quarters. Terrible hardships.

Dec. 25 Living off parched corn and a little flour. Major-General Joseph B. Kershaw takes command as McLaws is relieved. Kershaw previously commanded a brigade of South Carolinians.

Feb. 27 In camp at Greenville Tennessee. Rumors of Longstreet's Corp becoming mounted cavalry and being sent back to Virginia or to Joe Johnson's Army of Tennessee.

March 30 Leave winter camp. Marching from Greenville Tennessee up railroad to Bristol, Tenn. on the border with Virginia.

April 3 Arrived Bristol and set up camp. Camping in tents, good morale, good food, recruits coming in.

Apr. 19 Reach Gordonsville, Virginia by rail to rejoin Army of Northern Virginia.

Apr. 20 Reviewed by General Lee. Plenty to eat, corn meal, rice, bacon, even coffee and sugar. Much activity in camp preparing for new campaign.
Wilderness Campaign

May 5 Left camp near Verdierville, Virginia. Advanced down plank road toward Parker's Store in direction of Fredericksburg. Marched 3 hours then went into line within 1 mile of Parker's Store. Broken and driven to the rear. Reformed and counter attacked. Yankee's driven back. Drove Yankee's from a second line of log breastworks and through a swamp for over a mile. Ran low on ammunition so fell back to Yankee's works. Relieved by General Micah Jenkin's South Carolinians.

May 8 Moved into Spottslyvania Court House. Positioned at main crossroads in center of town.

May 23 Camped near line of battle at Hanover Junction.

June 2 Cold Harbor. Colonel Simms in temporary command of brigade as General Bryan is ill. Held the line during the day. Recieved orders at night to fall back behind General Evander Law's Alabamians for rest. Had just stacked arms when Law is attacked. Sent back into line under heavy fire. Heavy fighting next few days.

June-July Very hot and dry in Virginia. Crops suffering.

July Occupied entrenchments within 60 yards of Yankee's. Had to build works under heavy fire.

Mid-July Rumor in camp that Grant was hit by a shell and killed.

July 20 Moved to defensive line just south of Petersburg.

July 23 Moving with Kershaw's division to north side of James River. Crossed river at Chaffin's Bluff.

July 26 Moved and took position on New Market Road. Attacked on left by heavy force of infantry. Fell back to Fussell's Mill on the Darbytown Road.

July 29 Crossed to south side of James River and camped on Telegraph Road at Chester Station.

Early Aug. Moved and camped on the Richmond and Petersburg Railroad, five miles from Petersburg and about a mile behind the lines.

Aug. 3 General Bryan returns but his health doesn't hold and he leaves on the 21st. General Simms placed back in command.

Late Aug. Moving to Winchester, Virginia searching for Union cavalry. Simm's brigade in the lead. Encountered a cavalry brigade about seven miles
from Charlestown, West Virginia. Drove them to within a mile of Charlestown.

Aug. 30 Skirmish with cavalry. Union fell back toward Harper's Ferry. Simm's Brigade falls back to Winchester, Virginia on the 31st.

Sept. 3 Left Winchester and moved east toward Berryville. Drove Yankee skirmishers from lines after firing only one shot. Confrontation lasts several days, then brigade returns to Winchester. Receiving plenty of rations.

Sept. 16 Moving toward Culpepper Court House.

Sept. 19 Moving to intercept 300 Union cavalry on Stevensburg Road. Captured 100 horses and mules, and 3 ambulances. Captured 30 prisoners with no loss to Confederates.

Sept. 20 Marching towards Gordonsville.

Sept. 21 Arrives at Rapidan Station. Half the brigade has no shoes.

Sept 25 Arrived at Gordonsville. Joined General Jubal Early's Army of the Valley District.

Sept. 28 Moved towards Port Republic via Swift Run Gap. Brushed aside group of cavalry skirmishers.

Sept. 29 Camped near Waynesboro. Constantly on move to locate and destroy cavalry.

Oct. 18 Moving toward Strausburg. Simm's brigade leading the way. Left canteens and anything else that would make noise. March must be in complete silence.

Oct. 19 Battle of Cedar Creek. Reached foot of enemy defenses in early morning. Crossed a creek and up a steep hill, through abatis into the breastworks. Stiff hand to hand at works then drove Yankee's through their camp. Drove them 3 miles then came back to loot camp. Large amount of food and supplies, most anyone had yet seen. Yankee's counterattacked. Simms lost 3 regimental commanders from the 10th, 51st, and 50th. Marshborn is wounded when fragments of 53rd took a stand near a sharp bend in a creek and he was wounded in a countercharge. He died a few days later.

Early Dec. Lt. Colonel W.F. Hartsfield in command of the 53rd. James R. Simms commissioned Brigadier General.

Dec. 17 Gone into winter quarters on same ground as in 1862. Today heard speeches from Congressional Representatives from Georgia. On picket duty in Richmond through winter.

Battle of Sayler's Creek. Colonel W.F. Hartsfield killed. Many captured including Simms.
April 9 Lee stood under an apple tree to send surrender dispatch to Grant. Every limb and twig cut up by men for souveniors. Even roots dug up. 53rd is commanded by Capt. Robert H. Wood of Fayette County. Brigade commander is Captain George W. Waldron. Less than 120 men left in 10th and 53rd combined. 190 men total in brigade.
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Company K
Enoch Hanson Wheeler - Private   
18 year old shoemaker. With 1st GA Infantry Volunteers June '61 through March '62. Joined 53rd GA with brothers William and John on May 6, '62. In November '62, after Sharpsburg, ordered to Richmond Shoe Depot. Later joined 2nd VA Battalion Local Defense Force (Richmond). Captured or deserted (?) in October '64 outside Richmond. POW at Fort Monroe. Late in life was presiding judge in Texas Co, MO. Anyone have the muster report at Sharpsburg?
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Company K
John William Wheeler - Private   
Joined 53rd GA with brothers Enoch and William on May 6, '62. Wounded at Knoxville. Surrendered at Appomattox April 9, '65.
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Company K
William Daniel Wheeler - Private   
Joined 53rd GA with brothers Enoch and John on May 6, '62. Transferred in exchange for W. M. Holmes in May '63 to 45th GA to join brother Garland Wheeler.
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