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66th Georgia Infantry      
Company Unknown
Algernon Sidney Hamilton - Lt. Colonel   
Algernon Hamilton was my greatgreatuncle. I have a photo of him in his uniform and also his sword.
Contact Name:  Richard H. Seedorf
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Date Added:  9/28/2010
Company A
George T. McDaniel - Private   
This is my great, great grandfather. He was born in Georgia on Ded. 22, 1830; married Sarah Jane Slade on March 7, 1850; died July 26, 1864, Pike Co., GA. He's buried at Ebenezer Methodist Church Cemetery, Liberty Hill,Lamar Co., GA. Joined the 66th. on July 18, 1863 Roll call for July - August 1864 shows him absent, sick in hospital. Died of typhoid pneumonia at home in Pike Co. GA. on July 26 1864.
Contact Name:  Charles McDaniel
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Date Added:  6/21/2011
Company B
John T Chance - Private   
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Contact Name:  Jamie Newton
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Date Added:  3/19/2014
Company C
Henry Francis Parks - Captain   
Promoted to full sergeant on Jan 21,1861. Promoted to full captain on Aug 1, 1863. Henry was killed during the war.
Contact Name:  Carole O'Dell
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Date Added:  11/17/2012
Company C
Conrad Sellers - Private   
Conrad Sellers, born Haywood Co. North Carolina in @ 1820. Married to Artimissia Prince. Enlisted 66th Ga Infantry on September 10, 1863 at Decatur Ga. Sent from camp near Dalton Ga to hospital in Kingston Ga in Dec 1864 died from disease in Jan 1864. Based on reports filed with his widow's pension application, he is believed to be one of the unknown CSA soldiers buried in the cemetery there. CSA Service records have his name spelled as Coonrod Celless. He was my GG Grandfather. A memorial service was held in his memory and a marker placed near his sons grave in May 2003 see web link below.
Contact Name:  Marvin Poe
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Date Added:  9/2/2009
Company D
Wiley Franklin Hodges - Sergeant   
Joined unit 8/15/1863, wounded in 3/11/1865 near Goldsboro, NC, and died in Pettigrew Hospital in Raleigh, NC on 3/13/1865.
Contact Name:  Donahue Hall
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Date Added:  7/22/2014
Company D
Rueben Vann - Private   
hello; my great-great-great grandfather was rueben vann i have copies of his application for pension. he joined Co. D 66th Regiment in July 1863 until their surrender in 1865 in Greensburough NC under General Johnson's command
Contact Name:  Bo Renner
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Date Added:  12/26/2006
Company E
John C Henry - Private   
John Crawford Henry; Son of Jessie Henry. John Crawford Henry Is my Great-Grandfather. He was born March 31, 1845. Family history says he joined CSA in 1863. He would have been 18 years old. He had 6 brothers. His oldest brother, Edward Zachary Henry (E Z Henry) of Georgia 22nd Regiment, was killed on July 2, 1863 at Gettysburg - the second day fighting there. His Brother, Levi, never returned home - assumed killed in action. His brother, Bill, lost his leg in the war.
Contact Name:  Zachary A Henry Jr.
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Date Added:  5/10/2016
Company E
Phillip McIntyre - Private   
Phillip Mclntyre (or Philip McIntire) was an ardent unionist. He was drafted into Confederate service on August 7, 1863.
According to the records he was 'Examined and recommended for discharge at Empire Hospital, Atlanta, Ga., because of 'debility dependent on original want of physical stamina,' October 27, 1863.' The 'roll for September-December 1863, shows him absent, sick in hospital.'

McIntire is mentioned in the book 'Secret Yankees, The Union Circle in Confederate Atlanta,' by Thomas G. Dyer. Page 45: 'McIntire, who ran a woodlot for Atlanta financier Richard Peters, told [his friend Joab] Jenkins that he would die rather than fight against the Union.'

On page 82 he declares 'I am too good a Union man to go into the rebel army.'

His ultimate fate is described on page 147: 'Philip McIntire, stock tender for Richard Peters, was arrested after midnight one evening during the fall of 1863 by E. T. Hunnicutt, the deputy provost marshal, and taken to Decatur to be put into service. 'Surrounded by guards and bayonets,' McIntire took an oath to the Confederacy but somehow succeeded in avoiding service, perhaps using a medical excuse procured for him by Peters—a tactic he would use when arrested once again in early 1864. When the pressure increased, McIntire fled the city altogether and sneaked through the Confederate lines, making it safely to Nashville.'

After the war he filed a successful claim with the Southern Claims Commission and opened a butcher shop in Atlanta.
Contact Name:  Michael A. Day
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Date Added:  2/3/2006
Company E
Andrew Jackson Minor - Private   
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Contact Name:  Robert Wesley
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Date Added:  8/25/2006
Company G
terry wayne smallwood - Blacksmith   
hes realy kool
Contact Name:  john smallwood
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Date Added:  10/26/2006
Company H
Alexander Patrick Collum/Cullen - Private   
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Contact Name:  Ronnie Ranew
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Date Added:  11/11/2007
Company H
Doctor Washington Dial - Sergeant   
Doc Washington Dial of Coweta Co., Georgia (1820 - 1886) served with the 66th Georgia from 1863 to the end of the war. He received battlefield promotions from private to sergeant. He is my ggggrandfather.
Contact Name:  Mike Little
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Date Added:  11/23/2005
Company I
Samuel Warren Patten - Private   
I know S.W Patten, my great,great grandfather died a pow at Camp Chase, Ohio Sept 20, 1864 just 2 months before a massive 10,000 man prisoner exchange in Nov. 1864. I'm trying to find out exactly where he was taken prioner and the cause of his death. I belive it was at Fort Donalson TN 2/16/62 but this is just an assumption I have from reading the history of Camp Chase. If there is any info out there I would like to know more but do not have the internet savvey nor the patience necessary to do the required searching.
Contact Name:  David Patten
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Date Added:  5/9/2008
Company K
Jonathan Burgess - Private   
Jonathan Burgess enlisted in T.L. Langston's company on August 8, 1863. He was in the prisoner exchange at Rough & Ready, Georgia between Sept 19 & 22, 1864.
Contact Name:  Lynn Sewell
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Date Added:  5/13/2010
Company K
Green A Evans - Private   
Looking for information on Green A. Evans. I have a complete roster of 66 th georgia regiments. My grandfather was from dark cornors georgia and was married to catharine crawford. He enlisted in sep. 1883 was sent to north georgia to fight became sick and was sent to Montgomery Al. to a hospital where he died on may, 23, 1864. I am trying to learn more about him and the regiment, so i hopely can find where he is buried. i have been researching for several years.
Contact Name:  James R. Evans
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Date Added:  10/28/2009
Company K
Andrew McDuffee - Private   
Enlisted as a Pvt. on 13 August 1863. Killed on 20 July 1864 during the Atlanta Campaign at Peach Tree Creek
Contact Name:  Sam Forrester
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Date Added:  1/30/2015
Company K
Bennett Walton Sorrells - Private   
Born 1821. Younger brother to fellow 66th Georgia Company K soldier Wiley J. Sorrells. Married Martha Clegg on 8 December 1840. Their oldest son Richard T. Sorrells joined the 42nd Georgia and died of disease in 1862. Bennett was drafted into the 66th Georgia in middle of 1663 at age of around 42. Was serving in the Lookout Mountain area when he was sent home to Walton County to convalesce in March 1864. Died shortly after reaching home and within days of his older brother Wiley who had also been sent home sick.
Contact Name:  Scott Glass
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Date Added:  1/28/2005
Company K
Wiley J. Sorrells - Private   
My great great great grandfather. Born 22 September 1818. Married Susannah Still 28 December 1842. Drafted in mid-1863 at age of 45 into the 66th Georgia Infantry. Was serving in the Lookout Mountain area when he was sent home sick in March 1864. Died 29 March 1864 about a week after he arrived home in Walton County. Brother to B. W. Sorrells who also died sick in the 66th Georgia Infantry.
Contact Name:  Scott Glass
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Date Added:  1/28/2005
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