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Company Unknown
George T. B. Thompson
- Private
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Date Added: 3/30/2004

Company C
Lewis M. Badgley
- Private
First name also spelled Louis.
Contact Name: Steve Badgley
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Date Added: 9/21/2005

Company D
Herbert Reed
- Corporal
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Contact Name: Robert Grafe
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Date Added: 1/3/2012

Company F
Dudley Seldon Gregory Holmes
- Private
Dudley enlisted as a private in Company F, 8th Illinois Volunteer Infantry on
July 25, 1861. The regiment was stationed in southern Illinois and southeast
Missouri before going on to Kentucky and Tennessee.
He was killed during the battle for Confederate Fort Donelson in N.W. Tennessee
when rebels tried to break out of the fort during the morning hours on Feb. 15,
1862, after the fort was surrounded by federal troops. He was about 13 years old when his father died, and 19 and 1/2 when he was killed. There is an inscription at the Holmes family plot at Mt. Hope Cemetery, but no indication that he was actually buried there. Most of the 500+ graves at the the Fort Donelson National Cemetery are unmarked, However his body was recovered and brought back to Tremont where he was buried in the Holmes family plot.
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Date Added: 11/24/2013

Company G
elihu jones
- Captain
My G Granddad,wounded at Vicsburg, my hero.
Contact Name: Galen Eliott
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Date Added: 5/12/2011

Company G
Morgan White
- Private
Married to Mary Land, daughter of Fountain Land & Barbara Sands.
Morgan White

Residence Lancaster IL;
Enlisted on 9/29/1864 as a Private.

On 9/29/1864 he was drafted into 'G' Co. IL 8th Infantry
He was Mustered Out on 9/28/1865

Contact Name: Glenn Land
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Date Added: 4/5/2007

Company K
Thomas Bowlby Riddle
- Private
Thomas was the son of Elijah Riddle, who had moved to LeRoy, Il in the late 1840s, coming from Warren County, N.J.
Contact Name: Gilbert Skip Riddle
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Date Added: 6/29/2009

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