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96th Illinois Infantry      
Company Unknown
George Hicks - Lt. Colonel   
George Hicks mustered out as Colonel Hicks. He was a Captain at the Battle of Chickamauga with the 96th Infantry of Illinois. He is my Great x2 Uncle, the brother of my Great x2 Grandmother Marie Abigail Hicks from Rockford, Illinois. She married my Great x2 Grandfather Thomas Oughton of Kingston, Jamaica. They called Kingston, Jamaica home. Col. Hicks retired to Jamaica in 1870 much to his sister's delight. The Rev. Karen A. Lloyd. July 18, 2007 San Jacinto, California

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Company E
Robert C Allinson - Private   
Robert C. Allinson
date of muster: 4 Sept. 1862
died: 12 Oct.1863 in Nashville Tn. of wounds recieved in battle Sept. 19 1863 at Chicamauga.
Robert was the son of Robert and Martha Allinson.
Roberts parents came to the U.S. in 1830 from England.
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Company E
Royal J. Cooper - Sergeant   
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Company E
jabez white - Unknown   
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Company F
Erhardt Daniel Dittmar - Private   
Erhardt was my great-grandfather from Millville, Jo Daviess County, IL. Enlisted with his brother, George Dittmar, in September 1862 and they served together with the 96th in Kentucky, Tennessee, Battles of Chicamauga, Missionary Ridge, Lookout Mountain, and march to Atlanta. He was severely injured in the back near Dalton, GA on May 9, 1864 and spent the rest of that year in hospitals. Spent most of 1865 on picket duty near Nashville, TN. Reunited with his unit and mustered out in July 1865.
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Company F
John George Dittmar - Private   
George went by his middle name to distinguish himself from his younger brother, John, and was my great-grandfather's older brother. They enlisted together in September 1862 and were mustered out in July 1865. After the war they both returned to Jo Daviess County, IL where they married and raised their families, but George moved his family to Kansas in 1884 and remained there.
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Company F
John Hocking - Private   
John Hocking was my great-great grandfather. He was born in Camborne, Cornwall, England on October 15th, 1834 to his parents Thomas Wills Hocking and Alice (Thomas) Hocking, and thereafter came to the U.S. in 1848 and settled in Vinegar Hill, Illinois. In 1866, after serving 4 years in the Civil War, he married his wife, Elizabeth Glanville, and thus lived right next door to her parents Seth and Elizabeth Glanville, who owned the 250 acres of land at Charles Mound, the highest point in Illinois. In 1915, John and Elizabeth both passed away just five hours and five minutes from each other with Elizabeth passing on February 14th at 7:40 Sunday evening, and John, February 15th at 12:45 am Monday morning. Company F soldier citizens Erhardt Dittmar, Anton Schapp, John Sincox, Simeon Spencer and Thomas Trevarthan all were present at the standing room only funeral. John and Elizabeth were buried in one grave at Scales Mound (Citizens) Township Cemetery.

John Hocking-
Age 22: born in England; lived in Vinegar Hill, Jo Daviess Co, Illinois; mustered in from Rockford, IL on Sept 4, 1862; mustered out from Camp Harker, TN on June 10, 1865;
Also note that Joseph Perkins of Company F was also John Hocking's brother-in-law as he had already married John's sister Jane before the civil war.
John Hocking was in The Battle of Chickamauga.--- On Sept 19, 1863, on the first day of battle he was shot in the left hip and lay on the battlefield for two days without food or water. Then he was taken prisoner for two weeks, paroled, and then taken to Chattanooga where his wound had already become badly infected with maggots crawling in. He was then placed in the hospital at Murfreesboro where he was kept for two months, being October and November. He was then given a furlough for ninety days to go home to Vinegar Hill, Illinois. He then lost his father Thomas Hocking on Dec 10th 1863. This tragedy along with what he endured at Chickamauga, must have been very heartbreaking. But he was a gallant and courageous fighter. He then returned to the front, upon which he was in Block House No. 8 for five months; was in one engagement; and then returned to the regiment; and then was with his Commander when he mustered out at Camp Harker, TN on June 10, 1865. He lived in Scales Mound, Jo Daviess County from 1866 to nearly 50 years after the Civil War with his wife Elizabeth and family.

Information here provided by William Hocking, the Grt, Grt Grandson of John Hocking. e-mail:
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Company F
Joseph Perkins - Private   
Joseph Perkins was my great-great grandfather. Joseph's brother-in-law, John Hocking was also in Company F. Joseph married John Hocking's sister, Jane Hocking.

Below are excerpts of his military career taken from Charles Addison Partridge's 'History of the Ninety-Sixth Regiment, Illinois Volunteer Infantry', pertaining to Joseph Perkins of Vinegar Hill, Jo Daviess County, Illinois. The book was published in 1887:

Joseph Perkins enlisted for a 3 year term in the 96th Illinois Infantry, Company F, on 15 Aug 1862 at Galena, Jo Daviess County, Illinois. He mustered-in on 4 Sep 1862 at Rockford, Illinois. He served in Company F for 8 months until he was detailed to the 'Pioneeer Battalion' (Company A, 4th Battalion) on 7 Apr 1863, where he served until being transferred to the 1st Regiment, US Veteran Volunteer Engineers on 25 Jul 1864, with whom he served until the war's end. Below are segments taken from Charles Addison Partridge's 'HISTORY OF THE NINETY-SIXTH REGIMENT, ILLINOIS VOLUNTEER INFANTRY' (1887):

Page 803:
Joseph Perkins. Age 22; born in England; miner; enlisted, from Vinegar Hill; detailed in Pioneer Battalion April 7, 1863, and transferred to 1st U. S. V. V. Engineers July 25, 1864, serving with that command until the close of the war.

Page 633:
All the members of this detachment were transferred in July, 1864, to the First Regiment U. S. Vet Vol. Engineers, where many of them received promotions (which acknowledg ment for meritorious service they could not receive while on detached duty), and where all served until finally discharged by death, or at the close of the war, with credit to themselves .and their former comrades of the NINETY-SIXTH ILLINOIS.

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Company I
Abner Overstreet - Private   
Enlisted with others from Elizabeth, Illinois, in September, 1864. Fought in a battle at Franklin, TN, and other minor skirmishes. Mustered out at the end of the war. Born in Menard county, Illinois; died 22 Apr 1876 at home in Elizabeth, Jo Daviess county, Illinois, from rheumatism brought on from exposure and hardship during the conflict.
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