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Company D
James C. Dooley
- Corporal

James Dooley is my great-great-grandfather and I am researching his background for my heritage. I need to know what kind of Indian he was and any information you might have pertaining to him. I know he recieved land from the government but I need a #. I do not know whether it is called a dauels roll or any other type roll #. Currently I live in Scott County and have an excellent job offer if I can prove his Indian rights. Thank you. Margo Denton
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Date Added: 8/26/2004

Company I
Stephen J Livingston
Rank Unknown
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Company K
William M Tholen
- Captain
Company K had 35 men including Capt. Tholen. This was a 3 month unit organized at Lawrence, KS, mustered in 20 Jun 1861at Kansas City. The 2nd KS had 10 units and with the 1st formed 1 brigade under Col Dietzler. Major battle- Wilson's Creek 10 Aug. Gen Lyon killed leading charge. Capt Tholen is nearby and is eye witness who later recounts the incident for KS territorial newspapers in 1866. 31 Oct 1861 unit is mustered out. They had participated in four battles. Capt Tholen had been elected the first Treasurer of the State of Kansas, but did not serve due to a corrupt governor. He died at 49.
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