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1st Kentucky Infantry      
Company Unknown
William Cooley - Unknown   
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Date Added:  5/27/2002
Company Unknown
Thomas Michael Kemp - 1st Lieutenant   
Enlisted at Clinton Kentuckey. Elected sargent.Later promoted to 1st lieutenant and served as a scout under General Joseph Johnson and later under General Nathen B. Forrest.
Little is actually known after 1st Kentucky was disolved but he did serve the duration of the war.
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Date Added:  1/15/2006
Company Unknown
addison ward murray - Private   
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Company Unknown
Thomas P. Saunders - Unknown   
Served in CO F, 1st KY CAV CSA during the Civil War.

Enlisted in Thompson's Cavalry (R. A. Thompson) Aug 14, 1862.

Captured during a raid of the enlistment camp Aug 17, 1862 by 2 units of KY militia from Louisville, KY during which Capt Thompson was killed.

After being held shortly in Louisville, was transferred to Camp Morton, Indianapolis, IN.

Transferred to Johnson's Island near Sandusky, OH on Aug 26, 1862.

Sent to Vicksburg, MS and exchanged, part of the 770 men who boarded the steamer Charm on Dec 8, 1862.

Enlisted in Company F, 1st Regiment KY Cavalry (Butlers) before Jan 1, 1863

Sometime during the period of May - June 1864 he was listed as 'Abesent, sick at hospital in Atlanta, GA'

Listed as 'absent without leave since Sep 20, 1864', it is unkown at this time if he ever returned to his unit.
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Company A
Thomas J. England - Private   
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Company A
Daniel J. Saunders - Private   
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Company B
Charles Dwayne Compton - 1st Lieutenant   
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Company B
Doctor James Henry Wright - Private   
Walked from Marion County, Alabama to Kentucky to join a Confederate force of any kin to get into battle. D.J. was recruited by Captain Lapaille in Louisville. on 23 April 1861.Enlisted in the 26th Alabama Infantry Regiment C.S.A. on May
4, 1862 at Yorktown, Va. by Col. O'Neal.
State of Texas, County of Erath
Before me the undersigned authority of this day personally appeared J.C. Wright, personally knows to me to be a creditable man, and after being by me duly sworn deposes and says, that he is a brother of D.J.Wright, decd.whose widow is an applicant for a Confederate pension,that he was at home living with said D.J.Wright Decd. prior to the breakingout of the civil war, and that his brother D.J. Wright at the beginning of the war left home went to Va. to enlist in the service, he joined the First Ky. Battallian for twelve months,this was disbanded at the expiration of 12 months, and he enlisted again in Va.(I think) in the 26th Alabama Reg. that he does not remember the letter of the co.That the affiant was not personally with Dec'd but often heard from him while he was in the war, that he corresponded with Decd. wrote to him received letters from him, while thery wre in the service, that he served with the opening till the close of the war, he was at the battles of Manasses( Bull Run), that while affiant was not with Decd, he knows from these facts and other similar facts that Decd. was in the actual service, and that he never deserted the Confederacy. That Decd died at Morgan Mill for years ago
Signed: J.C.Wright
subscribed sworn to me this the 17th day of August 1907
County Judge of Erath County, Texas
Note: While visiting the battle field of Manassas Junction (or Bull Run) I was told by one of the guides there that the 1st Ky did not fight there. I told the guide that I had seen a record that stated the opposite of what he was telling everyone. The above was taken from that record.
I listed this gg uncle for the records for the 1st Ky CSA
Thanks for you work in this field.
Paul Wright
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Date Added:  9/20/2013
Company E
Whitson Rector Henry - 2nd Corporal   
This was my great grandfather
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Date Added:  10/21/2013
Company F
William R Smith - Unknown   
My Great Grandfather William R. Smith was a member of Company F, First Kentucky Infantry, CSA. I have his original certificate from the Kentucky Department of Confederate Pensions. Pension was $10 per month, paid quarterly.

I would love to find a source for history of this unit.
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Date Added:  12/5/2010
Company K
John A. Gunn - Sergeant   
Winds of Change, Robertson County, Tennessee in the Civil War list a John A. Gunn as being in the 1st KY Infantry having enlisted June 17, 1861, at Keysburg, KY. I have found little information on this unit.
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Date Added:  9/7/2007
Company M
James Edward Edwards - Private   
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