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6th Louisiana Infantry      
Company Unknown
Jay Guy Cisco - Unknown   
Jay Guy Cisco was born on Ap[ril 25, 1844 in New Orleans. Cisco moved to Jackson, Tn and opened a bookstore and newspaper. In addition he was Assistant Special Industrial and Immigration Agent for the L & N Railroad. During the Grover Cleveland administration in 1888, he was assigned U.S.Consul to Mexico
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Company Unknown
Fernand Delcuze - Captain   
Daughters of the Confederacy records list
Fernand Delcuze 'Co. 5th & 6th Louisiana Infantry Regiment'.

According to family history uncle Fernand was a native of France. Served as a junior officer with Napoleon III's Army in Northern Italy before emigrating to CSA. Arrived in CSA (date unknown) with several Franco-Italian veterans of his former French Regiment.

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Company Unknown
Ludlow Julien Nash - Lieutenant   
[Sources: History of Sabine Parish, Bio. L.J. Nash, p 308-9. Many LA: Reflections..p 79.] Five companies from Sabine Parish participated in Civil War: Sabine Rifles, Sabine Volunteers, Sabine Rebels, Sabine Independents and Sabine Guards. Sabine Parish was the site of the last major Civil WAr engagemtn in LA..Pleasant Hill fought on 9 Apr 1864, some 25 miles from the town of Many...Among those on the original muster roll of the Sabine Rebels were: Captain D.W. Self, L.J. Nash, F.D. Self, J.S. Duggan, W.J. Duggan, G.W. Neal, G.W. Small, R.D. Sibley, T.B. Sibley, Albert Self, William Self, Frank Self, Jr. L.J. Nash served as lieutenant of the Sabine Rebels, and brought home with him the company''s flag.
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Company A
John W. Boatright - Private   
John Boatright enlisted March 12, 1862 in Union Parish, Louisiana. Died April 24, 1862 at a hospital in Richmond, Louisiana according to his military records.
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Company A
John Martin Gulley - Unknown   
On 4 June 1861 J. M. Gulley enlisted in the Confederate Army and was assigned to Company A, 6th Reg., La Inf. In Aug 1862 he was wounded in a battle at Manasses, VA and after a stay in a hospital in Culpepper, VA was sent to Mobile, AL where an Examining Board appraised his condition as follows:---

In accordance with General Order No. 72 Adj. & Inspector Gen'ls Office we hereby certify that we have carefully examined Private J. M. Gully of Capt Phillips' Co (A) 6th Regiment La Vols, and find him incapable of performing the duties of a Soldier because of a Gunshot wound rec'd at battle of Manasses, Aug 1862. The ball entered the right mastoid region & emerged at outer angle of right eye: thereby destroying both sight & hearing of right side. Believing that he is utterly unfit for any department of the Government, we recommend his discharge from the Service.---Exam'g Board, E.H. Kelly Surgeon P.A.C.S.
J.C. Whiting Asst Surg
D.E. Smith Asst Surg
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Company A
Christopher Columbus Nash - Lieutenant   
Info from CSA soldier''s application for pension, 1922. Enlisted in New Orleans (Camp Moore), LA, Apr. 1861. Sabine Rifles which became Co. A, 2nd LA Infantry. Army of Northern Virginia. Discharged from/paroled from: Johnson''s Island, Lake Erie (Ohio), prisoner. captured at Rappahannock Sta., VA; 7 Nov, 1863 and was sent to Johnson''s Island. The Sabine Rifles (SAbine Parish) were sent for service with the army in VA and were assigned to Stonewall Jackson''s brigade. The company accompanied Jackson on his famous campaigns and participated in some of the bloodiest engagements of the war. It was said the company was so badly depleted that when they mared to the Battle of the Wilderness (5 May 1864) only fourteen men were able to be in line. This was the last battle in which the famous compnay participated, for all had been killed, wounded, died in camp or taken prisoners.
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Company A
Lewis Tubb - Private   
Lewis Tubb, also on rolls as Lewis Tulle, enlisted at Camp Moore, LA on June 4, 1861. Died in Hospital at Culpepper C.H. on April 16, 1862.
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Company B
John Fox - Private   
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Company B
jermiah john Hogan - 2nd Lieutenant   
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Company C
Emile Simon Fontenot - Private   
Fontenot, Emile, Pvt. Co. C, 6th La. Inf. En. June 4, 1861, Camp Moore, La. Present on all Rolls

to Oct., 1861. Rolls from May, 1862, to Oct., 1862, Absent, wounded June 9. Present on all Rolls

Nov., 1862, to April, 1863. Roll for May and June, 1863, Absent. Wounded at Battle of

Fredericksburg. Rolls from July, 1863, to Dec., 1863, Absent, wounded, since May 5, 1863.

Present Jan. and Feb., 1864. Roll for March and April, 1864, Retired in accordance with Gen.

Order No. 34, A. and I. G. O. Born Louisiana, occupation farmer, Res. Washington, La., single.

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Company C
Benjamin Stagg - Sergeant   
Color Sergeant Benjamin Stagg from Bayou Boeuf, St. Landry Parish, Louisiana, enrolled June 4, 1861, Camp Moore, La., was killed in action, Gaines Mill, The Seven Days Battles, Hanover County, Virginia, June 27, 1862.
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Company C
Napoleon Florentine Stout - Private   
My great, great grandfather (mother's side). Fought at Sharpsburg, wounded at 2d Fredericksburg and severely wounded at 2d battle of Winchester, losing his left leg in Hay's attack on the West Fort 6/14/63.
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Company D
Thomas Prince Farrar II - 2nd Lieutenant   
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Company D
Robert L Herndon - Private   
Texas Confederate roster, Robert born in 1845 Tennessee,died 4 June 1937 in Texas. Family moved to Louisiana, Both Robert and his brother David joined the war through Louisiana, 6th inf. D Company, Taylor's Brigade, played an instrument.
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Company D
Ferdinand M Sloan - Unknown   
F.M. Sloan was born in Avoyelles Parish in Central Louisiana in 1832. He married Sarah Jane Davis in Avoyelles Parish in 1854 and they had a son Charles in 1859. He volunteered for service in the Civil War on June 4, 1861, and belonged to Company D (Charles D. Tenney's Company), 6th Louisiana Infantry, Taylor's Brigade in the Army of Northern Virginia. The 6th fought at 1st Bull Run, 2nd Bull Run, Antietam, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, the Wilderness, and Petersburg Siege. The 6th surrendered April 9, 1865 at Appomattox Court House, Virginia. Sloan was wounded at the battle of Malvern Hill at the close of the Peninsula Campaign in July of 1862. He was shot multiple times. The most serious wound was a fractured spinal column caused by a gunshot wound and he was unable to return to active duty. He was admitted to Chimborazo Hospital in Richmond on July 4, 1862 and was released at the end of November, 1862. He was given a medical discharge. The back wound caused him problems for the rest of his life. He returned back to St. Joseph, LA after being released. His wife Sarah moved to New Orleans with their son and listed herself a widow. Ferdinand was remarried to Leonora Hardesty in Rapides Parish, LA in 1866 and they moved to Texas in 1873 and lived in Nacogdoches, Nacogdoches County where he was a member of the Baptist Church. He was a widowed mechanic when he was admitted to the Confederate Men's Home in Austin on July 10, 1907. He died at the Home on June 23, 1908 and was buried at the Texas State Cemetery.
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Company F
William Fox - Private   
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Company I
Thomas Flynn - Private   
Enlisted Camp Moore, LA 6/4/61. Present all rolls till 8/62. Wounded in shoulder at Manassas,VA.,8/29/62. Absent wounded to 11/1/62. Captured at Fredericksburg,VA., 4/29/63. POW, Old Capitol Prison, Washington,exchanged 6/3/63. Present to 1/64. AWOL 1-2/64. Present under arrest, 3-4/64. Captured at Wilderness,VA. 5/5/64. POW Point Lookout,MD.,transfered to Elmira, NY.,8/15/65, exchanged 3/10/65. Surrendered at Burkeville,VA., 4/27/65...Born Maine. Occ: Laborer. Res: NO. Age when inlisted: 20, single.
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