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5th Maine Infantry      
Company A
George A Chandler - Lieutenant   
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Company A
David S Crockett - 1st Corporal   
David S Crockett was born in 1843 in Westbrook, Cumberland, Maine. He was the second of three brothers who fought on the Union side in the Civil War. He fought at Gettysberg along with this younger brother, Henry C Crockett who was my Great Grandfather (see 16th Maine infantry). The older brother (Nelson Crockett) fought with the 26th Massachusetts infantry.
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Date Added:  10/27/2006
Company A
John Rogers - Private   
John signed up at Gorham Corner at the same time his older brother Osgood enlisted. Both young men resided in nearby Windham. He practiced soldiering at 'Camp Preble' outside Portland for several weeks before Captain Hight mustered him and his fellow enlistees into Union army service June 24, 1861. The period of enlistment was for three years.

Along with his brother and other members of company A, he marched in the debilitating heat along the Centerville Road to fight in the Army of the Potomac's first Battle of Bull Run July 21, 1861. He had been an infantryman a scant two months. The Confederates captured and imprisoned him,a raw recruit caught up in the panic of that disastrous military action. While in prison, a shield superimposed with his name was tattooed on his right arm. He remained a prisoner until the two sides exchanged prisoners in the spring of the following year. He was discharged at Augusta, Maine, on July 3,1862.
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Date Added:  10/29/2006
Company A
Osgood Wyman Rogers - Sergeant   
According to his pension papers, Osgood W. Rogers enlisted at Gorham Corner, Cumberland County, Maine, at age 21 for a three-year period in the 5th Regiment of Maine Infantry Volunteers on April 26, 1861.

Osgood's nephew, Charles Sumner Rogers wrote in a newspaper article (probably published in early August 1892 in the 'Mount Pleasant Daily and Weekly News' ) briefly describing his uncle's service with the Maine Fifth Infantry during the Civil War. '..Much severe fighting was seen and being wounded at Chancellorsville, he [Osgood] was taken prisoner and suffered the horrors of Belle Isle and Castle Thunder..' [Belle Isle and Castle Thunder were two Confederate prisoner of war camps outside of Richmond, Virginia.]
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Date Added:  10/29/2006
Company B
Henry Winslow Jones - Private   
Henry Winslow Jones was born in Turner, Maine, in 1843. Son of Henry Jones and Rosilla Richardson. Mustered in June 24, 1861, Portland, Maine.
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Company C
James D Deas - Musician   
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Company D
William Wallace Coy - Private   
From Calais, Maine.
Mustered in July 15, 1861, at age 18.
Died in Battle of Rappahannock Station, November 7, 1863. Was shot in the head. Musket ball entered above his left eye killing him instantly. His brother, John Homer was wounded and died of complications in Armory Square Hospital, Washington, D.C.
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Company F
Theophilus B. MORGAN - Private   
Theophilus B. Morgan (b. 1910)was slightly older than many volunteers when he enlisted 8/23/1862; he was injured on march from Fredricksburg to Fairfax Courthouse, but remained in service and ultimately transferred to the Navy (he had been a seaman all his working life)spring 1864, dicharged 6/14/1865. Resided Portland, Maine before and after service. Died 7/4/1900. Married Abigail C. Alexander had several children at Portland. Also resided at Harpswell, Maine for a time. Pensioned with disability related to service. His parents unknown. Buried at Forest City Cem. South Portland, without marker at gravesight until about 1995, when one was provided by government at my request. A direct ancestor.
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Date Added:  1/25/2004
Company G
William Frederick Irwin - Private   
My great grandfather was captured by the CSA at Spottsylvania Court House, VA, on May 12, 1864 He was taken as a POW at Salisbury, NC where he was compelled to enlist in the 8th CS Infantry/Foreign Service to avoid starvation or execution. He wound up fighting with the CSA 8th NC infantry. He was recaptured by the Union under General Stoneman at Salisbury. He made known to them that he had deserted from a POW camp. He was confined at Nashville, TN and released after taking the Oath of Allegiance on July 5, 1865.

Contact Name:  Elizabeth Irwin Kane
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Date Added:  3/21/2009
Company H
William G Cole - Private   
Enlisted as a Private on 17 December 1861 at the age of 33.
Discharged on 27 October 1862.
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Date Added:  6/11/2010
Company I
Alanson Whitman - Corporal   
Corporal Whitman was from Woodstock Maine.He was captured on December 12,1863. He died at Andersonville prison. Any information on the Whitmans of Woodstock would be appreciated.
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Date Added:  9/4/2008
Company I
Enoch Whittemore - Sergeant   
Enlisted as a Private on 24 June 1861 at the age of 18.
Promoted to Full 7th Corporal on 1 October 1861.
Promoted to Full Sergeant (Estimated day) on 15 June 1863.
Mustered out on 27 July 1864.
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Company K
horatio a bumpus - Sergeant   
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