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8th Maine Infantry      
Company Unknown
Levi W Metcalf - Captain   
Levi W. Metcalf was Capt of the 8th Infantry. I believe they were in battles in and around the St. Marys River, St. Marys,GA, Fernandina, Fl.
Contact Name:  Louise Fulgham
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Date Added:  4/14/2005
Company Unknown
Daniel Augustus Miles - Private   
Daniel enlisted as a private on August 14, 1863. He served in South Carolina and in the Army of the James in Virginia. He was wounded in the right arm and hand at Bermuda Hundred, Va., May 20, 1864. He was in the Portsmouth Grove Hospital, Rhode Island until December 6, 1864 and then at home. On July 27, 1864 he was ordained at Worcester, Mass. On December 6, 1864 he was appointed Chaplain of the 4th New Jersey Veteran Infantry and served in the Army of the Potomac until mustered out near Washington, July 9, 1865.
Contact Name:  Charles R. Miles, Jr.
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Date Added:  8/6/2009
Company A
John S Bean - Private   
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Company A
William H. Humphrey - Private   
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Date Added:  8/4/2006
Company A
Horatio Appleton Bolster Kyes - Private   
Horatio was wounded but I do not know when and where.
Contact Name:  Margie Parker Homer
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Date Added:  10/7/2012
Company B
Rodney Clinton Barker - 2nd Lieutenant   
Rank In: Sergeant
Rank Out: 2nd Lieutenant

Mustered out: 2/14/1863
Did not re-enlist so that he could get back to help with the family farm

He later made two trips to Washington to help his brother Stephen who had been wounded at Pamunkey River.
Contact Name:  Thomas Shirley
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Date Added:  1/26/2021
Company B
Benjamin Franklin Hawkes - Private   
Enlisted as a Private on 25 August 1862 at the age of 23
Enlisted in Company B, 8th Infantry Regiment Maine on 25 August 1862.
Died of disease Company B, 8th Infantry Regiment Maine on 01 July 1863
Contact Name:  Fred Rose
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Date Added:  3/27/2008
Company B
Tobias Lord - Private   
Beaufort National Cemetery
Beaufort County
South Carolina, USA
Plot: , 1645
Killed by pickets. Enlisted in Maine from Lovell, Maine area and also lived in North Conway, NH

Have a picture in uniform
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Date Added:  8/16/2008
Company B
William McLain - Private   
Wounded at Weir Bottom Church on 5/20/1864.
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Date Added:  2/11/2009
Company B
Charles W Moore - Private   
Enlisted as a Private on 7 September 1861 at the age of 23.
Captured on 16 May 1864 at Drewry's Bluff, VA and confined at Andersonville, GA.
Died of dysentery on 3 July 1864.
Buried at Andersonville National Historical Site.
Contact Name:  Eric Stone
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Date Added:  6/11/2010
Company B
Luther Bailey Rogers - 2nd Lieutenant   
In 1861 Luther was among the first to enlist from Patten, where support for the war was strong. He joined Maine's 8th Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Company B, as 2nd lieutenant, for three years. His unit was stationed sequentially at Hampstead Plains, NY; Washington DC; Hilton Head, SC; Fort Pulaski, Dafuskie Island, Lybee Island, Jacksonville, FL; Beaufort, SC; Gloucester Point, VA, Bermuda Hundred, White House Landing, Cold Harbor, VA; and Petersburg, VA. His roles expanded to include ordnance officer and ambulance driver. He was responsible for compiling clothing allowance reports, camp equipage reports, company returns, ordnance reports, and rolls. Tragically, his brother, Lieutenant Edwin Rogers was killed at Cold Harbor on June 7, 1864, where Luther also fought. At the siege of Petersburg, on June 18th Luther received 2 gunshot wounds. One was to his leg and the other through his shoulder. After treatment and furlough he was mustered out October 21st, 1864.

Luther's grave is located in the Patten Maine cemetery.
Contact Name:  Tom Shirley
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Date Added:  1/2/2018
Company C
James Henry Ripley - Private   
This is my 3rd Great-Grandfather got wounded in battle of Fair oaks
Contact Name:  Gail Merchant
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Date Added:  9/19/2012
Company E
Thomas C. Adams - Sergeant   
Great-Grandfather Thomas C. Adams was born 1842 Caratunk, ME area. served with 8th Maine Infantry, Company E. He died 1909 in Long Rapids, MI. and is buried in the Hillman/Rust Cemetery Hillman, Montmorency county Michigan. Would like to find more on the 8th Maine Infantry, and any groups interested in its history.
Contact Name:  Michael Perry
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Date Added:  3/29/2007
Company E
Asa Terris McRae - Private   
only that he was wounded in the leg and was in the Jarvis Naval Hospital in Baltimore ,Md. I have letter that he wrote from the Hospital There.
Contact Name:  David H MacRae
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Date Added:  2/12/2007
Company E
Stanslow Oakes - Private   
''Oakes, Stanslaw - Private. Oakes was a 23-year-old married farmer living in Madrid, Maine when he mustered into Company D of the 28th Maine for 9 months on October 13, 1862. He was born in Madrid circa 1839, was 6''1'' tall, had a light complexion, gray eyes and dark-colored hair. He served in the 28th Maine until August 31, 1863 and was honorably discharged.
He re-enlisted in Company E of the Eighth Maine on November 25, 1864 and served until May 21, 1865.
Contact Name:  Monty Oakes
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Date Added:  9/30/2003
Company H
Montraville Cyrus Bailey - Private   
G-G-Granduncle. Mustered in as 1st LT, Co. I, 22nd Maine Infantry, 18 October 1862. Resigned commission 16 January 1863, New Orleans.

Enlisted in 8th Maine Infantry 24 September 1864. Participated in the Appomattox campaingn. Discharged 11 June 1865, Richmond.
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Date Added:  5/29/2005
Company H
Parley A. Bailey - Private   
G-G-Granduncle. Enlisted 16 November 1864. Injured 10 February 1865 while on fatigue duty felling trees along the James River. Discharged 16 November 1865.
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Date Added:  5/29/2005
Company H
Benson Barlow - Private   
Benson had a brother John Barlow. Unknown what unit. John died 20 Aug 1862 at Yorktown, VA. Any info on either would be greatly appreciated.
Contact Name:  Robin Bittner
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Date Added:  1/11/2008
Company H
Ephraim W Wiley - Captain   
Captain Wiley began in Co. H. as a corporal.
Contact Name:  David W. Wiley
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Date Added:  5/28/2008
Company I
Charles Henry HIll - Sergeant   
The story of Charles Henry Hill; born 1842, Lyman, Maine. Charles was under the legal age for enlistment in the U.S. military and therefore had to have a consent form signed by his parents. They provided a “Consent in Case of a Minor” form for him which enabled Charles to submit a Volunteer Enlistment form, at Augusta, Maine and enlist at the age of 20 at Kennebunkport, Maine, on August 26, 1862, into the 8th Maine Infantry; being mustered into Company “I” the same day.

His death certificate gave Charles’s age in 1897 as 55, which coincides with his military service records and both gives Maine as his origin of birth. Only one Charles H. Hill is found in Maine Company rosters, and gives his prior occupation as that of a “cabinet maker”; which coincides with his death certificate which states he was a “carpenter”.

Muster Rolls dated January 18, 1865 indicate that Charles had enlisted as a private on August 16, 1862, was appointed Corporal on March 8, 1863, promoted to Sergeant on May 12, 1865 and discharged on June 13, 1865. Casualty sheets in his file also reveal Charles was wounded in battle at Chaffin’s Farm on September 29, 1864, sent to the 18th Army Corps Hospital at Fortress Monroe, Virginia for treatment and was back on duty in January 1865. The Regiment lost during their service, 6 officers and 128 enlisted men killed or mortally wounded and 4 officers and 243 enlisted men had died from disease.
Charles was an active member pf the “Grand Army of the Republic” after leaving the military, joining GAR Post # 12 in Wakefield, Maine and GAR Post # 194 in Reading, Maine.
Charles migrated to Australia in 1872 and at age 31 married Ellen Martin at Williamstown, Victoria in 1873, after which they had five children; Charles Henry born in 1875, Eliza Jane born in 1876, Mary Ellen born in 1878, Marthea Rachel born in 1880 and Isabella Ann born in 1881. The old Hill family homestead was turned into the well known Williamstown Technical School. Charles Henry Hill’s death at age 55, on was said to be a result of a “fracture of the 5th, 6th, and 7th ribs, bronchial pneumonia and cardiac arrest following an illness of 2 days duration”; assumed to have resulted from a freak accident. Hill was buried in the Williamstown Cemetery, Church of England Section. The Williamstown Public Cemetery is under the auspices and care of Altona Memorial Park and is located in Champion Road, Williamstown. The Williamstown Public Cemetery is one of the oldest and possibly one of the most unique cemeteries in Melbourne. In particular, the cemetery provides visible links with Melbourne’s maritime history, in memorials depicting lives lost at sea or the passing of persons connected with maritime services.

In 1997 it was classified at a State level in the Register of the National Trust of Australia in Victoria and on December 9, 1999, the older sections of the cemetery were added to the Victorian Heritage Register as a place of important and significant cultural heritage.

Surveyor William Martin designed the cemetery in 1857, it has been in continual use since its opening in 1858 and Williamstown offers a variety of denominational choices. Historically, the Williamstown Public Cemetery was divided into a number of religious areas or sections.

Hope this helps your records. If I can be of assistance let me know. If you have any further on him or his family, I'd appreciate etting a copy for his memorial page which will be added to the memorial website shortly.

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Company I
Peter Preo - Sergeant   
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Company K
Israel L. Hogan - Unknown   
Died Jun 3 1964. That would have been Cold Harbor I believe. Anyone know how I could research this more? I'm kind of new at this but hope it fills this out a bit. Thanks.
Contact Name:  Justin Simmons
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