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10th Maryland InfantryUS Flag
Company Unknown
Stephen Folger
- Private
Served in 10th Regiment Maryland Infantry
only from March 31, 1864 until April 11,
1864 then transferred to 7th Regiment
Maryland Infantry until May 31, 1865.
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Company C
William Caleb Jr. Jones
- Private
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Company E
George W. Smith
- Private
June 27, 1863 - Jan 29, 1864
10th Maryland Volunteer Infantry
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Company I
Edward Kelber Degenfeld
- Private
Julius Edouard Daniel Kelber who lived for years in Degenfeld Wurttemberg Germany enlisted in Company H the Maryland 10th June 22, 1863 as Edward Degenfeld. He was transferred to Company I and mustered out 19 Jan 1864. Known as Eduard, born 23 Apr 1828 Riedbach Württemberg, son of the Rev Johann Immanuel Gottlieb Kelber and Christiane Katharina Hoffmann. Married Christiane Friedericke Ziegler Jul 26 1855 at Lorch Württemberg. At the end of the war, he sent for his wife and daughter, and settled in Freedom PA, then West Bridgewater. He died Sep 19, 1892 in Rochester PA and is buried in Oak Grove Cemetery, also known as Freedom Cemetery.
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Company I
Frederick Schaffer
- Private
Pvt. Frederick Shaffer, a butcher in Mt. Savage, enlisted in the 10th Maryland Infantry Regiment [USA] on 9 July 1863 and served in Company ‘I’ until his discharge on 29 Jan 1864. The unit was assigned to Harpers Ferry and served to guard the RR lines of the upper Potomac River. In October 1863 they engaged Imboden’s Confederate Brigade at Charlestown, Virginia and drove them down the Shenandoah River Valley.
Fredrick Shaffer was born in Lindheim, H-D, Germany on 17 Nov 1835 and migrated to Cumberland, Maryland in 1846. He married Martha Sophia Henkel in Cumberland in 1862. He worked as a butcher and died in Somerset, Pennsylvania in 1923.
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Company K
Andrew Cromwell
- Private
Great Uncle Andrew (Baltimore) joined the 10th MD Infantry (Co K) on July 20, 1863 at age 18 for a six-month term -- spent guarding the Maryland Heights above Harpers Ferry. He re-enlisted in the 7th MD Infantry (Co K) on March 29, 1864 at the beginning of the Wilderness Campaign and managed to survive through the end of the war.
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