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4th Michigan Cavalry      
Company B
Michael Grace - Private   
Enlisted on January 06, 1863 at Detroit. Discarged on August 15, 1865. Edgefield, Tenessee.
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Date Added:  6/17/2005
Company E
Garret Neafie Hunt - Corporal   
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Date Added:  11/10/2005
Company G
Jacob Oliver Page - Private   
Jacob Oliver Page aka Duncan Campbell
Contact Name:  Jeanie K. Garrison
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Date Added:  9/23/2014
Company H
Martin Francis Horan - Sergeant   
My great-great grandfather was born 4 October 1839, at Maysville, KY. He enlisted 18 July 1862 at Grand Rapids, MI for 3 years, age 22. Mustered 28 August 1862. Promoted to Corporal 23 July 1863. Promoted to Sergeant 18 May 1864. Mustered out at Nashville, TN 1 July 1865. Residence, Cheboygan, Michigan. Belonged to Ruddock Post No. 224, Grand Army of the Republic. Died 1912.

I am a member of the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War
Contact Name:  Gary L. Gibson
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Date Added:  1/26/2008
Company I
Henry A. Witherell - Unknown   
deaths during civil war by Michigan
Witheral, Henry A. 4th Cavalry, Company I Pokagon Apr 9, 1864
Contact Name:  Tom Wetherell
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Date Added:  9/21/2007
Company K
Edwin Potter - Private   
Edwin was drafted into the 4th MI Cavalry, October 30, 1863 at Jackson MI. He was 28 years old at that time. He was 5 ft 7 3/4 inches tall, had blue eyes and light hair. He shows as a new recruit Feb 28, 1864 at Nashville TN. From March until about November of that year he was in the hospital at Nashville. At that time he returned to the unit and remained with it until discharged.
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Date Added:  10/4/2007
Company L
Charles William Fisk - 1st Lieutenant   
Enlisted as Sgt. in D company in July 1862,then moved up in rank (promoted to 2nd Lieut.12/6/1863 and 1st Lieut. 08/01/1864) and ending up in L company. He rode in Minty's Cavalry which was involved in more than 80 skirmishes during conflict. Was 'almost' involved in the capture of Jefferson Davis, but directed to take group of men to cover another possible location. One book states he was directed to take company H to 'take possession of Browns ferry' about 1 1`/2 miles from Abbeyville, a suspected escape route of Jefferson Davis. (Am not sure if company H was under Minty or 1st Wisc. Had he stayed with original group, would have been able to claim portion of bounty on Davis.) Mustered out at end of war as 1st Lieut.
He was my Great grandfather and I did not know he was even in CW until I found his gravestone at Hanley Cemetery, Quay County, NM, which indicated his rank. The family apparently wanted to put it all behind as nothing ever mentioned of his service. Have found notation of his wife Anna M 'Annie' who is believed to have died in SE Oklahoma. (My mother recalls as a youngster having to stay with 'Granny Annie' who received a civil war widows pension.) As female records are usually lost after one generation, have no good info on her other than maiden last initial of 'M'.
Charles William Fisk was raised in Allegan County Michigan and his parents were among first families in the area. His father was Joseph Fisk, mother Betsey (Davis)Fisk and a younger brother, George b.~1844.If any of the Fisk lineage have picture(s) of Charles William, would be greatly appreciated to see them. If you email, please put something in header bar to indicate identify as I tend to dump unknown mail.
Contact Name:  Tom Spence
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Date Added:  10/5/2009
Company L
Gurdin Noice Kenyon - Sergeant   
* 'G.N. Kenyon who owns a farm a few miles east of Hueneme, was a member of Co. L, 4th Michigan Calvary, at the time of Jeff Davis capture, and has given us a few interesting data in regard to the matter', said an article in an old issue of the Hueneme Herald. Col. B.D. Prichard in command of the 4th Michigan Calvary having ascertained where Davis was, took a detail of 16 men from each of the 12 companies in his regiment, advanced rapidly during the night, and just before daybreak arrived at Davis' camp. No resistance was offered, and the camp was immediately surrounded, in a tent were the Confederate ex-president, his wife, her sister, and two young children of Davis. The First Wisconsin Calvary, under Col. Harden, had been camping close by but were unaware of their close proximity to Davis' qiarters, scarcely had camp been surrounded, when a scout belonging to the Wisconsin regiment approached a gaurd, and mistaking him for a rebel, in a union uniforn fired and ran back. Col. Harden the immediately advanced and commenced firing and a number of others wounded, before the mistake was discovered, in the meantime, Col. Prichard hearing the firing, hastened to the guard line, thinking a an attack was being made by a Confederate body guard, and a young Adjutant was left in charge of the Davis tent. Scarcely had Col. Prichard when Mrs. Davis emerged from the tent, leading an aged female, wearing a long waterproof and shawl, and stated to the adjutant, that her mother was badly frightened, at the whistling of the bullets, and requested she be allowed to depart. The young adjutant was about to grant the request, when Private Andrew Bee, caught a glimse of boots beneath the waterproof, and gave the alarm. Seargant Louis Munger ran up and pulling the shawl away disclosed the form of the Confederate leader. Davis greatly to fear that he might hang, and on several occasions endeavored to provoke then in charge to shoot him, while being carried off, his little boy, a mere child, much to the amusement of the Union soldiers, sang 'We'll hand Jeff Davis to a sour apple tree'. In one of the dresses left by Mrs. Davis, was found a breast pin, which was purchased from the soldier who found it by Mr. Kenyon, and this pin Mrs. Kenyon now wears. Supervisor Dudley is said to have served under Col. Harden at the time of the capture.* Story contributed by Frank Nauman through Nancy Robison and Patricia Hutchinson
Contact Name:  Patricia Hutchinson
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Date Added:  3/27/2010
Company M
John Silver - Private   
John Silver, b abt. 1843 in Ontario. Civil War.

He enlisted 29 August 1862, age 19, in Company M, 4th Valvary Regiment Michigan.

He was captured as a POW 15 December 1862. He died as a prisoner 18 December 1862 at Chattanooga, TN.
Contact Name:  Karen Syed
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Date Added:  11/18/2012
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