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Company Unknown
Erastus Tinklepaugh
- Private
Erastus Tinklepaugh enlisted in the 27th Michigan 1st Sharpshooters (Perrins Sharpshooters) on Feb 29,1864 in Ovid Michigan. He was from the town of Perrinton, Fulton Twp, Gratiot Co Mich. The 27th fought at the Battle of the Wilderness. He was wounded in the battle of Spottsylvainia Court House on May 12,1864 & disabled. he was 45yrs at the time, 5'8' Brown hair & gray eyes.Unable to return to duty he was discharged on Dec 27,1864.He returned to Perrinton Mi. He is buried in Old Fulton Cemetary, Fulton Twp, Gratiot Co Michigan.
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Company I
- Corporal
'Comrades of the Battlefield', award shows 308 days under fire.
Was in the 2nd group of Sharpshooters send out with the 3rd Maine on July 2, 1863.
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Company I
Daniel J. MacArthur
- Sergeant
Daniel was a Canadian citizen who emigrated to Michigan. Near the close of the war, he was injured and returned home. Because he never reported back to his unit, he was considered AWOL, even though the war was over. This was used against him when he later applied for a Veteran's Pension. He was never able to collect it.
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