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7th New Jersey Infantry      
Company A
Michael Dunn - Private   
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Company B
abraham noonburg - Private   
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Company B
Reuben Pierce - Corporal   
Buried at Hillside Cemetery. I plan to get Reuben a new headstone and add the words, 'Wounded at Gettysburg'. glen 2/2/2010
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Date Added:  2/2/2010
Company C
Henry Clay Bartlett - Captain   
Enlisted as a Captain on September 18th 1861.
Commission in Company C, 7th Infantry Regiment New Jersey on September 18th 1861.
Resigned Company C, 7th Infantry Regiment New Jersey on Jan 16th 1863.
************See 33d N.J. Infantry*************
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Company C
Edward Bracken - Private   
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Company C
Peter Malone - Private   
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Company C
Nicholas Bush WILLIAMS - Corporal   
Buried at Hillside Cemetery, Fairfield, NJ. I plan to add the words to his tombstone, 'Wounded at Williamsburg VA'.
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Company E
William D. Young - Unknown   
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Company F
Charles P. Platt - Private   
On Tuesday, July 28th 1863, from wounds received at the battle of Gettysburg, Charles Porter Platt, aged 26 years and 3 months, late member of Company F, 7th N.J.V., and previously of Co. G, 2d N.J.S.M.
The relatives and friends of the family, and members of the above or other New Jersey Regiments, now in the city, are invited to attend his funeral from the residence of his mother, 112 Newark avenue, Thursday, July 30th, at 10 a.m.

Source: Jersey City Chronicle, Jersey City, N.J., Wednesday, July 29, 1863.

Funeral of Charles P. Platt. - The funeral of Charles P. Platt, late of the 7th N.J.V., who died at his mother’s residence in this city, on Tuesday evening, from the effects of a wound received at Gettysburg, took place at 10 o’clock this morning.
The remains were taken to New York Bay Cemetery and placed in a vault for interment on Sunday next. Four of his late companions in arms of the 7th regiment, assisted by four other friends of the deceased, acted as pall-bearers on the occasion. The beautiful burial service of the Episcopal church was most impressively rendered by the Rev. Mr. Rice. At the termination of the burial service some very touching remarks were made by the Rev. Mr. Van Horn, of the South 6th St. M.E. Church, in the course of which he said:
Charles Porter Platt, whose funeral we this day attend, sacrificed his life on the later of his country. The past two years were spent by him, in her most arduous, unselfish and perilous service. A private soldier has not only a toilsome and hazardous life but also a most self-sacrificing one. His services receive not the compensation they merit, yet this position he sought, and unwaveringly maintained to the day of his death.
He passed through 16 or 18 engagements, of the severity of which we may form some idea, from the fact that his regiment (the N.J. 7th)has only 60 of her brave men remaining, notwithstanding the recruiting she has had. The greater wonder is, not that he has at last fallen, but that he survived so long - that he should be one of the last sixty.
Mr. Platt was a brave and orderly soldier. The letters from the officers to his friends, all testify in unequal terms, to his good conduct both in camp and on the battle field. He had merited, and had he survived, would soon have received honorable promotion. He had already been recommended by his Colonel to the authorities. The prize coveted by a laudable ambition, was just within reach when he fell. Another lesson to teach us the vanity of earthly hopes.
He was possessed of more than ordinary mind. The striving scenes of war, he frequently described with his pen. His letters published in the Jersey City Standard, have been read with interest by many of our citizens.
But that which commends him to our hearts, was his devotion to his widowed mother. It may be said that he lived for her. Though far away amid the din and danger of battle, his heart, ever and anon, turned homeward to his mother’ writing to her the most affectionate and consoling letters. While he committed to her the slender pittance allowed the soldier for his services, he cheered her with the hope of his approaching return to the home of his childhood. But he has gone, gone with the 940 of his soldier comrades. All honor to the memory of the brave. Oh, that we could render them a more fitting reward. May a peaceful eternity be theirs! May their sweat and blood yield their country a rich harvest, and may that harvest be enjoyed by a greatful posterity. Amen.

Source: Jersey City Advocate. Vol. I. No. 91. Jersey City, N.J. Thursday, July 30, 1863.
Transcribed by Gilbert V. Riddle

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Company F
Alpheus Witherell - Captain   
Captain Jan. 18, '63 Jan. 18, '63 3 Yrs 1st Lieut. Sept. 18, '61; Adj. Oct. 31, '62; Capt. vice Cooper promoted; died Aug. 21, '63, of wounds received in action at Chancellorsville, Va.
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Company I
David Malloy - 1st Lieutenant   
b. 1837, d. 1927, buried in Greenmount Cemetery, York, York County, Pennsylvania
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Company I
James Rickey - Private   
This info found in Veterans & Widows Schedule of 1890 Census.
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Company K
Charles Davis - Private   
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