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9th New Jersey Infantry      
Company A
Samuel B Foster - Private   
My ancestor mustered into company company A of the 9th on 3/9/64. He was mustered out at Greensboro, North Carolina on 7/12/65.
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Company A
Salter Snedeker Stults - Private   
My ancestor first enlisted with a 3 month regiment the 3rd new jersey on 4/27/61 into company G and was mustered out on 7/31/61 in trenton new jersey. On 6/5/62 he was mustered into company M of the 9th and was later transfered to company A. He fought in most of the battles up until after drewrys bluff, Va where company A was on picket duty and was overruned early on the morning of the 16th of May. Salter was captured and sent to various confederate prisons eventually ending up at Andersonville. As sherman marched through Georgia the andersonville prisoners were sent to prisons farther away. Salter was sent to one of the many makeshift prisons in Charleston, South Carolina. He died their on an estimated date of 10/15/64.
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Company C
Charles Ford Bonney - 1st Lieutenant   
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Company C
Samuel D Corson - Private   
Samuel survived the war, and was buried in Wellsboro, PA, in 1886. He married Susan Colwell was survived by their children Elias, Joseph, Jennie, and Anna.
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Company D
James Madison Drake - 1st Lieutenant   
This is the main line of my Ancestor 1st Lt. James Madison Drake he organized the 1st Volunteer Companies of New Jersey
thence re-enlisting in the 9th New Jersey at the battle of Winton North Carolina he was wounded thence he served at the battle of Drewry''s Bluff where he was captured along with most of his command he was thence sent to Liby Prison where he stated most of 1863 also in 1863 while being transported from Liby to South Carolina him and three comrads escaped from the moving train him and three others spent forty days on route to the nearest Union lines in 1865 He was accomidated for heroism
and given the medal of honor and thence brevet Brig. General.
after the war he returned home to new Jerey where he created the News Paper for his town called the Monitor. in 1889 he wrote three books one about the history of the 9th New jersey
also Fast and loose in Dixie his story about his escape and last his book called Across the Continent.
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Company D
Simon Geimer - Private   
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Company D
Jesse Hulsehart - Sergeant   
survived to lead a full life. Unit's roster was donated to Rutger's Libary.
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Company E
William P Amerman - Private   
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Company E
John O Huff - Private   
This is my great-great grandfather. John Huff enlisted at Camp Olden 20 Sep 1861. He was a private and served until 30 Jul 1864 when he was wounded during the Battle of the Crater at Petersburg, Virginia. His right thumb was amputated at the field hospital. He spent time in several hospitals before returning the the Army General Hospital at Newark, New Jersey where he was discharged on 11 Feb 1865.
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Company E
Hampton Whitehead - Private   
He was wounded at the Battle of New Bern North Carolina March 14, 1862. He died from his wound March 17, 1862. In all probability he is buried in an unknown grave in the New Bern National Cemetery
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Company G
John James Waters - Private   
John was mustered in in 1861 at Camp Perrine. He fought in all the battles. He re enlisted in 1864 and went home for the one month veteran's furlough. He fought at the battle of Drury's Bluff at the approaches to Richmond. He was captured along with Heckman and Drake. He was sent to Libby Prison and then on to Andersonville in Georgia. He was then sent to Charleston SC where he died in captivity. Although some records have him dying at Andersonville, there is no grave there bearing his name. No grave exsist in Charleston either. I am in possession of several letters that he sent home to the family in New Jersey. He also sent his pay back home to his family. He is the younger brother of my great great grandmother Lydia Waters Leaman. (Of the 20 members of company G captured at Drury's Bluff only 4 survived captivity)
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Company H
James Colfer - Private   
Looking for any information on my great-granduncle, James Colfer. He emigrated from Ireland in the late 1850s and was living in Newark, NJ as a boarder with the Lambert family when the Civil War started. He enlisted in the NJ 9th Infantry. Does anyone know where I might be able to seek information on James?

Thanks for any help.
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Company H
Daniel Lee Duncan - Private   
Became an assistant surgeon. He was a physician before and after the war. Daniel was born in New York.
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Company I
charles Hufty - Captain   
Charles was admitted to the Foster USA General Hospital on March 8, 1865. He was reported dead March 14,1865 while in hospital, New Bern, N.C. from a gunshot wound of chest, received in action at South West Creek, near Kinston, North Carolina on March 7, 1865. The time of his death was noted as 10:30 a.m. At the time of his death it was noted that he was 25 years old.
His body was returned North and was buried at Mount Vernon Cemetery, Phila., Pa.
Charles was single, his residence prior to enlistment was Camden, N.J.
His father resided at No. 278 Cooper Street, Camden, N.J. Periodically he was Acting Regimental Quarter Master Sept -Dec., 1863.
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Company I
Ezekiel Madara - Private   
Enlisted March 10,1864. Mustered out July 12,1865. Battles of Drury's Bluff, Cold Harbor, Petersburg, Mine Explosion (reserve), North Carolina expedition, Battle of Wise Forks. Garrison duty Salisbury, NC. Brother of Joseph Madara. Born in 1841 in New Jersey. Married Dorothy Brown of Gloucester County, NJ in 1867 and died in 1868. My great-great-granduncle.
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Company I
Joseph Madara - Private   
enlisted March 29,1865.mustered out July 12,1865.garrison duty at Salisbury, known of Ezekiel Madara.born Jan 1834 in Millville,NJ.worked as a glass blower and died March 1919 in Millville,NJ and is buried there.great-great-granduncle
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Company I
Lewis Murphy - Sergeant   
My Great-great grandfather Lewis Murphy from Pennsgrove, New Jersey served with Company I, 9th NJ Infantry from 1861 until the end of the war. Looking for descendants of the 9th New Jersey Infantry to share information.
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Company I
Charles Bayard Springer - 2nd Lieutenant   
Charles Bayard Springer listed in New Jersey Civil War Record, page 473. Enlisted as sgt. on 8 Oct 1861. Promoted to 2nd Lt. on 9 Mar 1862. Died 31 Jul 1862 at Hannond U.S. Army Gen. Hosp., Beaufort, N.C., July 31, '62; buried at Pedricktown, NJ.
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Company I
William Stretch - Private   
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Company K
Theodore Denman - Private   

“Mr. Theodore Denman, son of Mr. Isaac Denman, of the same place [Elizabeth, NJ], a member of Co. K, 9th Regiment, has died of fever and his remains have been embalmed.”(1)
“March 16. [1862] … Lieu. Townley, Corp. William, pri. Reeves and myself go to bury The. Denman who died on the 14th board ship Go over to Newburn for tar to embalm the body in, expect his father will send for him. … Got the tar, buried the body near Fort Thompson. Returned very tired. …”(2)
“The [ship] Cossack also brought the bodies of T. Denman and Moses Townley of the Ninth.”(3)
Buried in Evergreen Cemetery Hillside, Union county, NJ.

1. Newark Daily Advertiser. Newark, NJ. Thursday, March 27, 1862. Page 2. [No title to article.]
2. The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History. Special Collections. GLC03958 [Diaries of Henry Cook, K company, 9th regiment, New Jersey, infantry].
3. Newark Daily Advertiser. Newark, NJ. The Wounded and Dead of the “Ninth.” Friday, April25, 1862. Page 2.

Denman, Theodore Private Oct. 15, '61 Oct. 15, '61 3 Yrs Died of typhoid fever at Newbern, N. C., March 14, '62.
Source: Stryker. Record of Officers and Men of New Jersey in the Civil War, 1861-1865.J. Civil War Record: Page 481 NEW JERSEY VOLUNTEERS.
Company K, Ninth Regiment. Page 481

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Company Field & Staff
William Burr Curlis - Lt. Colonel   
Commissioned as a Captain in Company F on 9 November 1861.
Promoted to Major on 8 January 1863.
Promoted to Lieutenant Colonel on 15 June 1864.
Received a disability discharge on 11 February 1865.
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