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33rd New Jersey Infantry      
Company A
William A Lambert - Lieutenant   
Wife''s distant relative. Was a newspaper reporter before entering the Union Army & from philadelphia
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Company C
Charles W. Reynolds - Private   
Born Sept. 1835 in New London Conneticut.

Enlistment Date: 30 March 1865.

Enlisted as a Private was assigned to Company G 33rd Infantry Regiment New Jersey. For a period of 1 Year.

Transferred to Company C.

Mustered out Company C 33rd Infantry Regiment New Jersey on 17 July 1865 in Washington, DC.

Died 30 August 1900 in Jersey City Hospital, Jersey City, New Jersey.

This is my Great Great Grandfather.
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Company D
Allen Conklin - Private   
Allen Conklin was my Great Great Grandfather. My Grandmother was Flosie Conklin-Garbarino whos father was Fred Conklin whos father was Allen. He is buried near his son Fred in the Midvale Cemetery in Wanaque N.J.
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Company D
Lemuel A Van Buskirck - Private   
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Company E
James McSorley - Private   
James McSorley was wounded on May 15, 1864 at the Battle of Resaca.
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Company G
Henry Clay Bartlett - Captain   
Born: Apr. 13, 1830, Stanhope, Sussex Co., NJ
Death: May 8, 1864 Dug Gap, Georgia
Burial: May 9, 1864, Freylack Farm Grounds Whitfield County, Georgia, Plot: Farm yard “unmarked plot” as of yr. 2000 AKA Ryman's Farm

Stockbroker, lawyer, and Civil War military commander. Born at Stanhope, New Jersey, Henry Clay Bartlett spent several years at Reverend David Francis' school at West Bloomfield, New Jersey. He was preparing for admittance to Princeton University where he entered as a sophomore and studied law. Graduated in 1847. Afterwards engaged in banking and the brokerage business. Was successful. Retired, and spent a year in Texas, then made his residence in Centerville, Livingston, Essex, New Jersey. On the breaking out of the Civil War, Mr. Bartlett raised a company and joined the Seventh Regiment, New Jersey Volunteers, August 28, 1861. Was in the Army of the Potomac and commanded his regiment in the seven-day’s fight before Richmond, Virginia, and was praised for gallantry. His health failing, resigned January 14, 1863, and returned home. Subsequently was appointed a captain in the 33rd Regiment, New Jersey Volunteers, and became part of the Army of Tennessee. Was mortally wounded on the last crest while leading a storming party against the enemy's works on Rocky Face Ridge at 'Dug Gap' near Dalton, Georgia, May 8, 1864. Refer to Harper's Weekly, June 4, 1864, page 364. Was unsuccessfully nursed by German farmers Edward and Sophia Freylock at their farmhouse located at the foot of the mountain. He died that night, in his thirty-fourth year and, because of his Masonic emblems, was given a proper burial on their farm. Married, January 13, 1854, MARY E. RUSSELL. Issue, four daughters - GENEVIEVE, MINNIE, LYDIA, and JOSE, who was named in honor of General Joseph Hooker.

We are presently searching for his grave on what was the Freylach farm in 1863. The use ground penetrating radar, cadaver dogs, metal detectors and oral history are some of the tools being used. Once found he will be reinterred in Caldwell, N.J. with his daughter, Genevieve.
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Company H
Noah C. Estile - Private   
Enrolled: August 27, 1863.
Mustered in: September 4, 1863.
Mustered out: July 17, 1865.

Born: Nov 3, 1845
Died: Apr 18, 1934
He is my GreatGrandFather.
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Company H
Charles Haase - Private   
Enlisted as a Private on 22 September 1864.
Drafted into Company H, 33rd Infantry Regiment New Jersey on 22 Sep 1864.
Mustered Out Company H, 33rd Infantry Regiment New Jersey on 1 Jun 1865 at Bladensburg, MD.

He is my 4th great grandfather.
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Company I
Lewis Marcum Chew - Sergeant   
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Company I
William Herbert - Private   
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Company I
Richard Dean Soden - Private   
Richard Dean Soden - son to John Dean & Mary Jane Soden, was born in Newark, New Jersey on Nov. 24, 1830. He worked with his father as a saddler until his enlistment into the 33rd Infantry, Co. I.. He mustered in as a private on Aug. 25, 1863 in Newark, NJ.
August 29, 1863, he was promoted to Corporal.
During the Battle of Dallas, May 26, 1864, he was wounded and sent a Union Army hospital never to return to active duty. Richard was later sent home where he received medical
treatment at Ward General U.S. Army Hospital, Newark N.J.. On July 14, 1865, he was discharged from service.
Richard received constant medical treatment through the years after his discharge up to the time of his death. After his discharge he was unable to work and lived in constant pain, with unhealing wounds.
On Sept. 19, 1867 he died from his war wounds, a drained, frail fragment of the man he once was. He left behind a wife Joanna (Quinn) Soden, a daughter Mary Jane and two sons; William R. & Charles H.. On Sept. 22, 1867 Richard remains were placed in an unmarked grave in the adult section, row 8, grave 51 in Fairmount Cemetery, Newark, NJ.
August 2002, after 135 years of eternal rest his family has found him and honored his life and service to country with a military stone, given by the US Dept. of Veteran Affairs.

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