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Company A
Charles Warren Raymond
- Sergeant
Chronology of Important Events for Charles Warren Raymond

1823, 12 August or 1830…

Birth of Charles Warren Raymond in Fayetteville, Onondaga, NY or Pompey or Rushville, Yates, NY.

1848, about…

Charles Warren married Helen Symonds (Simons).

1849, 15 May…

Charles and Helen give birth to their first son, David Franklin Raymond in Manlius, Onondaga, NY.

1850, 14 August…

Charles Warren, Helen, Benjamin Symonds (father of Helen), and David Franklin reside in Manlius, Onondaga, NY.

1851, about…

Second son, Charles Stewart Raymond is born to Charles and Helen Raymond.

1860, 12 July…

Charles Warren, Helen, David Franklin, and Charles Stewart Raymond residing in Lenox, Madison, NY. Charles listed as farmer and owning acreage (deed record).

1864, 10 March…

Charles enlists in the Civil War in Company A, 16th US Infantry.

1864, 9 May...

Charles is the in the battle of Buzzard’s Roost.

1864, 15 May…

Charles is in the battle of Resacca.

1864, 24 May…

Charles is the battle of New Hope Church.

1864, 27 June…

Charles is in the battle of Kennesaw Mountain.

1864, 4 July…

Charles is in the battle of Marietta.

1864, 20 July…

Charles is in the battle of Peach Tree Creek where he was wounded.

1864, during the Civil War…

First wife Helen dies while visiting Charles.

Between 1864 and 1897…

Charles marries woman of French descent, she dies then Charles marries woman of Irish descent. She also dies.

1867, 10 March…

Charles is honorably discharged from the Army in Savanna, GA.

1877, about…

Charles moves to Michigan with his son David, first to Ypsilanti then Iona, then finally Dowagiac.

1888, 6 February…

Charles’ first son, David Franklin Raymond marries Minnie Amelia Hadden in Allegan, Allegan, MI. David Franklin is listed as a barber in Chicago, Cook, IL.

1888, 22 October…

Charles’ first grandson, Franklin Symonds Raymond is born in Grand Rapids, Kent, MI.

1890, June…

Charles is listed in the June, 1890 Veterans Schedule (Enumerating Union Veterans and Widows of Union Veterans of the Civil War) as a Sergeant, residing in Monterey, Allegan, MI.

1890, 20 October…

Charles’ second grandson, Clarence Eugene Raymond, Sr. is born in East Monterey, Allegan, MI.

1893, 23 May…

Charles’ first granddaughter, Helen May Raymond is born in Allegan, Allegan, MI.

1896, 29 November…

Charles’ second granddaughter, Grace Irene Raymond is born in Dowagiac, Cass, MI.

28 April 1897…

Death of Charles Warren Raymond in Dowagiac, Cass, MI.

1897, 2 May…

Burial of Charles Warren Raymond in the Riverside Cemetery, Dowagiac, Cass, MI.

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Company B
John B Ford
- Private
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Company C
Cornelius Braat
- Private
First Braat called to war, also has a brother in the Civil War as well.
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Company D
George Myron Van Ornum
Rank Unknown
He was killed in the battle of South Mountain.
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Company I
George R. Witherell
- Private
Co. I, 16th Regiment, enlisted October 28, 1861, for two years, private. Discharged May, 1863, with regiment. Reenlisted from Vermont state in 1863.
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