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Company D
Charles P. Solger
- Corporal
Arrived in NY from Bremen at the age of 20 with his future wife Johanna Meyer, Enlisted in Poughkeepsie in May 1861. Served as a corporal in Co. D until contracting a disease during the Peninsula Campaign. Spent 8 months in hospitals in Va. and Wash. DC. Mustered out with the regiment in June 1863 in NYC.
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Company F
- Musician
George Klett is my great great uncle. He immigrated to the U.S. from Saxony Germany. He enlisted at the age of 14 as a Drummer Boy in July of 1861 and was discharged in August of 1862. He was discharged for Rheumatism and partial deafness.

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Company K
George August Freudenthal
- Private
My Great Grandfather was born in Germany. He joined the 20th in May 1861. He received a skull fracture to the head from a bomb shell on Sept 17th 1862 at the Battle of Antietam at Dunker Church. He mustered out Jun 1st 1863 in New York. He later joined the 3rd New Jersey Cavalry Co. D and was promoted to Corporal. His birth name was Gustav. He writes his Captain called him George by mistake.
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Company K
Charles Riese
- Private
Charles Riese is not listed in the 20th Regiment, Turner's Rifles, data-base. However, I have clippings from his 1938 obituary and family history indicating that he served in this regiment from 1861 until June 1863. I am interested in verifying this information.
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Company K
Christian Teubner
- Private
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