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Company Unknown
Lambert K Olson
Rank Unknown
would appreciate any information about 65th Reg NYVI
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Date Added: 3/31/2014

Company A
Jasper Brown
Rank Unknown
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Company F
Edwin Crockett
- Private
Edwin Crockett enrolled 3 Feb 1864 - discharged 17 July 1865. Born: Huron Co., Ohio.

He was engaged in the following battles: Wilderness, in the eight days’ fight, beginning there and ending at Spottsylvania; Cold Harbor, Petersburg. Washington, Shenandoah Valley. He was wounded at Cedar creek, and was taken to the hospital at York, where he remained six months. He returned to the service in time to engage in the battle of Richmond, after which he returned home.

At discharge age 36, 5'11', dark complexion, brown eyes, dark hair. Occupation before enrollment - farmer.
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Company H
Albert Rose
- Musician
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