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98th New York Infantry      
Company Unknown
george w lake - Sergeant   
George W Lake was promoted to color guard sergeant in March '65.
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Company Unknown
Charles Herbert Richardson - Chaplain   
Charles Richardson served as chaplain to both the 92nd and 98th New York Infantry Regiments in 1864 and 1865, mustering out with both.
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Date Added:  4/27/2016
Company A
William Blair - Private   
Promoted to Full Corporal.
Enlisted as a privat in company A, 98th Infantry Regiment New York on 18 January 1862 Malone, NY at the age of 21. The 98th NY Inf was organized at Albany, NY on Feb. 5, 1862 and was a 3 year regt.' He was wounded on 29 September 1864 at Fort Harrison, VA. Discharged at Chaffins Farm, Virginia on 18 January 1865.
Source: New York - Report of the Adjutant-General. (NY Roster) published in 1894-1906.
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Company A
Edward Campbell - Corporal   
Enlisted age 25 10/8/61 Mustered in 11/22/61 Malone, NY Promoted Corpl 7/1/64 Mustered out 8/31/65. Received wounds to arms and upper torso. Later loss sight due to the earth works explosion and at the Richmond Rail yard. Born Cavan Ireland 1837. Arrived in US 1858. Death Manchester, VT 10/21/1918. Buried in Campbell family grave East Arlington, VT. Name is posted on Manchester War Monument in center of town.
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Company A
Barnaby Moscow - Private   
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Company B
Robert (J) Kidney - Private   

Enlisted 9/19/1861 in 8oth(20th)Infantry Regiment, NY. Co.A.


Re-enlisted Jan.20 1864. 98th Infantry Reg. NY. Co.B.
Mustered out Co.B on Aug 31,1865

Census-1870 Pleasant Valley, NY. No pension applied. No appearance in 1880 census. Unable to locate grave. My GGGrandfather.
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Company C
George McGrath - Private   
My brother George McGrath researched family history and during the research he received enlistment papers muster sheets and discharge by death of our Great Grandfather George McGrath who died in front of Petersburgh Va July 30th 1864
Contact Name:  John McGrath
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Date Added:  6/20/2012
Company D
James Dunn - Private   
My great great grandfather enlisted in 98th NY Infantry Jan. 1864 at the age of 42. He was captured in action near Petersburg VA June 24, 1864 and died at Andersonville prison in Georgia on August 13, 1864. He is buried at Andersonville in Grave 5732.
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Company E
Barney Boyea - Private   
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Company F
Conrad Cramer - Private   
Private Conrad Cramer, Co. F, 98th New York Vol. died April 11th, 1863 of chronic diarrhea as reported in the newspaper The New South, Port Royal, south Carolina, Vol. 1, No. 33, Saturday, April 18th, 1863.
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Company F
Jacob Hoffman - Private   
He may have also served in Company D, prior to Company F. He died in 1928 and is buried in Ladner Cemetery in Rogers Heights, just south of Big Rapids, Michigan. Any further documentation or help in researching my Great-great Grandfather is appreciated.
Contact Name:  Russell Wencl
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Date Added:  2/13/2011
Company G
Chester Barrett - Private   
Chester Barrett joined the Union Army on December 15, 1861 in Franklin County at Brandon, New York. He signed up for a three year enlistment with Co G, 98th N.Y. Volunteer Infantry. He was 43 or 45 years old at enlistment and was mustered into the regiment on March 5, 1862, where he served as a regimental wagon master. A Company Descriptive Book states that he had dark hair, blue eyes, and stood at 5' 8 1/2' tall.
Company Muster Rolls state that he was sent sick from Harrison's Landing on August 11, 1862 by order of the Regimental Surgeon. He was discharged for illness/disability at Craney Island, Va.on December 7, 1862 by order of Maj General Dix. After the war he purchased 160 acres of land under the homesteaders act in Springville, Vernon County, WI. His son, PVT Whimore Henry Barrett, was also a member of this unit.
Contact Name:  York Barrett
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Date Added:  6/14/2008
Company G
Whitmore Henry Barrett - Private   
Enlisted in Co. G, 98th New York Volunteer Infantry in Franklin County at Brandon, New York on November 6, 1861 for three years.A Company Descriptive Book states he was 21 years old, stood at 5' 7' and had blue eyes and brown hair with a light complexion. He participated in the Peninsula campaign and was involved with military operations at Pongo Bridge, Va. A Hospital Muster Roll, dated July and August 1864, states that he was in the 14th Ward of the Hampton Section at U.S.A. General Hospital in Fort Monroe, Va. He is listed as being sick or wounded. A company Muster-out Roll states that he left the regiment sick in April 1864. After the war he moved to Boone County at Belvidere, Illinois. He was a member of G.A.R. 'Hurlburt' Post 164 and received a pension for his rheumatism and other ills. He is buried in Illinois. His father was PVT Chester Barrett, also a member of Co G, 98th New York Infantry. A brother, Horace, served with the 193rd New York Infantry.
Contact Name:  York Barrett
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Company H
John Mallette - Private   
Killed in Action May 14, 1864 in BERMUDA HUNDREDS VA
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Company H
Thomas Mulverhill - Private   
Wounded at Chaffins Farm Virgina - note 1890 veterans list
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Company I
Henry Harrison Brown - Private   
Henry was wounded twice and was honorably discharged in Oct. 1862. Shook President Lincoln's hand when discharged.
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Company I
George DuPree - Unknown   
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Company I
John Geer - Corporal   
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Company I
Myron P. White - Musician   
Age, 21 years. Enlisted at Williamson,
to serve three years, and mustered in as fifer, Co. I, December
10, 1861. After losing a finger in the Battle of Seven Pines, he recovered for 7 months in Portsmouth Grove Hospital before being honorably discharged on January 12, 1863. He re-enlisted and was assigned to the 146th NY Regiment Infantry on July 24th, 1863 and served until the end of the war.
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