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130th New York InfantryUS Flag
Company H
Nathan Bradley
- Sergeant
Nathan enlisted Aug. 16, 1862. He stayed with the regiment through its evolution from infantry to mounted infantry to cavalry. He was captured as a sergeant of the First New York Dragoons on or about Oct. 17, 1863, and sent to prison in Richmond.
In that Richmond prison, he had a brief encounter with Robert Knox Sneden, who wrote about the encounter in his book 'Eye of the Storm.'
Sneden went to Andersonville and survived. Nathan died in Richmond.
Nathan's father served in the 104th NY Infantry and the Veteran Reserve Corps.
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Company H
Albert Russell Whitney
- Private
Mustered in 3 Sep 1862. Unit also known as 19th NY Vol Cav Reg and later 1st NY Vol Dragoons Reg. See notes under Dragoons.
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